NY Times Crossword 10 Feb 21, Wednesday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 10 Feb 21, Wednesday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword 10 Feb 21, Wednesday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
Hatchling CHICK
Line crosser, of a sort SCAB
Component of a cellphone bill DATA
World capital that’s home to the Temple of Literature, built in 1070 HANOI
Show up COME
Blue-violet shade IRIS
Crime investigated by an insurance company ARSON
“Strike three!” or “Yer out!”? UMP SPEECH (fom “stump speech”)
Sit (down) heavily PLOP
Noisy shouting CLAMOR
Way to catch a conger? EEL TRAP (from “steel trap”)
Alley prowler TOMCAT
It’s used in soapmaking LYE
One of four in the human heart VALVE
Mo. with a holiday on its final day OCT
Loser at Waterloo NAPOLEON
The main characters of “Brokeback Mountain,” e.g.? RANGE BEDFELLOWS (from “strange bedfellows”)
Resisting AVERSE TO
Uno y uno DOS
Apple centers CORES
“Darn it!” AW MAN!
When the Kentucky Derby is held MAY
Breaks things off ENDS IT
Drinking buddy? ALE MATE (from “stalemate”)
Gross messages? ICKY NOTES (from “sticky notes”)
“___ World” (“Sesame Street” segment) ELMO’S
Princess who says “You’re my only hope” in a hologram LEIA
Number of M.V.P. awards won by Wayne Gretzky NINE
Kind of beer … or a multi-word hint to 18-, 22-, 37-, 51- and 57-Across STOUT or ST OUT
Rich soil LOAM
Temperance proponents DRYS
Slyly spiteful CATTY


Clues Answers
Place of worship CHAPEL
Road hog? HARLEY
Foot support INSOLE
Appropriate CO-OPT
Clan KIN
Bulk up, as muscles SCULPT
Out-of-it state COMA
Toggle on a clock AM/PM
Make drunk, quaintly BESOT
Run out of juice DIE
“___ You My Mother?” (children’s book) ARE
Personal quirk TIC
“Green,” “black” or “white” tree ASH
Cheese in an Italian sub PROVOLONE
“I refuse to believe that!” CAN’T BE!
Economic downturn RECESSION
Places to find food courts and kiosks MALLS
Miss ___, famed TV psychic CLEO
Profess AVOW
Till compartment TENS
Furnish with money ENDOW
Mil. branch of the U.K. RAF
Fiona and Shrek, for two OGRES
Speed RACE
Door-to-door sales company AVON
Homework lover, say NERD
Helpful info for a curbside pickup, briefly ETA
Society at large, with “the” … MASSES
Big, bushy-tailed squirrel MARMOT
Went to a restaurant ATE OUT
Like some breads and beers YEASTY
Long-term U.S. security T-BOND
European country with a cross on its flag MALTA
Tend to the sauce, say STIR
“___, meeny, miney, mo …” EENY
“___ say!” I’LL
Bus. driver? CEO
Sportage automaker KIA
Crop item grown in Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart” YAM
Key that exits full-screen video ESC