NY Times Crossword 12 Jan 22, Wednesday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 12 Jan 22, Wednesday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword 12 Jan 22, Wednesday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
End of a dorm name, usually … HALL
Old-fashioned “Jeez!” EGADS!
Huggers ARMS
Cause for an aha IDEA
On the up and up LEGIT
One of more than 30,000 in Scotland LOCH
“A Fish Called Wanda” co-star [7,9] KEVIN KLINE
Tapered hairstyle FADE
Say “I dunno,” say ELIDE
Wolf (down) SNARF
Female whitetail, e.g. DOE
Last ___ (final option) RESORT
A total blast [8,1] GREAT FUN
On one side of an outfield pole FOUL
Sister brand of Crest ORAL-B
Pre-weekend outburst TGIF!
Biting remark BARB
Ends of mazes GOALS
“Whew!” MAN!
Purple Heart honoree, maybe [4,0] WAR HERO
Giant in camping gear REI
Reply to “Nuh-uh!” IS TOO!
Fully cooked DONE
Musician’s break REST
Pulse painfully THROB
Galifianakis of “Birdman” ZACH
Eschew scuba gear, say [3,5] FREE-DIVE
Downside of starting a new career path, perhaps PAY CUT
Sluglike secretary in “Monsters, Inc.” ROZ
Sulky states SNITS
Sandwich eaten next to a fire S’MORE
Nano or Touch IPOD
Some poster-making supplies [2,6] GLUE STICKS
___ melt TUNA
Respected person in a tribe ELDER
Caroler’s tune NOEL
Conform to OBEY
Landowners’ documents DEEDS
Posh shindig GALA


Clues Answers
One often seen wearing boots with shorts HIKER
Singer with the album “30” ADELE
___ Stadium a.k.a. “Field of Jeans” LEVI’S
Idled, as workers LAID OFF
Animal facing a moose on Michigan’s flag ELK
Comes together nicely GELS
Anti-___ cream AGING
Currency of Iraq DINAR
System that might include a turntable STEREO
Impromptu signal to slow down ROAD FLARE
Two-patty burgers introduced in 1997 MCDOUBLES
Matte’s lack SHEEN
Ruler during the Great Fire of Rome NERO
FX series set in the Great Plains FARGO
Brass instrument with the largest mouthpiece TUBA
East Asian doctrine TAO
Nonkosher cooking fat LARD
“Spare me the gory details” TMI
Venue for meals with microbrews GASTROPUB
Acutely focused and attuned IN THE ZONE
Greek “P” RHO
German automaker Karl BENZ
Stand no more, say SIT
Tiger on the green WOODS
Glean REAP
Contents of a vein ORE
Like 17-, 26-, 40-, 51- and 64-Across, with respect to the numbers in their clues RHYMING
Oversaw? BINGED
Playbill heading CAST
___-Lay FRITO
Common city name ending -VILLE
Exercise that works the fingers ETUDE
Hot ___ COCOA
Nerdy “Family Matters” boy URKEL
Cybertruck maker TESLA
March Madness datum SEED
Word after field or before dreams DAY
“For reals,” in texts SRS