NewsDay Crossword January 9 2023

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Clues Answers
Oak or elm TREE
Condo dwellings: Abbr. APTS
Not as much LESS
What mustaches and manes are HAIRY
Helped oneself to TOOK
Peas, for pea shooters AMMO
Magazine edition ISSUE
Prefix meaning ‘against’ ANTI
Sound of a siren WAIL
House painter’s climber that folds STEPLADDER
Long river through Egypt NILE
Mailed, as a contest entry SENTIN
Biceps and triceps MUSCLES
River-blocking structures DAMS
Informal refusal NAH
Apparel GARB
Goes bad, as fruit ROTS
Bides one’s time WAITS
Operatic solo ARIA
Female horses MARES
Notion IDEA
Author F. __ Fitzgerald SCOTT
Lean slightly TILT
Wander around ROAM
Ground-chopping farm tool HOE
‘Not guilty,’ for one PLEA
Highland that’s flat PLATEAU
‘Finally!’ ATLAST
Money in France EURO
Surface for party foods that folds SNACKTABLE
Wintry precipitation SNOW
Engrave deeply ETCH
Temporary, as a committee ADHOC
Gentle, as a horse TAME
Green citrus fruit LIME
Piece of fabric CLOTH
Of the mouth ORAL
Whole bunch (of) SLEW
His-and-__ bracelets HERS
Small sample of food TASTE
Gotten up RISEN
Gush, as a volcano ERUPT
Where a false lash is placed EYELID
Very slightly ATAD
Small lake POND
__ pole (Native American carving) TOTEM
Path for gliding down a mountain SKIRUN
Patio seat that folds LAWNCHAIR
Memo sent online EMAIL
Look happy SMILE
Bottoms of shoes SOLES
Sound of a snake HISS
Cost __ and a leg ANARM
Wood-cutting tool SAW
Castle’s watery ring MOAT
Piece of bacon STRIP
Auto tank contents GAS
Part of a circle ARC
__ de Janeiro, Brazil RIO
Fabric in a linen closet that folds BATHTOWEL
Get cash for SELL
Wedding ceremony assent IDO
Pekoe or Earl Grey TEA
America’s Uncle SAM
T-bone or sirloin STEAK
Tip of a sock TOE
Art gallery stands EASELS
Sew on or stick on ATTACH
Green pasta sauce PESTO
Of the moon LUNAR
Enticing smell AROMA
No later than UNTIL
Soup-serving utensil LADLE
Detest ABHOR
Openings in piggy banks SLOTS
Computer expert, for short TECH
Have some gum CHEW


Clues Answers