NY Times Crossword 10 May 20, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 10 May 20, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword 10 May 20, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
“For more ___ ” INFO
Some unwanted mail SPAM
Terse bit of advice DON’T
Half of an ice cream brand with a fake Danish name HAAGEN
Work up a sweat TOIL
Like tap water in a restaurant FREE
Iris part AREOLA
Wing it [Africa] CHAD-LIBYA (hiding “ad lib”)
Chew out RAIL ON
Après-ski drink HOT COCOA
Complete rip-off [Asia] LAOS-CAMBODIA (hiding “scam”)
Barrel-flavored, as wine OAKY
Washington, D.C., legalized it in 2014 POT
Wealthy king of legend CROESUS
Charge for admission FEE
See 101-Down LUND
Quaint contraction ‘TIS
Record company [Central America] GUATEMALA-BELIZE (hiding “label”)
Two-time third-party presidential candidate PEROT
“The Walking Dead” channel AMC
Beyond great SUPER
Baking measure CUP
Cerebral BRAINY
Take in REAP
___ shoots (salad ingredient) PEA
One of five for a dolphin FIN
Supple leather DOESKIN
Proboscis, informally SNOOT
What subjects and verbs must do [Europe] BULGARIA-GREECE (hiding “agree”)
Ancho pepper, before drying POBLANO
Sort by urgency of need [Europe] AUSTRIA-GERMANY (hiding “triage”)
Misgiving QUALM
Where meditators look INWARDS
___ candy EAR
Planet where the cry “Shazbot!” is said to have originated ORK
Food chain link PREY
Treats prepared on an open fire S’MORES
Part of O.E.D.: Abbr. ENG
Organic fertilizer GUANO
Hold up ROB
Male 91-Acrosses HARTS
T-shirt size [South America] BRAZIL-ARGENTINA (hiding “large”)
Not to mention AND
Forest ranger DEER
Shapes made by thumbs and index fingers ELS
Glossed over ELIDED
Like some toy cars DIE-CAST
Sportage maker KIA
___ Cochran, Mississippi senator from 1978 to 2018 THAD
First month of the year without a U.S. federal holiday [Asia] MYANMAR-CHINA (hiding “March”)
Dismissed out of hand WRITE OFF
Want badly YEN FOR
Sit at a red light, say IDLE
Biblical outcast [South America] CHILE-PERU (hiding “leper”)
Exclamation from a cheek pincher SO CUTE!
Org. behind the New Horizons project NASA
One whose job prospects go up in smoke? POPE
Responsibility ONUS
Biggest U.S. union, familiarly THE NEA
Set of two DYAD
City north of Des Moines AMES
Resident of the Palazzo Ducale DOGE


Clues Answers
Hankering ITCH
Manhattan neighborhood west of the East Village NOHO
Order FIAT
Cranky codger OLD COOT
“Reach for the sky!” STICK ‘EM UP!
Sandwich often served with remoulade sauce PO’ BOY
Killer of the Night King on “Game of Thrones” ARYA
“Throw ___ bone” ME A
Key of Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” D-FLAT
Black pie crust component OREO
Lead-in to many a joke on “The Daily Show” NEWSCLIP
Senator who once served as an editor of the Harvard Law Review TED CRUZ
Many Omanis ARABS
Group seen in gathering clouds? A-E-I-O-U
Discovery that might cause a rush GOLD STRIKE
Wellsian race of the future ELOI
Objects in one of Jesus’ miracles LOAVES
Singer Lisa LOEB
Top of the line A-ONE
Fruit with an obovate shape PEAR
Media for scientists AGARS
Unit of brightness LUMEN
Raw material for Cadbury CACAO
Popular Amazon Prime dramedy from Britain FLEABAG
Kind of column seen on the Jefferson Memorial IONIC
“Funny Girl” composer Jule STYNE
Copy APE
Vaper’s device, informally E-CIG
Nutritional snack from Clif LUNA BAR
Trig, for calc, e.g. PREREQ
Relaxed EASED UP
Some wetlands BOGS
Snack with a recommended microwave time of just three seconds POP-TART
Theater impresario Ziegfeld FLORENZ
Abbr. in a genealogical tree DAU
___ Strait, separator of Australia and Papua New Guinea TORRES
What one is in Paris? UNE
Kylo ___, “Star Wars” antagonist REN
Candy heart phrase I’M YOURS
Raises one’s paddle, say BIDS
Each verse of “Deck the Halls” has 32 of them LAS
Host Tyler of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” AISHA
Dishearten UNMAN
Scottish tradition before battle SWORD DANCE
“We Three Kings” subjects MAGI
Deodorant brand ARRID
Sierra ___ LEONE
“Whoops, sorry about that!” MY BAD!
Sensationalist newspaper RAG
Openings under desks KNEEHOLES
Observance first celebrated in 1970 EARTH DAY
Big to-do GALA
Like “Saturday Night Live” ON LATE
Put up with BEAR
Pull back RESCIND
Mother of 60-Down LEIA
Item in a toxic internet “challenge” TIDE POD
Region around the Beltway, informally DC AREA
Just for laughs IN FUN
Put on a show EMOTE
Work with one’s hands KNEAD
Poppycock TRIPE
Classic computer game set on an abandoned island MYST
Michelle of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” YEOH
With 37-Across, Ingrid Bergman’s role in “Casablanca” ILSA
Tricky pronoun to use WHOM
Wine opener? OENO-
’60s dance craze that evolved from the Chicken FRUG
Helper during taxing times? CPA