NY Times Crossword 12 Jun 21, Saturday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 12 Jun 21, Saturday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Gilda of the original “S.N.L.” cast RADNER
They may need to be cut off SOTS
Ways of making ends meet? SEAMS
Degree in design, for short BFA
Cow’s-milk cheese that’s often grated ASIAGO
Sweet 16 org. NCAA
Honor named for a Greek goddess CLIO AWARD
Site of a lighthouse that was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World PHAROS
“___ pass” IT’LL
Where snow leopards and blue sheep roam HIMALAYAS
King of a nursery rhyme COLE
Went to bat (for) ADVOCATED
Test versions BETAS
Good fashion sense, in modern slang DRIP
Appear SEEM
Features of some indoor arenas DOMES
Theater curtain material SCRIM
Fired off, say SENT
Grind SLOG
Money of the Philippines PESOS
Follow HEED
One giving a khutbah sermon IMAM
Smaller alternative to a Quarter Pounder MAC JR
Chicago team, in old “S.N.L.” sketches DA BEARS
Ski lodge mugful HOT COCOA
Fraternity letter RHO
King of ancient Israel DAVID
Comic actress Gasteyer ANA
Left, cutesily WENT BYE-BYE
Great Lakes nation ONEIDA
Pickup line? RAM
Like the columns of the Lincoln Memorial DORIC
“___ we good?” ARE
King of ancient Egypt TUT
Tattoo artist, so to speak INKER
Org. with a complex code IRS
“Happy Days” network ABC
Beach Boys song set to the tune of Chuck Berry’s “Sweet Little Sixteen” SURFIN’ USA
King of myth MIDAS
4G letters LTE
___ pace SNAIL’S
Not doing so hot IN BAD SHAPE
F-, e.g. ION
Discourage DETER
Waze way: Abbr. RTE
Piece of plastic with a gladiator pictured on it AMEX CARD
Physics demonstration often done from the roof of a school EGG DROP
___-Briggs Type Indicator (popular personality test) MYERS
“I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure,” e.g. OATH
King of Shakespeare LEAR
“Keep Austin ___” (city slogan) WEIRD
Annual presidential address, for short SOTU
Partner ALLY
“No worries” IT’S OK
“Bon appétit!” ENJOY!
Christ, to Bach JESU
Place LIEU
Chimney channels FLUES
Warning on presents stashed in the closet DO NOT OPEN!
King of Skull Island KONG
“Huddle up!” BRING IT IN!
Actress Elisabeth SHUE
When: Sp. CUANDO
Early adolescent years, so to speak TENDER AGE
Engage HIRE
Opposite of wind up UNREEL
Infinitesimal WEE
Toys with much assembly required LEGOS
Travel brochure listings INNS


Clues Answers
Some hip-hop collectibles RAP CDS
On dry land ASHORE
Join a conference call, say DIAL IN
Quick to fall asleep, in a way NARCOLEPTIC
Sense of self EGO
Día de San Valentín gifts ROSAS
Tearfully complain SNIVEL
Tabloid nickname for mother Nadya Suleman OCTOMOM
Powder in the powder room TALC
Course with greens SALAD
Machiavellian sort SCHEMER
Objective AIM
Gateway city to Utah’s Arches National Park MOAB
Some after-Christmas announcements SALES
Home to about one in five Californians BAY AREA
Long-running sitcom set in Seattle FRASIER
Them’s the breaks! ADS
Spent some time on YouTube, say WATCHED A VIDEO
Nobel Peace Prize recipient who wrote “No Future Without Forgiveness” DESMOND TUTU
Sought-after position TOP JOB
G.P.s, e.g. MDS
City about 25 miles SE of Chicago, IL GARY, IN
___-faire (social adeptness) SAVOIR
Level the playing field? MOW
Put one past ACE
One ending for a classic board game – another of which (when a player resigns) is represented visually six times in this puzzle CHECKMATE
Tough spots BINDS
Bother incessantly HARASS
Scoring win after win ON A RUN
Mowry who starred alongside her twin Tia in the ’90s sitcom “Sister, Sister” TAMERA
___ Z A TO
Cubs’ place to play home games DEN
Wilson who wrote the lyrics to 75-Across BRIAN
Play areas YARDS
The “Bel Paese,” to locals ITALIA
Borrower DEBTOR
Quintessentially cowardly TIMID AS A MOUSE
Mosaic maker TILER
Remove from under the seat in front of you, say UNSTOW
Ducks known for their soft down feathers EIDERS
Tinker (with) FIDDLE AROUND
Yes or no follower … SIR
“I’ve got it!” AHA!
Rob ___, British comedian and TV personality BRYDON
Samosa tidbit PEA
Part of an office phone no. EXT
Tool for a duel EPEE
Sidewalk drawings CHALK ART
One of the Manning brothers ELI
Disentangle oneself GET FREE
Main source of energy? GAS LINE
Breakout 1993 single for Counting Crows MR JONES
Stay awhile SOJOURN
Only color of the rainbow not seen on the L.G.B.T. pride flag INDIGO
Portable dwellings TEPEES
Richie with the #1 hit “All Night Long” LIONEL
Borrower LENDEE
Potato cultivar that was developed in Ontario, despite its name YUKON GOLD
Pelvic exercise KEGEL
Nintendo dino YOSHI
Like diamonds from a mine UNCUT
Father SIRE
Weak, as a case THIN
“Oh, and another thing …,” for short BTW …
Graffiti signature TAG
College, to a Brit UNI