NY Times Crossword 15 Mar 20, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 15 Mar 20, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Palindromic band with the palindromic song title “SOS” ABBA
Place for an oxygen tent, for short ICU
A whole bunch SCADS
High-level H.S. math class AP CALC
Exploit DEED
Dandy FOP
Like many barrels OAKEN
“Yay!” HOORAH!
Cheer for beer on campus? ALL HAIL, HALL ALE!
Milan-based fashion brand ARMANI
Skate effortlessly GLIDE
Put down in print LIBEL
Part of a strip GAG
West of Chicago KANYE
Discerning judgment EYE
Author Calvino ITALO
Played the fall guy? RAKED
Half-___ (rhyming order) CAF
Hoot at an out-of-focus nature photograph? BOO BLURRED BLUEBIRD
Chicago university DEPAUL
Small three-legged table TEAPOY
Two-time Best Actor, 1954 and 1972 BRANDO
“___ Old Cowhand” (Bing Crosby hit) I’M AN
Put away ICE
“If you ask me,” briefly IMO
Something populists revile ELITISM
Antsy feeling when one is out of cellphone range? SO NERVOUS, NO SERVICE
Sport ___ UTE
One of the dames in 2018’s “Tea With the Dames” DENCH
Like the lion slain by Hercules NEMEAN
“Tilted Arc” sculptor Richard SERRA
Jackie on the Hollywood Walk of Fame CHAN
Places to sleep DENS
Spanish omelet ingredient HUEVO
Isaac’s firstborn ESAU
Bête ___ NOIRE
Counterpart of frost DEW
Where a demanding dockworker gets supplies? STEVEDORE DIVA STORE
Snack item with a salient anagram? SALTINE
Word that’s its own synonym in reverse PAT
Symbol of danger or anger RED
Discriminating against elders AGEIST
They’ve got talent AGENTS
“Ditto!” I DO TOO!
Landing in Rotterdam? DUTCH-TOWN TOUCHDOWN
Curry or Rice TIM
Snack items with their name on the top and bottom OREOS
Result of union negotiations, often RAISE
Lotion bottle abbr. SPF
Native seal hunter ALEUT
Part of a college application, informally REC
Unfeeling STONY
Roaster or toaster EMCEE
It’s not legal LETTER
Piano that plays only a certain three notes? B-CHORD KEYBOARD
“Fingers crossed!” I HOPE!
Wrath IRE
A long time ago ONCE
Willie Mays phrase SAY HEY
A little tight TIPSY
Pseudoscientific subj. ESP
Charon’s river STYX


Clues Answers
“Waste not, want not,” e.g. ADAGE
It has a button in the middle BELLY
Show to be untrue BELIE
Reason that some students struggle in school, for short ADHD
“___ were you ” IF I
Joint effort, slangily COLLAB
Requiring difficult pedaling, say UPHILL
Exclusive SOLE
Phone CALL
Pseudonymously AKA
Manny’s last name on “Modern Family” DELGADO
Slip through SNEAK BY
“Of course!” AHA!
Bill padding PORK
Time out? COMA
Stuffed and deep-fried rice balls, in Italian cuisine ARANCINI
Name tag holders LANYARDS
Political system with a paramount leader CHIEFDOM
Vocal quintet? A-E-I-O-U
More or less ABOUT
Work well together GEL
Translation of the French “vivre” or German “leben” TO LIVE
World capital settled by Vikings circa the ninth century DUBLIN
Scourge BANE
Apt rhyme for “constrain” REIN
Martin Sheen’s real first name RAMON
Name of seven Danish kings ERIC
“Le ___,” Matisse work that hung upside down at the Museum of Modern Art for 47 days BATEAU
Neglect DISUSE
Acts dramatically EMOTES
Bakery/cafe chain PANERA
Like a bowl CONCAVE
Cheat, informally EUCHRE
Refusing to answer directly EVASIVE
Suggested intake level, for short RDA
Glass fragment SHARD
Correct EMEND
“Two Sisters” or “Two Young Girls at the Piano” RENOIR
Struck X’ED OUT
Exceedingly EVER SO
Site of a 1976 South African uprising SOWETO
Quaintly countrified RUSTIC
Virtual animals in an early 2000s fad NEOPETS
“___ Got the Whole World in His Hands” HE’S
Attended WENT TO
Alternative to a snake DRANO
They catch waves RADIOS
Nickname on “The Addams Family” TISH
Shakespeare’s “You, too?” ET TU?
Bugs Bunny, e.g. TOON
Sob stories SAD TALES
Christina of pop AGUILERA
“Here, move over” LET ME TRY
Not much at all A WEE BIT
Trattoria dumplings GNOCCHI
New England fish SCROD
“Catch-22” pilot ORR
Cloth that may get a lot of tears HANKIE
Handy types DIY’ERS
Meager SCANT
Walker ___, 1962 National Book Award winner PERCY
Shipping option FEDEX
Sundance state UTAH
Place for un béret TETE
Concessions SOPS
It beats a deuce TREY
Stock sounds MOOS
Bit of sun RAY
Short flight HOP
Informal affirmative YEP