NY Times Crossword 11 Sep 21, Saturday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 11 Sep 21, Saturday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Sliver TAD
Politician with the campaign slogan 30-Across OBAMA
Word with poetry or proportions EPIC …
Something you might click to open PEN
Elicits a “Whoa” from, say AWES
Trimmed (down) PARED
Wrestling star John CENA
Tailor ALTER
Beams of one’s dreams? FANTASY SUPPORTS (from “fantasy sports”)
Food served in an omakase meal SUSHI
Having very little mental energy left FRIED
Moonfish OPAH
Swimmers in kelp forests SEA OTTERS
See 4-Across YES WE CAN
Visit a museum to see a Rembrandt exhibit? GO FOR BAROQUE (from “go for broke”)
One prone to looking down SNOB
His tomb is in Red Square LENIN
Diamondbacks, on scoreboards ARI
Face cards? IDS
Destination for oenophiles NAPA
Sicily’s Parco dell’___ ETNA
Bug spray ingredient DEET
Bird of prey that’s gently petted? FALCON CARESSED (from “Falcon Crest”)
Popular pops PEPSIS
Kind of attack SNEAK
Longtime hockey star Kovalchuk ILYA
To read: Sp. LEER
Gross ICKY
Error, in totspeak OOPSIE
Buys in ANTES
Look down on DISDAIN
Actor Justin sitting poolside? THEROUX IN THE TOWEL (from “threw in the towel”)
Adds insult to injury PILES ON
Santa-tracking org. NORAD
River across the New York/New Jersey border RAMAPO
Some rideshare info ETAS
Exploit DEED
Award-winning film set in Tehran ARGO
Bishop’s headgear MITER
Hang up the cleats, so to speak RETIRE
Make fun of small orange fruits? DERIDE APRICOTS (from “dried apricots”)
Something rectangular that might have more than four sides MENU
Two-player card game SPIT
TV character who said “Time to hit the hay … oh, I forgot, I ate it!” MR ED
Old auto with its founder’s monogram REO
Storage spot BIN
Opposite of “avant” APRES
Reason to reschedule RAIN
Mashed potatoes, on a Thanksgiving plate? GRAVY TERRAIN (from “gravy train”)
Instrument heard in Spanish folk music CASTANET
Vinyl collection RECORD SET
Food brand whose sales boomed after the premiere of “Stranger Things” EGGO
“When We Were Young” singer ADELE
Fourth-quarter meltdown at an N.B.A. game in Oklahoma City? THUNDER COLLAPSE (from “thunderclaps”)
Made out FARED
Take home EARN
Lather gatherer LOOFA
Remained in bed, e.g. LAIN
Something to shoot for PAR
“… sting like ___” A BEE
___ Bleus, nickname for France’s soccer team LES


Clues Answers
Boardwalk treat TAFFY
Plugged in, so to speak AWARE
Actor Leary DENIS
Missions, for short OPS
___ State, nickname for Massachusetts BAY
Basis for an insurance investigation ARSON
“Build ___ Buttercup” (1968 hit by the Foundations) ME UP
Spot for a perfume sample in a magazine, maybe AD PAGE
Green prefix ECO-
Lead-in to com or net, but not org INTER-
Wrinkly-skinned fruit CASABA
Largest object in the Kuiper belt PLUTO
And the following, in footnotes ET SEQ
His birthday is celebrated as “Children’s Day” in India NEHRU
Worries anxiously STEWS
Mounted on ASTRIDE
Angry reaction RISE
Main port of Yemen ADEN
They’re banned in many classrooms nowadays PHONES
Thing seen in the foreground of “Washington Crossing the Delaware” OAR
N.Y. neighbor CONN
Calculators of old ABACI
Partner of starts FITS
Speaking part? LARYNX
“In that case …” IF SO …
Paul of “Little Miss Sunshine” DANO
Didn’t hear the alarm, say SLEPT LATE
Where fruit bat soup is eaten as a delicacy PALAU
Orange follower -ADE
Widespread EPIDEMIC
Nonstop flight? ESCALATOR
Maori for “image” TIKI
Redeems at a casino CASHES IN
Sooners, by another name OKIES
Have a home-cooked meal EAT IN
Like some obligations PRIOR
Dict. listing SYN
Setting for Mets games: Abbr. EDT
Gradually diminish ERODE
Residential suffix with Angel -ENO
High-priced violin, informally STRAD
All-knowing sort SWAMI
It’s represented by a dot in the top-left corner, in Braille ONE
Mideast palace parts HAREMS
Son of Gloucester in “King Lear” EDGAR
With 72-Down, a pop PER …
See 71-Down … ITEM
___ Alonso, Mets slugger with the most home runs by a rookie in M.L.B. history (53) PETE
“… ish” … OR SO
People people, for short EDS
“What’s ___, Doc?” (old Bugs Bunny short) OPERA
Grapefruit descriptor RUBY RED
Kelly of “Live” RIPA
Remark after losing I TRIED
Nutritional figs. RDAS
“___ be an honor!” IT’D
Snapple competitor NESTEA
“Socialism: Utopian and Scientific” writer, 1880 ENGELS
Leaning right: Abbr. ITAL
Four-time U.S. Open champ NADAL
Four-time Australian Open champ GRAF
It has its highlights RECAP
Maker of the MDX, NSX and TLX ACURA
Bloc party? VOTER
Fix up again REHAB
Brown hue COCOA
Home of many Sherpas NEPAL
___ Hughes, name of main roles in “Westworld” and “Downton Abbey” ELSIE
Decade after the aughts TEENS
Blossom GROW
Taipei-to-Seoul dir. NNE
Frequently OFT
___ Palmas LAS