NY Times Crossword 17 Nov 19, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 17 Nov 19, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Lack of this results in baldness TREAD
Scenes from action movies CHASES
Old foundation CORSET
1994 Jean-Claude Van Damme sci-fi thriller TIMECOP
Get back RECOUP
Parenting: A+ MOTHER: SUPERIOR (A+ = “superior”)
Night demons INCUBI
Maintain KEEP UP
Number of people in an office? DENTIST
“Step ___!” ON IT
Bye word ADIEU
Nervous stress AGITA
Chip-on-one’s-shoulder outlooks, in slang ‘TUDES
Taming wild horses: D- BREAKING: BAD (D- = “bad”)
Reflex messengers NEURONS
Heavy metal LEAD
Some kitchen appliances GES
Wildlife conservationist’s device DART GUN
Union station? ALTAR
Valet skills: B+ PARKING: FINE (B+ = “fine”)
You can dig it ORE
Spain and England in the 16th century SEA POWERS
Like a sure bet NO-RISK
Watch chains FOBS
Do an old printing house job SET TYPE
Skills, in Sevilla ARTES
Hosting a morning news show: C+ SCARBOROUGH: FAIR (C+ = “fair”)
Photo finish MATTE
First draft picks ONE-AS
It makes stealing pay off LATE TAG
“See you later!” CIAO!
Cheerful JOCUND
Norman Lear series star BEA ARTHUR
Spots ADS
Stuffing tip jars: D BUCK: PASSING (D = “passing”)
Chip away at ERODE
Bottom line figure NET COST
Alternative to a Maxwell REO
Indy winner Luyendyk ARIE
Hot stuff EROTICA
Employee efficiency: D+ WORKING: POOR (D+ = “poor”)
Sorcerer MAGUS
Much, informally LOTSA
Supply-___ (economic theorist) SIDER
Growing room ACRE
Do a P.R. makeover on REBRAND
16501-16511 ERIE, PA
Put on hold SHELVE
Baseball skill: C BATTING: AVERAGE (C = “average”)
Protect, as freshness SEAL IN
What to do once you’ve made your bed, per a saying LIE IN IT
Nueva York, e.g. ESTADO
Afterword END NOTE
Bibliographical abbr. ET SEQ


Clues Answers
Channel on which to see some b&w films TCM
Fleece ROOK
Noted Deco designer ERTE
1975 Wimbledon champ ASHE
New Age author Chopra DEEPAK
Apt name for a cook? STU
Lulu PIP
Used Gchat, e.g. IM’ED
Went back through a passage REREAD
Hockey infraction ICING
“Yer darn ___!” TOOTIN’
Clear soda SPRITE
Lit ___ CRIT
Farm setter HEN
Stereo quality: B SOUNDS: GOOD (B = “good”)
Blake who wrote “Memories of You” EUBIE
Roast rotators SPITS
Fantasy author Canavan, author of the “Black Magician” trilogy TRUDI
Whirl SPIN
Producers of the most Mideast oil SAUDIS
Actress Samantha EGGAR
Rides since 2011 UBERS
Burned rubber TORE
Designer Bill BLASS
U. S. Grant adversary RE LEE
Trouble terribly EAT AT
Learns to live with ADAPTS TO
Set a price of ASK
Malodorous RANK
Metro areas, informally URBS
Sticks together? NEST
Luxury car pioneer Henry ROYCE
One may exert pressure PEER
Significant advances INROADS
The other guys NOT US
Diver Louganis GREG
Porgy and bass FISH
F.D.R. program WPA
Dangerous structure FIRETRAP
Combat zone ARENA
Anglican headwear MITRE
Strong brew BOCK
“Movin’ ___” ON UP
Call attention to, as a potential problem FLAG
Small power source AAA
Classic shoe name MCAN
Starting job in Washington, say AIDE
Fashion sense: A TASTE: GREAT (A = “great”)
Lead-in to fare THORO-
Part of a TV transmission AUDIO
___ Garson, Oscar winner for “Mrs. Miniver” GREER
Solomonlike JUST
One-eighth part OCTILE
Funeral stands BIERS
Mushroom that might be served in ramen ENOKI
Uncivil greetings BOOS
Sign of a smash hit SRO
___ de Vil, Disney villain CRUELLA
Patch (together) COBBLE
Way to get to Harlem, per Duke Ellington A TRAIN
Desire a piece of the action WANT IN
Conception IDEA
Chutzpah NERVE
Snooker shot MASSE
Flu symptoms ACHES
Clinton’s attorney general for all eight years RENO
Rat Pack nickname DINO
Quod ___ faciendum ERAT
Stationer’s stock PADS
“Let Us Now Praise Famous Men” writer AGEE
Kid-___ (TV for tots) VID
Tiny criticism NIT
Pioneer cellphone co. GTE
Fancy-looking name appendage ESQ