NY Times Crossword 1 Mar 20, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 1 Mar 20, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Magical healer SHAMAN
Maintain KEEP
Overseas landmark located in Elizabeth Tower BIG BEN
“Fa-a-ancy!” OO LA LA!
Classic Mell Lazarus comic strip MOMMA
Soaring performer SOPRANO
GAZACHO SPLIT PEA SOUP (P split from “gazpacho”)
Young antagonist in Super Mario games BOWSER JR
Counterpart of the Roman Aurora EOS
Jargon ARGOT
John, to Lennon LOO
Mythical archer EROS
Suffix with Jumbo -TRON
SMEILL GIVE THE STINK EYE (give “smell” an I)
Poet who wrote “For God’s sake hold your tongue, and let me love” DONNE
Chocolaty Post cereal OREO O’S
Org. for which Pelé once played NASL
Something many an A-list celebrity has EGO
Area with a half-dome APSE
Noted Chinese-American fashion designer ANNA SUI
Mystical ball ORB
ENTURIES LONG TIME NO SEE (“centuries”, no C)
Payment to a freelancer for unpublished work KILL FEE
___ fixe IDEE
Informal “Ugh!” NO LIKEY!
Little thing to pick NIT
Some p.m. times AFTS
China flaw NICK
Familiar inits. in math QED
Original airer of “The Office” BBC
Lapis lazuli shade AZURE
TECHNIQUEO OH, BY THE WAY (O by “technique”)
DEFINITEL YEAH, WHY NOT (“definitely”, not with Y)
Romeo and Juliet, e.g. ROLES
Adam’s ___ RIB
Air traffic watchdog, for short FAA
Literary protagonist named after a king of Israel AHAB
Violinist Leopold AUER
“That’s show ___!” BIZ
Film character introduced in 1977, who died in a 2015 sequel HAN SOLO
___ Major URSA
French compliment TRES BON
Ability that’s hard to explain ESP
Handsewn toy RAG DOLL
Derive (from) STEM
Woman in Progressive ads FLO
Book reviewers, for short CPAS
1910s flying star WWI ACE
James Garfield’s middle name ABRAM
ENVIRONMENAL GREEN TEA EXTRACT (extract T from “environmental”)
Yuletide NOEL
Part of binoculars LENS
Fireside chat prez FDR
“The United States is not, and never will be, at war with ___”: Obama ISLAM
Home of the Sun Devils, familiarly ASU
Subj. of Article I, Section 3 of the Constitution US SENATE
RUMYSELF ARE YOU WITH ME? (RU with “myself”)
Digitally IDs by location GEOTAGS
Rock standard? CARAT
Big name in skin care AVEENO
Features of some dresses and shoes STRAPS
Subtracting LESS
Stifled HELD IN


Clues Answers
Help line? SOS
“With any luck!” HOPE TO GOD!
Uncompromising ALL OR NONE
House of Burgundy? MAISON
Keyboard key ALT
Cabernet county NAPA
Land between Albania and Serbia KOSOVO
Histrionic sort EMOTER
Bird Down Under EMU
___ smear PAP
Play’s final act? BOW
Computer addresses, for short IPS
Fraternity and sorority members GREEKS
Carnival or circus, so to speak BARREL OF FUN
Delight in ENJOY
Language from which “reindeer” comes NORSE
Christmas gift bearers MAGI
Annoyance for Santa SOOT
Rowing machine, in fitness lingo ERG
___ nova BOSSA
Sierra ___ LEONE
Peachy-keen NEAT
Like some hair and embarrassed friends TEASED
Sweetums HONEY
First Nations people INUIT
Get perfect NAIL
___ counter DELI
Tiny amount PINCH
Something that’s not easy to blow SMOKE RING
___ sauce (sushi bar condiment) EEL
Alpine lodging SKI CHALET
Happening again? RETRO
Burdened BESET
Millennials GEN-YERS
Veil over a Muslim woman’s face NIQAB
___-doke OKEY
No go-getter LAZY BUM
Org. to which Jordan once belonged NBA
“___ complicated” IT’S
Grendel, e.g. BEAST
“I knew it was you!” AHA!
Take to the soapbox ORATE
Store sign info HOURS
Curse remover BLEEP CENSOR
Diana Ross musical, with “The” … WIZ
“Life of Pi” author Martel YANN
Reply of faux innocence WHO, ME?
Have no success with FAIL AT
Speak with swagger BOAST
Spiral HELIX
Words of wonder OHS
Like some web pages and memories REFRESHED
Will Ferrell and Tina Fey SNL ALUMNI
Chemist’s study ATOM
Muffin choice BRAN
Leafy shelter BOWER
U.S. ally in the Gulf War OMAN
Nickname of the Miami Heat’s all-time leader in points, games, assists and steals D-WADE
Old Spanish bread PESETA
“Hear ye! Hear ye!” announcers CRIERS
Obstacle-free courses EASY AS
Waterside lodging with a portmanteau name BOATEL
Drinking sounds GLUGS
Put back to level one, say RESET
Young salamanders EFTS
Congeal CLOT
Cross shape TAU
*big kiss* MWAH!
Quick time out NAP
Chief legal officers: Abbr. AGS
Target of an athlete’s M.R.I. ACL
Charlotte of “The Facts of Life” RAE
“___ changed” I’VE
Stretch of history EON