NY Times Crossword 12 Jul 20, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 12 Jul 20, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
“The King of Latin Pop” IGLESIAS
“The Tale of ___ Puddle-Duck” (Beatrix Potter children’s book) JEMIMA
Give an address ORATE
Onscreen twins, often DUAL ROLE
Ruler of the afterlife, in Egyptian mythology OSIRIS
Benefit of some online purchases NO TAX
Chore for a censor? TAKE OUT THE TRASH
LaBelle or LuPone PATTI
With, at a café AVEC
The Cards, on scoreboards ARI
Chore for a satellite TV technician? DO THE DISHES
Wayne’s sidekick in old “S.N.L.” skits GARTH
What a digital subscription might end ADS
Current location SEA
Certify formally, with “to” ATTEST
Scientist who said “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious” EINSTEIN
Wet weather wear PONCHO
Chore for a security guard? SWEEP THE FLOOR
Notch-like V-SHAPED
Wildcatter’s target OIL
___ Na Na SHA
“Othello” setting VENICE
Like a list of lists of lists META
Kristen of “Bridesmaids” WIIG
___ Verde National Park MESA
Having zero talent for POOR AT
Wisconsin senator Johnson RON
Person to look out for NUMERO UNO
Chore for a rower? GO TO THE BANK
“Chandelier” singer, 2014 SIA
“Be honest!” ADMIT IT!
Hoppy medium? ALE
Chore for a knight? SORT THE MAIL
Eats daintily NIBBLES ON
Japanese vegetable UDO
Icy moon of Jupiter EUROPA
Author James AGEE
Air Force 1 maker NIKE
Calf-length skirt MIDI
Bakery enticements AROMAS
“Come to think of it ” SAY
Proven postulate LAW
Zen principle ONENESS
Chore for a dog-walker? PICK UP THE TOYS
More watered down WEAKER
Statement before a demonstration HERE’S HOW
Children’s author Richard SCARRY
Insurance giant AIG
It’s spotted at the craps table DIE
Fool, in Canadian slang HOSER
Chore for an N.F.L. owner? PAY THE BILLS
Pro at deductions CPA
Daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise SURI
“The Princess Bride” character ___ Montoya INIGO
Chore for a bowling alley employee? CLEAN THE GUTTERS
Carrying a key? TONAL
Forthcoming CANDID
Goes wild RUNS AMOK
Horse ___ SENSE
Double-black diamond section of a ski mountain, with “the” STEEPS
With a firm grip SECURELY


Clues Answers
Conference attendee’s clip-on ID TAG
Tropical sorbet flavor GUAVA
Magic, once LAKER
The people’s choice ELECTEE
B’way posting SRO
Kitty paper IOU
Utah resort town ALTA
Fixed charge SET RATE
Average guy JOE
Abbr. on a city limits sign ESTD
Certain Spanish Surrealist paintings MIROS
Ticked off IRATE
Cause of a small setback MISHAP
World’s largest tennis stadium, familiarly ASHE
Hitting the right note ON PITCH
Common Christmas entree ROAST HAM
Where Groucho, Chico and Harpo spent a night AT THE OPERA
Crispy cookie brand TATE’S
Like most modern TVs, informally HI-DEF
Judo levels DANS
Coxae, familiarly HIPS
Most common surname in Brazil SILVA
Math degree NTH
Former SeaWorld attraction SHAMU
San Francisco’s ___ Valley NOE
Patent OVERT
Scattered about SOWN
Nintendo gaming console with a pileup of vowels WII U
Tourney format, for short ELIM
Baked ON POT
Potential result of social unrest RIOTING
___ mess (traditional English dessert) ETON
Cold and humid DANK
“Germ” that’s passed from one child to another COOTIE
Heroic exploit GEST
Bewitch ENAMOR
Redundant name for a drink SODA POP
Captain with a whalebone leg AHAB
Bad thing for a bluffer TELL
Ceremony RITE
Home to the landmark Koko Crater OAHU
Poet ___ Scott-Heron GIL
Served as BEEN
It’s due south of Hollywood MIAMI
Shoving match, in a way SUMO
Thor’s father ODIN
Motel 6 alternative RODEWAY INN
Strike ERASE
Isolated team of workers, in business-speak SILO
“I guess” OKAY
6:00 broadcast NEWS
Didn’t just assume ASKED
Noble thing INERT GAS
German exclamation ACH!
“That hits the spot” AHH!
Michelle of “Crazy Rich Asians” YEOH
Helmet opening EARHOLE
Scottish terrier type SKYE
Actor Robert of “Spenser: For Hire” URICH
Eyes, informally PEEPERS
Like the rank of major general TWO-STAR
Lambaste RAIL AT
Barbecue rods SPITS
Vessel whose name anagrams to where it might be used CANOE
Woods who voiced Cinderella ILENE
Open space in a forest GLADE
Snarky challenge SUE ME!
Swashbuckling Flynn ERROL
Like investing in a start-up RISKY
Loops in, in a way BCCS
Small cut SNIP
Bad fit AGUE
Six-pt. plays TDS
Chapel Hill sch. UNC
Houston sch. TSU