NY Times Crossword 1 Oct 19, Tuesday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 1 Oct 19, Tuesday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword 1 Oct 19, Tuesday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
Travel aimlessly ROAM
Melville captain AHAB
Credit alternative DEBIT
___-Defamation League ANTI
___ gras FOIE
Loud public argument SCENE
Device for tapping groundwater WELL DRILL (well & ill)
Lovers’ rendezvous TRYST
Debacle FIASCO
Pop hit? SIP
“Nope!” UH-UH!
What Apple’s mobile devices run on IOS
$$$ pro, for short CPA
Hippo campus? ZOO
Vexation IRE
This-and-that dish STEW
In disguise for a mission UNDERCOVER (under & over)
This-and-that dish HASH
Only four-term prez FDR
Echelons TIERS
Period after a championship OFF-SEASON (off & on)
Sky hue AZURE
Seabird of colder climes AUK
Singer Eartha KITT
What’s hung on a clothesline WET LAUNDRY (wet & dry)
Don’t go STAY
Kitchen counter crawler ANT
General whose orders are sometimes carried out? TSO
“Plot twist!” AHA!
“How you livin’?” SUP?
Midmonth occasion IDES
Some party hirees, for short DJS
Not perfectly round OBLATE
They may protect diamonds TARPS
They usually attract (not in this puzzle, though) OPPOSITES
Visually assess EYE UP
Weirdo KOOK
“Dibs!” MINE!
Airport approximations: Abbr. ETDS
Part of BFF BEST


Clues Answers
Sashimi, e.g. RAW FISH
The slightest amount ONE IOTA
Map books ATLASES
“Cool” amounts MILS
Updo styled with an elastic band AFRO PUFF
___ polloi HOI
Is down with something AILS
Its capital is Belmopan BELIZE
Spring forward/fall back inits. DST
Beigeish shade ECRU
Fans of singer Knowles, collectively BEYHIVE
Actuary’s employer INSURER
Holds in place TETHERS
700, in ancient Rome DCC
Word before “favor” or “ejemplo” POR …
No ifs, ___ or buts ANDS
Prefix meaning “eight” OCTO-
Fingerprint shape WHORL
Really not look forward to DREAD
Sounds from a sty OINKS
Abbr. between two singers’ names FEAT
Surrounding glow AURA
Signature shots of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar SKYHOOKS
Looked forward to AWAITED
One-named star of HBO’s “Euphoria” ZENDAYA
Said aloud UTTERED
“Dead even!” IT’S A TIE!
Loses slack TAUTENS
Prepare for printing TYPESET
Amer. currency USD
“Seriously!” NO JOKE!
Crunches work them ABS
Tater SPUD
Help out, as a bench-presser SPOT
Partner for life LIMB
Do recon SPY
Rocket’s escape vessel POD