NY Times Crossword 14 Jan 20, Tuesday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 14 Jan 20, Tuesday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword 14 Jan 20, Tuesday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
Actress Hathaway ANNE
Forest components TREES
Scored 100 on ACED
Hacienda drudge PEON
Like much of the Dakotas RURAL
Alternative to a walker CANE
When doubled, miniature golf PUTT
Video game franchise in which the enemies are pigs ANGRY BIRDS
“The ___ of Pooh” (Benjamin Hoff book) TAO
Rotten little twerp SNOT
“Time is money,” e.g. ADAGE
With 51-Across, Eric Carle kid-lit book, after “The” … GROUCHY
Pal of Chewbacca HAN
Put a ding in, say MAR
Dadaism pioneer MAN RAY
Just sitting around IDLE
911 responder, in brief EMT
Perfectly understood CLEAR
___ Jemison, first black woman in space MAE
Pub pints ALES
Feline in an internet meme GRUMPY CAT
A wartime communication might be sent in it CODE
Rogue computer in “2001” HAL
Outcome of haste, it’s said WASTE
“Hail!,” to Caesar AVE
Promising, as a future ROSY
Soon-to-be graduate, usually SENIOR
Backside, in Britain BUM
“That’s the spot!” AHH!
See 23-Across … LADYBUG
Story that one generally sticks to, whether it’s true or not ALIBI
Pursuer of an “accursed white whale” AHAB
Button on a cam REC
1980 boxing biopic RAGING BULL
Many a Meccan ARAB
Princely school ETON
Aquarium buildup ALGAE
Fey of “30 Rock” TINA
“Bill & ___ Excellent Adventure” TED’S
Requests for Friskies, perhaps MEOWS
“No problemo!” EASY!


Clues Answers
18-Across, e.g. APP
Like hosiery hues, typically NEUTRAL
Zero, zip, nada NOT A ONE
Rapper’s posse ENTOURAGE
In poor taste TRASHY
Like undercooked eggs RUNNY
Logician’s “therefore” ERGO
April event that’s “green” EARTH DAY
Sneakily clever SLY
Gastric juice, e.g. ACID
Apple coating at a fair CARAMEL
When checkmate is most likely to occur ENDGAME
“Just” punishment DESERTS
Cause of ruination BANE
Yukon S.U.V. maker GMC
Vikki who sang “It Must Be Him” CARR
Smart ___ ALEC
Subtly suggest IMPLY
“Be that as it may ” AT ANY RATE
“Here’s trouble!” UH-OH!
BuzzFeed competitor MASHABLE
Totally blown away AWED
Musical for which Liza Minnelli won an Oscar CABARET
Release a fertilizable egg OVULATE
Part man, part deity DEMIGOD
Stereotypical place of exile SIBERIA
Sam the Froot Loops mascot and others TOUCANS
Tiny bit of energy ERG
Drops from the sky RAIN
Relatives of weasels with dark fur SABLES
Legal drama with Susan Dey LA LAW
Coal containers BINS
___ Boss (German fashion house) HUGO
Leg, in old slang GAM
San Francisco area, with “the” … BAY