NewsDay Crossword October 5 2022 Answer List

Daily crossword solution for the NewsDay Crossword October 5 2022 Answer List. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Soccer or hockey score GOAL
Lasting mark SCAR
Huck Finn™s creator TWAIN
Cry of dread OHNO
Curved part of the foot ARCH
Rolling, as a landscape HILLY
Molten rock LAVA
Voice of the iPhone SIRI
Pay taxes online EFILE
Employee perk like a company car FRINGEBENEFIT
Taco chip dip SALSA
Antiquated OLD
Business profitability calculation GROSSMARGIN
Pigeon sounds COOS
Industrious insect ANT
˜Not to mention . . .™ ALSO
Freeway exit RAMP
Nobel Prize category for Dr. King PEACE
Animation collectibles CELS
Cincinnati™s state OHIO
Fireplace fuel LOG
Leg joint KNEE
Pushing technological boundaries CUTTINGEDGE
Note after fa SOL
Video game pioneer ATARI
British herding dog BORDERTERRIER
Hooded winter jacket PARKA
Sailor™s greeting AHOY
Cannonballs, for short AMMO
In the know AWARE
˜A __ technicality!™ MERE
Getz of jazz STAN
Allowed by law LEGAL
Speaks SAYS
Jumps on one leg HOPS
Plays 18 holes GOLFS
˜Gone With the Wind™ surname OHARA
Blacksmith™s iron block ANVIL
Gives temporarily LOANS
Postpaid enclosure: Abbr. SASE
Bed for a baby CRIB
Farmland measure ACRE
Nose-horned safari beasts RHINOS
Prescription regulating agcy. THEFDA
Cordless Internet connection WIFI
Touched down ALIT
Not feeling well ILL
TV™s ˜Science Guy™ NYE
Comedian™s joke GAG
Shade tree ELM
Sharp knock on a door RAP
__ of a kind (unique) ONE
No longer fresh, as bread STALE
Spice jar holder RACK
Secluded valley GLEN
Castaway™s home ISLE
Scent detector NOSE
Gator™s cousin CROC
Honolulu™s island OAHU
Leave out OMIT
Dalmatian marking SPOT
Massachusetts™ Cape __ COD
Omelet ingredient EGG
Tel Aviv™s nation ISRAEL
Silent assent NOD
Shines brightly GLEAMS
Corn serving EAR
Garbage can contents TRASH
˜We __ please!™ AIMTO
Update, as an atlas REMAP
Presses clothing IRONS
Be boastful BRAG
Gumbo veggie OKRA
Ostrich™s South American kin RHEA
British conservative TORY
Hurricane centers EYES
Chum PAL
Emotion of amazement AWE


Clues Answers