NY Times Crossword 10 Jul 22, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 10 Jul 22, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Left speechless AWED
Reward for sitting, say TREAT
Entice TEMPT
Something we share OURS
Rocker John whose surname sounds like a leafy vegetable CALE
“___ Man Chant,” song by Bob Marley and the Wailers RASTA
Diarist Nin ANAIS
Where some stable relationships form? STUD FARMS
San Diego State athlete AZTEC
Name that’s 98-Across backward ARI
The sky, they say LIMIT
“All the Light We Cannot ___” (2015 Pulitzer-winning novel) SEE
Certain Chinese teas OOLONGS
Roman emperor after Nero and Galba OTHO
Heep of “David Copperfield” URIAH
Drop the “Donuts” from “Dunkin’ Donuts,” e.g. REBRAND
Some four-year degrees: Abbr. BAS
Kind of attack with no attacker PANIC
Michael Jackson hit whose title is heard 88 times in the song BAD
What might accompany a grave admission? RIP
Cheese with a light, nutty flavor EDAM
Quite an uproar BROUHAHA
Design style influenced by Cubism ART DECO
Fabric often dyed with indigo DENIM
Each of its interior angles measures 135° OCTAGON
Swing preventer, of a sort DOORSTOP
Like some vows SOLEMN
Run off together ELOPE
Personal ID SSN
Like a sweater that shrank in the dryer, maybe SNUG
Its alphabet includes delta NATO
Some Brothers Grimm villains CRONES
Artless nickname? STU
Tease RIB
Sarcastic punch line … NOT!
That guy’s HIS
Forty winks CATNAP
Threads GARB
Tepid greeting OH HI
Second word of many a limerick WAS
Sans-serif font ARIAL
Thesis writer SENIOR
Meaning of a signal flare SEND HELP
2021 Aretha Franklin biopic RESPECT
Strained TAXED
Greek name meaning “golden one” AURELIA
Something filmed in Broadway’s Ed Sullivan Theater, with “The” … LATE SHOW
Journalist Skeeter in the Harry Potter books RITA
Train segment RAILCAR
Butt end ASH
Name that’s 27-Across backward IRA
“Sweet dreams!” NIGHT!
Rapper ___ Rida FLO
It’s not a good look EVIL EYE
Family/species go-between GENUS
The last thing you need? TOMB
Like the community portrayed in Netflix’s “Unorthodox” HASIDIC
Piercing tool AWL
Tickle AMUSE
Evian, in its native land EAU
Cruciverbalist’s favorite cookies? OREOS
“Well, gosh!” OH, GEE!
Tipsy trips BAR CRAWLS
Teatro alla ___ SCALA
Takes a car, in a way UBERS
Lab assistant in “Young Frankenstein” INGA
It may be upper or lower CASE
Blue book filler ESSAY
Much of a sponge PORES
Mad, with “off” TEED …
Word of surprise EGAD!


Clues Answers
Santa ___, Calif. ROSA
Closing section OUTRO
Banana wielded by a maestro in a pinch? FRUIT BATON (FRUIT BAT plus ON)
Drug that can be microdosed LSD
Berry in a bowl ACAI
Animated short before a Pixar movie? WARM UP TOON (WARM UP TO plus ON)
New York resting place for Mark Twain ELMIRA
In the stars DESTINED
Give a scathing review of a major camera brand? TRASH CANON (TRASH CAN plus ON)
Demolish RAZE
Compound with a fruity smell ESTER
Had a hero, say ATE
Mexican street food mogul? TACO BARON (TACO BAR plus ON)
Pair of small hand drums TABLA
Defunct company of accounting fraud fame ENRON
Smaug, in “The Hobbit”? MAIN DRAGON (MAIN DRAG plus ON)
Send an e-message to PING
Makes shame-y noises TSKS
Does a fad 2010s dance FLOSSES
Pro using cutting-edge technology? OR DOC
Movie rating that’s practically NC-17 HARD R
Political staffers AIDES
Retreat EBB
“Fingers crossed!” I HOPE!
Window units PANES
Small amounts TADS
God whose name sounds almost like the ammunition he uses EROS
Starts to go haywire ACTS UP
Where 122-Across can be found MILAN
Places for placentas UTERI
Surrounding lights HALOS
Movement championed by the Silence Breakers ME TOO
Get rid of PURGE
Light-headed sorts? MOTHS
Word after gas or ice, in astronomy … GIANT
Novelist Achebe CHINUA
Wizard’s name in books and movies SNAPE
Spun things TALES
Kind of patch that may create holes instead of repairing them BRIAR
Otis and ___ (1960s R&B duo) CARLA
Disciplines AREAS
Response to “Why art thou queasy?” ‘TIS THE SEAS (‘TIS THE SEASON minus ON)
What Amazon retirees enjoy most? BOXING LESS (BOXING LESSON minus ON)
Result of love at first sight? HEART SURGE (HEART SURGEON minus ON)
What a dog greets its returning family with? WELCOME WAG (WELCOME WAGON minus ON)
Inter ___ ALIA
Trade jabs SPAR
Retail takeover scheme? STORE COUP (STORE COUPON minus ON)
Fix, as laces RETIE
Annyeonghaseyo Korean :: ___ : English : HELLO
Tailgating dish CHILI
“Tarnation!” DAGNABIT!
Very, colloquially WAY
Compassionate HUMANE
Actress Davis who was the first African American to win the Triple Crown of Acting VIOLA
Start of a guesstimate I’D SAY …
Like a proverbial beaver EAGER
Model material BALSA
Place for a run? HOSE
Rainbows, e.g. ARCS
“___ saved!” WE’RE
Large amount SCAD
Bookstore sticker USED
“Euphoria” airer HBO
Excellent service? ACE