NY Times Crossword 14 Jul 19, Sunday

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Clues Answers
Knock RAP
Racket SCAM
Chocolate component CACAO
Humans’ closest relatives APES
Alternative sweetener source AGAVE
Trendy superfood KALE
Coral formation ATOLL
“Should I not use my oven clock?”? IS THIS A BAD TIMER?
“My turn! My turn!” LEMME!
What bankers and prospectors both seek DEPOSITS
Sends a Dear John letter DUMPS
An arm and a leg LIMBS
Soprano Fleming RENEE
Numerical prefix from the Greek for “monster” TERA-
Gloria, in the animated “Madagascar” films HIPPO
The “Iliad” and the “Odyssey”? WORKS FROM HOMER
___ vu DEJA
Some spicy fare THAI
Father of Zeus KRONOS
Composer of “The Microsoft Sound,” which, ironically, he wrote on a Mac ENO
President-___ ELECT
Its calendar begins in A.D. 622 ISLAM
Members of a flock EWES
Put up HANG
Give a ride to an Indiana hoopster? PICK UP THE PACER
Bargain-priced VALUE
New Year abroad TET
Teacher of the dharma LAMA
Orange juice option PULP
“I can’t take this anymore!” THAT’S IT!
The Kremlin, e.g. CITADEL
“___ in the Underworld” (Offenbach opera) ORPHEUS
Show impatience with, as an envelope RIP OPEN
“Cool beans!” NEAT
___ health ORAL
Pope’s “___ on Solitude” ODE
Shared spirit ETHOS
Printer’s low-ink alert? WATCH YOUR TONER!
How balloons are priced? A POP
Round product with a wax wrapper EDAM
Unwanted looks LEERS
Less outgoing SHIER
Bygone monitor, for short CRT
What no single speaker is capable of STEREO
Offerings in a bridal registry SETS
Cause of an R rating GORE
What a plumber did for a clogged drain? TOOK THE PLUNGER
Given a yellow card, say WARNED
Top of the Special Forces? BERET
Little dippers? TOES
Relish SAVOR
Like a Tour de France rider on day 20 vis-à-vis day 10 SORER
Classical personification of ideal human beauty HELEN
Overlord, for the Battle of Normandy CODE WORD
Supereasy quiz question GIMME
World’s shortest-reigning monarch? FIVE-SECOND RULER
Sphere of influence ORBIT
Tweak, in a way EDIT
In no way reticent VOCAL
Sketch out PLAN
Flotsam and Jetsam, in “The Little Mermaid” EELS
Really like ADORE
Sign of a packed house SRO


Clues Answers
Locale for a shrine APSE
Personal favorite on an agenda PET PROJECT
Least taxing EASIEST
Colorful stone in a brooch AGATE
Flaps one’s gums GABS
Actress Mendes EVA
What strawberries become as they ripen REDDER
Cover-up for a robbery? SKI MASK
Notoriously hard-to-define aesthetic style CAMP
Servings from a tap ALES
La Baltique, e.g. MER
Big figures in 47-Across CALIPHS
Back to the original speed, in music A TEMPO
They usually include drinks COMBO MEALS
Relief ALMS
___ Miss OLE
Sole supporter? SHOE RACK
“___ She Lovely” (Stevie Wonder song) ISN’T
Neighbor of an Armenian TURK
Some prom rentals LIMOS
Scenic fabric TOILE
Improve gradually, say HONE
Doing well (at) ADEPT
Give a false impression of BELIE
Got taken for a ride WAS HAD
Unsolicited mentions online, in the press, etc. FREE PR
“Meeeeeeeeow!” ROWR
It makes you yawn ENNUI
Shelfmate of Webster ROGET
One who gets take-out orders? HITMAN
Subject of an annual festival in Holland, Mich. TULIPS
Mini-program APPLET
Egyptian ___ (cat) MAU
Derbies, e.g. HATS
Spread out at a banquet? PATE
Parts of a gymnastics routine VAULTS
Calculation for an aerospace engineer THRUST
When doubled, “I agree!” HEAR
Alternative to a condo CO-OP
Certain finish ENAMEL
Comparative in a wedding vow POORER
Flinch or twitch, say REACT
Computer guru, informally IT PRO
Pops up in a flash? PHOTOBOMBS
Common sports injury site, briefly ACL
Piquant bakery offerings ONION ROLLS
John who pioneered the steel plow DEERE
Messed up ERRED
Get bent WARP
Green lights, so to speak YESES
“Stop being such a baby!” OH, GROW UP!
Old dentist’s supply ETHER
Ingredient in insect repellent DEET
1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. STREETS
Powerpoints? OUTLETS
Envelop in a blanket SWADDLE
“It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green” crooner KERMIT
Opposites of 76-Down NOES
Palais des Nations locale GENEVA
Say for certain AVER
Echolocation method SONAR
Bull, e.g. SIRE
Half of a children’s game HIDE
Dastard’s doings EVIL
Popular 2017 Pixar film set in Mexico COCO
“Caboose” REAR
Old Bond rival DR NO
Hit 2010s HBO series, familiarly GOT
Late ___ FEE
Fish taco fish COD