NY Times Crossword 13 Oct 19, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 13 Oct 19, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Fasteners or, if you change the fourth letter to an S, what the fasteners might be made of BRADS
It’s lit eight nights in a row MENORAH
Figure that denotes acidity LOW PH
Less everyday RARER
Humble expression of capability I MANAGE
Number that might be kept secret SALARY
Professional whose favorite movie line might be “There’s no place like home” SOFTBALL PLAYER
Muse of astronomy URANIA
Dis-qualified? UNFIT
Cyclops’s “I” IOTA
”Uh-oh!” OOPS!
Maker of the Acadia S.U.V GMC
Franchise with a series set in New Orleans NCIS
Singer ___ J. Blige MARY
Weasel relative ERMINE
South Asian garment SARI
“Here’s looking at you, kid” GOATHERD
Not be attentive SNOOZE
President whose wife went on to become president PERON
Unconfident utterances UMS
“I wish I knew how to quit you” IT SPECIALIST
Not manually controlled ON AUTO
Foreign capital where W. E. B. Du Bois is buried ACCRA
Do a little tidying DUST
Lukewarm response MEH
Arthropod appendages PALPS
Emitters of cosmic rays PULSARS
Arctic coat PARKA
Typing sounds TAPS
”Well, aren’t I clever?!” TADA!
Shaving mishap NICK
One honored on March 8 per a 1977 United Nations resolution WOMAN
“Go ahead, make my day” SCHEDULING COORDINATOR
Less bronzed PALER
Hated figure OGRE
Promote TOUT
Relative of the emu RHEA
Couleur in the middle of the French flag BLANC
Big maker of smartphones SAMSUNG
Word between “stink” and “stunk” in “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” STANK
Hurry, quaintly HIE
Place to get a knish DELI
Obstetrics worker NURSE
“Get to the chopper!” ORTHODONTIST
Recording device, for short CAM
___ planning URBAN
Part of N.S., in Canadian mail SCOTIA
“Is this your king?!” MAGICIAN
Fine deposit SILT
Airport named for two Washington cities SEA-TAC
Hurry RACE
”This one’s ___” ON ME
Caesar’s “I” EGO
Reaction to scritches, maybe PURR
”___ the Explorer” DORA
Things you might take a spin in TUTUS
“I’ll have what she’s having” EPIDEMIOLOGIST
Low-carb diet creator ATKINS
Piece of furniture that’s at least a couple of feet wide OTTOMAN
Best competitive performance, informally A-GAME
Trials TESTS
Trick that’s “pulled” FAST ONE
Doodling, say BORED


Clues Answers
Mile High City athlete BRONCO
Palm fiber RAFFIA
Drawer, say ARTIST
Restructuring target DEBT
Sp. title SRA
Term of address for a noble MILORD
Like some calories EMPTY
Beyoncé film role NALA
”Snakes ___ Plane” ON A
Shaft of sunshine RAY
Estimation from dating AGE
Placed on a pedestal HEROIZED
Swedish name akin to Lawrence LARS
Commercial suffix with Motor -OLA
2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner who founded the Green Belt Movement WANGARI MAATHAI
Flower that’s often yellow PRIMROSE
Flower that’s often purple HYACINTH
School district higher-up, informally SUPE
Like praises and arias SUNG
Story tellers LIARS
Half a pint ONE CUP
Firm-ly worded letter? MEMO
Bars that people walk into? ENTRANCE MUSIC
Actress Dawson ROSARIO
Clean (up) MOP
French for “salt” SEL
Humble homes HUTS
Incites to attack, with “on” SICS
___ saint PATRON
Witness’s attestation I SAW IT
Makes a choice OPTS
Image Award org NAACP
Children’s playthings that help with spelling ALPHABET BLOCKS
Encourage to buy add-ons UPSELL
Sound bites and such AUDIO
Trolley sounds CLANGS
Buddy PAL
District 9, for short? SCOTUS
Alternatives to Targets KMARTS
Swayed to the dark side, say TURNED
Danish coin KRONE
Ceaselessly NO END
Exactly right DEAD ON
Half-frozen Italian dessert GRANITA
Grooved on DUG
Leaf blower alternative RAKE
Effective salesperson CLOSER
Sp. title SRTA
Long truck SEMI
What goes in a box HOUSE CAT
Overseen by IN CARE OF
Anger RAGE
Receptacle for donations HAT
Little ‘un TOT
Source of chocolate CACAO
One serving on a ship MARINE
Andean feline COUGAR
Eventually IN TIME
Enjoying a comedy AMUSED
Stick-y pad? NEST
Brewski SUDS
Like DC and MI ROMAN
Calligraphers’ choices PENS
Twentysomethings, e.g DEMO
Burkina Faso neighbor TOGO
Word before “home” or “the road” HIT
School org PTA
Part of fwiw IT’S
Matrix character DOT
Place to wear smocks LAB