NY Times Crossword 13 Dec 20, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 12 Dec 20, Saturday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword 12 Dec 20, Saturday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
Advice columnist Savage DAN
Out of tune … or bubbles FLAT
Saturn or Mercury, once CAR
___ fever CABIN
Prayer leader IMAM
Opening opening? LONG O
Yeats or Keats POET
Pliocene, e.g. EPOCH
Something to build on SITE
Ancient Aegean land IONIA
The fly in fly-fishing, e.g. LURE
Indy film? (1981) RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK
Render unnecessary OBVIATE
Female deer HINDS
Classic sci-fi anthology whose first story is titled “Robbie” I, ROBOT
Sound from a flock BLEAT
Road movie? (1950) SUNSET BOULEVARD
Some M.I.T. grads: Abbr. EES
Bizarre OUTRE
React to a stubbed toe, maybe YELP
Confident juggler’s props EGGS
Film director’s cry CUT!
Blood work locales LABS
Sound of relief AAH!
Cannoli ingredient RICOTTA
PG movie? (1992) PATRIOT GAMES
Anthem opening O SAY …
A little bit of work ERG
Brush off SPURN
Draw out ELICIT
One whose range goes from about F3 to F5, musically ALTO
Hilarious folks RIOTS
World capital with the Gangnam district SEOUL
Challenge DARE
Hummingbird feeder filler NECTAR
Blatant OVERT
N.Y. engineering sch. RPI
Actress de Matteo of “Sons of Anarchy” DREA
Family film? (1972) THE GODFATHER
Barely contain anger SMOLDER
___ glance AT A
Thor Thursday :: ___ : Wednesday : ODIN
Suffix with hero -INE
Oration station DAIS
Cleverly self-referential META
Social stratum CASTE
Common 99¢ purchase APP
Dock-udrama? (1954) ON THE WATERFRONT
Spendthrift’s opposite SAVER
___ Palace, Indian tourist attraction MYSORE
Perfectly timed ON CUE
Pilot, e.g. EPISODE
Short film? (1989) HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS
Where Minos ruled CRETE
Safe, on board ALEE
Violet variety PANSY
Wait in neutral IDLE
Jack rabbits, but not rabbits HARES
Saturnus or Mercurius DEUS
Part of a sewing kit SPOOL
Nair rival, once NEET
Not so moving? INERT
Nile reptile ASP
Its name is derived from the Greek for “I burn” ETNA
OB/GYNs, e.g. DRS


Clues Answers
Wear off? DISROBE
Easygoing AMIABLE
Hometowners NATIVES
Toy (with), as an idea FLIRT
Least strict LOOSEST
___ mundi ANNO
Popular ABC programming block of the ’90s TGIF
“Perhaps” COULD BE
Fine spray AEROSOL
66 and others: Abbr. RTES
One of the Borgias CESARE
Rubber-stamp, say APPROVE
Kids use it for texts BOOKBAG
“Vous êtes ___” (French map notation) ICI
Grp. with the Vezina Trophy NHL
Pastels and charcoal, for two MEDIA
Swear words? OATHS
More than enough PLENTY
Enjoy some dishes without doing dishes, perhaps EAT OUT
Hasten HIE
___ Tuesday (Aimee Mann’s band) ‘TIL
Dot follower ORG
Some ESPN highlights, for short TDS
Something often underlined and blue URL
Half-moon tide NEAP
___ the crack of dawn UP AT
Balderdash UTTER ROT
Trickster of Shoshone mythology COYOTE
Short-legged hound BASSET
Fuel additive brand STP
17, for an R-rated movie AGE LIMIT
Director Ashby HAL
Dappled horse ROAN
Hidden downside CATCH
Man’s name that’s another man’s name backward ARI
In poor condition, as old machinery RUSTED
Choler IRE
___ about (approximately) ON OR
Undesirable plane seat MIDDLE
Often-animated greeting E-CARD
Yes or no follower … SIREE
Eye drop TEAR
New Deal program, in brief TVA
Co. with brown trucks UPS
Palindromic title AGA
See 118-Down RHO
Lady of Spain DAMA
Anti-mob law, for short RICO
Baby shower gift ONESIE
Photographer Goldin NAN
___ Pérignon DOM
___ given Sunday ANY
“My package arrived!” IT’S HERE!
Alcoholic drink consumed in one gulp SHOOTER
French stars ETOILES
Utah national park ARCHES
Bit of ranch dressing? STETSON
Got around AVOIDED
Street vendor PEDDLER
Radio buttons PRESETS
First name of a literary “Papa” ERNEST
Diminutive WEE
Cat’s pajamas? FUR
Extends a tour REUPS
Invite to enter ASK IN
Parts of kingdoms PHYLA
When repeated, a “Seinfeld” expression YADA
Scruff NAPE
Masseur’s target KNOT
With 78-Down, Greek letters that together sound like a world capital CHI
Dashed RAN