NY Times Crossword 17 May 20, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 17 May 20, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword 17 May 20, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
How some stock shares are sold AT PAR
Caesar salad ingredient ANCHOVY
Big name in swimwear SPEEDO
African grazer RHINO
Yalitza ___, Best Actress nominee for 2018’s “Roma” APARICIO
Woodworking machine PLANER
R. J. Reynolds product that once sponsored “The Dick Van Dyke Show” KENT CIGARETTES
Had legs, so to speak LASTED
Flying class? AVES
Like some leaves and knives SERRATED
“The Confessions of ___ Turner” (1967 Pulitzer-winning novel) NAT
Scrapped WENT AT IT
One who might say “Your money’s no good here”? BARTERER
Overwhelming favorite SURE BET
Roofing material TIN
Dyes that can be used as pH indicators CONGO REDS
Echo voice ALEXA
Eponym of Aqaba’s airport KING HUSSEIN
Editorial reversal STET
Simmering sites STOVETOPS
On the schedule SLATED
Chef’s creation RECIPE
Crosses one’s fingers HOPES
Sophisticated SUAVE
Subjects of four famous violin concertos by Vivaldi SEASONS
Can’t take DETESTS
Body part that’s also a Hebrew letter SHIN
Christ, to Christians OUR LORD
Flavorful SAPID
Colts, maybe PISTOLS
Sch. on Chesapeake Bay USNA
Interstellar clouds NEBULAE
Fundamental dispositions NATURES
With 55-Down, inning enders THIRD
Pourable art material RESIN
Creature seen basking on the shores of the Galápagos IGUANA
Superman co-creator Jerry SIEGEL
Sports icon with the autobiography “Faster Than Lightning” USAIN BOLT
Entertainer Minnelli LIZA
Bitcoin and the like E-CURRENCIES
47th U.S. vice president BIDEN
Comic actor whose wife left him to marry their neighbor, Frank Sinatra ZEPPO MARX
Airer of the gospel music reality competition “Sunday Best” BET
Classic Chevrolets BEL AIRS
Eaglelike AQUILINE
One with a small but devoted fan base CULT HERO
AAA service TOW
Restrained from biting MUZZLED
Places of intense scrutiny HOT SEATS
Entertainment on a diner place mat, maybe MAZE
Alka-Seltzer tablet, for one FIZZER
Early omnivore HUNTER-GATHERER
Returning after curfew, say IN LATE
Substance used to preserve the Declaration of Independence ARGON GAS
Apt rhyme for “bore” SNORE
___ Pieces REESE’S
Has in mind PLANS ON
Mary I or Elizabeth I TUDOR


Clues Answers
Major tributary of the Mississippi ARKANSAS
Gymnastics event for both men and women THE VAULT
The ___ State, nickname for Maine PINE TREE
Targets of formicide ANTS
Mythical flier ROC
Isolated APART
Popular performance-enhancing supplement for athletes CREATINE
Good-sized wedding band OCTET
Competed VIED
Rockyesque interjections YOS
Spends extravagantly SPLURGES
Some biodiesel sources PLANT OILS
Things taken while waiting ORDERS
Representative AGENT
“Capeesh” I SEE
Whiffs FANS
Org. for lightweights WBA
End-of-level challenges in video games BOSSES
Items in 18″ x 18″ x 1 3/4″ boxes EXTRA-LARGE PIZZAS
Like the hands in the Allstate logo CUPPED
Keystone ___ KOPS
___ & the Blowfish HOOTIE
What sneers express SCORN
Popular dating app TINDER
Lake drained by the Truckee River TAHOE
Iniquities EVILS
Places of iniquity DENS
Spanish “that” ESO
State capital on the Mississippi ST PAUL
Word with roll or bar SUSHI
Muppet wearing a horizontally striped shirt ERNIE
Chinese port city on Korea Bay DALIAN
Occupy, as a booth SIT AT
See 63-Across … OUTS
English county that’s home to Brighton SUSSEX
Weather map symbol SUN
Butter, in Burgundy BEURRE
Doctors Without Borders and others, in brief NGOS
Having a low neckline, as a dress DECOLLETE
“Gotta split” I BETTER GO
Group of 18th-century thinkers that included Voltaire and Rousseau LUMIERES
Numbers of concern to showrunners NIELSENS
The “Last Great Race on Earth” IDITAROD
Love match? ZERO-ZERO
Respondent ANSWERER
South African money RAND
Slo-___ fuse BLO
Pan flute musician in iconic commercials of the 1980s ZAMFIR
Like a jackass EQUINE
Your current occupation? PUZZLE
Some skilled workers in “Brave New World” BETAS
Lead-in to while ERST-
Party line? CONGA
Former North Carolina senator Kay ___ HAGAN
Let fly HURL
Clickable list MENU
W.W. II general ___ Arnold HAP
Clock setting on the Big Island: Abbr. HST