NY Times Crossword 14 Jun 20, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 14 Jun 20, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Because of OWING TO
“Pet” with green “fur” CHIA
Illegal thing to grab in football FACE MASK
Handkerchief, in British slang NOSE RAG
Disney+ alternative HULU
Turkey piece? ANATOLIA
Sign at a chemical plant: “This facility is ___ — ___” (with 114-Across) CONTAMINATED
Lists of grievances LITANIES
It ends in Nov. DST
“When pigs fly!” NEVER!
Recess retort IS SO!
Moody who wrote “Coming of Age in Mississippi” ANNE
Question to an English teacher: “Why did Poe write his poem “___”? Answer: “___?” (with 98-Across) A DREAM WITHIN A DREAM
Ingredients in mulled wine CLOVES
“Everything’s ready on my end” I’M SET
Idiosyncrasy TIC
Rodriguez who starred in “Jane the Virgin” GINA
Scheming sergeant of old TV BILKO
We can tell the boss’s assistant is a ___ because he always ___ (with 87-Across) SYCOPHANT
My weight increases when traveling because ___ during ___ (with 84-Across) I AM NOT ACTIVE
Scrabble three-pointers EMS
Indescribable religious ideal TAO
Status for a library book RETURNED
Ice pads? IGLOOS
Nick’s cousin DENT
Dandy, on Downing Street TOFF
Advantage LEG UP
List makers DEANS
Someone who is ___ years old now will be ___ in six years (with 68-Across) FORTY-FIVE
See 64-Across OVER FIFTY
Small truck maker TONKA
Agrees (with) SIDES
Way to go ROAD
To boot ALSO
Some cymbals HI-HATS
Unlikely candidates for loans BAD RISKS
What might be broken by doing a flip? TIE
Cover some ground SOD
See 45-Across ACTS PHONY
Light measurement LUMEN
Scores A LOT
Prefix with puncture ACU-
Creator of the identity eiπ + 1 = 0 EULER
“Dallas” family EWINGS
Music played on a sitar RAGA
Ollie’s foil, in old films STAN
___ Marbles (classical Greek sculptures) ELGIN
Opposite of nord SUD
Dictatorial leadership IRON RULE
Hit (with) STRICKEN
One of Zoe’s best friends on “Sesame Street” ELMO
Thistlelike plants TEASELS
Some trolleys TEA CARTS
Words said in passing YEAS
“But wait, there’s more!,” e.g. ADSPEAK


Clues Answers
Like some music collections ON CD
Courts WOOS
“___ it true ?” ISN’T
The puck stops here NET
Oddly, it’s not the biggest size at Starbucks GRANDE
Broncobusters, e.g. TAMERS
Pointed arch OGIVE
Winning quality CHARM
QB’s cry HUT!
Suffix with percent -ILE
Open-book examinations? AUDITS
Bit of negativity? ANION
Attendee of the Jellicle Ball, on Broadway CAT
In-flight info, for short ETA
Jackie Robinson, in his only year in the Negro Leagues MONARCH
Dress with a flare A-LINE
City south of Florence SIENA
Casey with a countdown KASEM
Read Across America org. NEA
“___ So Unusual,” debut album by Cyndi Lauper SHE’S
Opposite of après AVANT
Collaboratively written page WIKI
Popular video-making software IMOVIE
Things proposed by the Greek philosopher Democritus ATOMS
Business slumps DIPS
Sci-fi film f/x CGI
Mythomaniac LIAR
“You can count ___” ON ME
National park with Lake Louise BANFF
Sit out on a frozen lake, say ICE-FISH
Old Ford LTD
Board hire CEO
Troubled ATE AT
One tending to 49-Down NANNY
See 48-Down TOTS
“Get ___ here!” OUTTA
Home to Paris TROY
Breakfast fare from Kellogg’s EGGOS
Valentine candy word LUV
Absolutely, slangily DEF
Best Buy buy LED TV
Dispatched DID IN
Kind of acid found in asparagus FOLIC
Get-go ONSET
Howard Hughes property, once RKO
Routing word VIA
“The Gates of Hell” sculptor RODIN
Gambling game FARO
“Toodles!” TA-TA!
Big Sur home to the human potential movement ESALEN
Promising words I DO
Kapow! BAM!
Part of an escalator STAIR
Hot spot for a pot KILN
Reason for a bad air day? SMOG
Org. with a pet cause? SPCA
Product of coagulation CURD
Some toy dolls of the 1980s ETS
Like the Devil SATANIC
Puts in order NEATENS
Arizona county or its seat YUMA
Laura of “Love Actually” LINNEY
Put in a good word? EDITED
Dressed like for Halloween WENT AS
Spot to sample perfume WRIST
Poker Flat chronicler HARTE
Lead-in to phobia AGORA-
Second takes REDOS
Major street through Yale’s campus ELM
Anxiety AGITA
Snick and ___ SNEE
Sch. with the most N.C.A.A. men’s basketball championships (11) UCLA
Piece of dorm room furniture DESK
Elvis’s longtime label RCA
Europe’s second-largest country in area, after Russia: Abbr. UKR
Encouraging word OLE!
Doc bloc AMA
Reptile seen in hieroglyphics ASP