NY Times Crossword 16 Mar 20, Monday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 16 Mar 20, Monday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
What cats clean themselves with PAWS
Had on WORE
Feeling of anxiety AGITA
___ vera gel ALOE
Highest point APEX
“Congrats!” KUDOS!
Firm hand? CLERK
Bones of the foot TARSI
University sports org. NCAA
Destiny FATE
Darth Vader’s name as a boy ANI
Triple Crown winner of 1977 SEATTLE SLEW
Drummer Ringo STARR
“Have a ___” (request in a waiting room) SEAT
Winnie-the-___ POOH
Little rascal IMP
Singer ___ Davis Jr. SAMMY
“I’m deeply indebted” or a hint to the ends of 17-, 25-, 51- and 64-Across IT MEANS A LOT TO ME
British W.W. II weapons STENS
“Uh-huh!” YEP!
Coup d’___ ETAT
“If I may interject ” AHEM
Undercoat used in sculpture GESSO
Power source for an electric vehicle BATTERY PACK
Dark loaf RYE
Very light brown ECRU
“Heads will ___!” ROLL
Folklore monsters OGRES
Reminders of past fights SCARS
Easter event in Vatican City PAPAL MASS
Courtroom proceeding TRIAL
And others, in a list ET AL
Pimples ACNE
Actress Field with Oscars SALLY
Word after club, cream or caustic … SODA
Illuminating gas NEON


Clues Answers
Macaroni or rigatoni PASTA
___ Highway (nearly 1,400-mile route that runs through Whitehorse, Yukon Territory) ALCAN
Disquieting WORRISOME
Caribbean and Caspian SEAS
When repeated, a trombone sound WAH
A warm welcome OPEN ARMS
Blink or flinch, say REACT
Americans living abroad, informally EXPATS
Org. with a canine registry AKC
Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida GULF STATES
Perfect IDEAL
Rich German cake TORTE
Out of alignment ASKEW
Leaning Tower city PISA
Pub pintful ALE
Ireland, in poetry ERIN
Toward sunrise EAST
Bernard Malamud novel about a baseball phenom THE NATURAL
Detectives, informally PIS
Mel who played at the Polo Grounds OTT
“You’ll ___ for this!” PAY
The Indianapolis 500, for one MOTOR RACE
Sport also known as cage fighting, in brief MMA
Nonetheless YET
Tennis legend Arthur ASHE
Notepaper that’s usually yellow LEGAL PAD
Intl. group of oil producers OPEC
Mess up ERR
Nearsighted people MYOPES
Scandinavian drinking cry SKOL!
One-ups BESTS
Capital of Ghana ACCRA
Appalachian ___ TRAIL
Philosopher who tutored Aristotle PLATO
Kind of question you have a 50% chance of guessing correctly YES/NO
German industrial city ESSEN
F.B.I. agent, in old slang G-MAN
___ as a fox SLY
In the style of, in cookery A LA