NY Times Crossword 11 Aug 19, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 11 Aug 19, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword 11 Aug 19, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
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Blackens CHARS
Screen org.? TSA
William H. Bonney ___ Billy the Kid AKA
Mathematician taught by Bernoulli EULER
Most populous nation not in the U.N. TAIWAN
Best Actress winner of 1999 and 2004 HILARY SWANK
It’s just part of the act SCENE
Surname of Princess Leia ORGANA
Midwest college town AMES, IOWA
“Curiouser and curiouser …” THE PLOT THICKENS …
Bother EAT AT
Grand onstage PIANO
Place to swim or work out, informally THE Y
Business that has cut prices SALON
Entertaining OPEN TO
Went over the limit, say SPED
Major name in petrol ESSO
Language from which “jackal” and “jasmine” come FARSI
“La Traviata” composer VERDI
Bit on a book jacket BIO
Part of a three-in-a-row TAC
Greasy in the Pro Football Hall of Fame NEALE
In-group at school POPULAR KIDS
Preach the gospel EVANGELIZE
Rip off ROB
Longtime “All Things Considered” host Robert SIEGEL
Screenwriter Ephron NORA
Anchor, e.g. LEG
Chinese liquor made from sorghum MAOTAI
“Consequently …” AND SO …
Verbal alternative to a shoulder tap PSST!
Beginnings of ideas GERMS
Internet content typically viewed alone PORN
Italian scooter brand VESPA
What 1-Down has that 1-Across lacks SHORT E
Part of the resistance? OHM
Some pickup info on rideshare apps: Abbr. ETDS
Man’s name that means “my God” ELI
What’s depicted by the circled letters in 41-/49-Across OFF ON A LARK
… in 52-Across SPREAD-EAGLE
Rehearse a play from start to finish, in theater lingo RUN IT
Swimmer in a Himeji Castle moat KOI
Nursery floor hazard TOY
Unfamiliar with NEW TO
Informal “What if …?” S’POSE …
Alter, as a manuscript EMEND
Bird’s home NEST
Bird’s home CAGE
Places for speakers DAISES
Common people PLEBS
Close up, say HEAL
Stylish ballroom dance SALSA
Investigation PROBE
Brown powder COCOA MIX
French cake GATEAU
Nashville university, familiarly VANDY
… and in 19-Across SWAN DIVE
Princess of Avalor, in children’s TV ELENA
Machiavellian SLY
Tape deck button REC
Oboes and saxes, e.g. REEDS
Aid for a detective LEAD


Clues Answers
Real pain PEST
Reaction to pain OUCH!
Berth place SLEEPER CAR
Bowling TEN-PINS
Cause of a supermarket parking mishap CART
Tripping HIGH
Expected AWAITED
Serving with carrots and celery, maybe RANCH DIP
Meander SNAKE
Lighter-air link … THAN …
Virtual people SIMS
Bitter, e.g. ALE
Alternative to Times New Roman ARIAL
Noncapital city whose name means “capital city” KYOTO
City on the Nile ASWAN
Band with the 1983 #1 hit “Africa” TOTO
Far offshore ASEA
Kit ___ KAT
Dedicator of Iceland’s Imagine Peace Tower ONO
Challenges for movers SOFAS
Habitually OFTEN
___ Nurmi, 1920s Olympic runner nicknamed the “Flying Finn” PAAVO
Bud of baseball SELIG
Veep’s boss PREZ
Subject of lessons at an island resort SCUBA
Roman sun god SOL
Team at an upscale restaurant VALETS
Brother FRIAR
Cowboy’s home, informally BIG D
Middle of the month IDES
Best Play Tony winner with a geographical name OSLO
Jellied delicacies EELS
Cry from Juliet O ROMEO!
___ club (annual show presenter) KENNEL
Diaper, in Britspeak NAPPIE
Chef Lagasse EMERIL
Crossword constructing, e.g. (no, really!) ART
AirPod pairing target IPHONE
“Paradise Lost” tempter SATAN
Site of Jesus’ crucifixion GOLGOTHA
Prefix with directional OMNI-
Word with life or flak … VEST
Brand of markers EXPO
See the future with a crystal ball SCRY
Track meet divisions HEATS
Worth keeping around OF USE
Peacefully protests, as during the national anthem TAKES A KNEE
Flier on a mission DRONE
Loses traction SKIDS
Pristine places EDENS
Fairy tale alter ego FROG
Crushed in competition ATE ALIVE
Pronoun in a picture rebus EWE
Increase quickly ESCALATE
Mixing board PALETTE
Wrongly predict, as an election MISCALL
Dit’s partner DAH
Places for figureheads PROWS
Not express LOCAL
Magazine that named Barack Obama its first-ever Person of the Year (2009) EBONY
Bit of sweat BEAD
“J. ___” (2011 Clint Eastwood biopic) EDGAR
Missile first used in the Yom Kippur War SCUD
Non-Macs PCS
Kind of mind HIVE
Number in brackets? SEED
Without SANS
Poet ___ St. Vincent Millay EDNA
Diana who was the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without the aid of shark protection (2013) NYAD
Russian for “peace” MIR