NY Times Crossword 18 Apr 21, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 18 Apr 21, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Not express, in a way LOCAL
Second person in the Bible THOU
One of the Blues Brothers JAKE
“History of the World, ___” (Mel Brooks film that doesn’t actually have a sequel) PART I
Grp. with Bills and Chargers AFC
Bridal adornment at Indian weddings HENNA
Buckets A TON
Goggle STARE
Bird that went the way of the dodo (before the dodo) MOA
Mr. ___, scheming socialite in “Emma” ELTON
See 105-Across … WARD
Popular action film franchise … or what trying to find the item in this puzzle can be described as MISSION IMPOSSIBLE
“There’s no use” … like trying to find the item in this puzzle? IT’S A LOST CAUSE
“The ___ Holmes Mysteries,” young adult series made into a 2020 film ENOLA
Hosp. procedure MRI
Architect Maya LIN
Foreign correspondent, maybe PEN PAL
1976 greatest hits album with a palindromic title OLE ELO
Site of Hercules’ first labor NEMEA
What’s-___-name HIS
Experimental offshoot of punk NOISE ROCK
Echidna’s prey ANT
Service with nearly two billion users GMAIL
___ reaction GUT
Deep cut GASH
Liquor store requests IDS
Frees (of) RIDS
Quiet summons PSST!
Greases OILS UP
What’s at the center of some court battles? NET
City of Angels ANAHEIM
Danger for an exterminator RAT BITE
Scratch the surface of MAR
Certain customizable computer game character SIM
Kick starter? SCISSOR
America of “Ugly Betty” FERRERA
[Batman punches a bad guy] [POW!]
Onetime name for China CATHAY
They have big mouths BAYS
More than umbrage IRE
Two-wheeled carriage SHAY
“Anchorman” anchorman RON
Simple earrings STUDS
Duck Hunt console, for short NES
Walking with flair SASHAYING
Odd article of clothing to wear with a tank top TIE
Reached GOT TO
Man’s name that anagrams to HYENAS SHAYNE
Did a Don Corleone impression, maybe RASPED
Consonantless “yes” OUI
Actress Atwell of the “Avengers” movies HAYLEY
Product whose sizes have letters BRA
Clickable images ICONS
“As you can imagine …” NEEDLESS TO SAY
Item hidden somewhere in this puzzle (where is it?) NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK
With 24-Across, Emmy winner for “Once and Again” SELA …
Writer Horatio ALGER
Word before an explanation SEE …
Boxer Ali LAILA
Bookmarked things URLS
Vowelless “yes” MM-HMM
Personal datum: Abbr. SSN
Long-gone OLDEN
Site that competes with Amazon Handmade ETSY
Affliction also known as a hordeolum STYE


Clues Answers
Collectible records LPS
___ milk OAT
Packs tightly CRAMS IN
Areas in many malls ATRIA
Eldest of the von Trapp children LIESL
Mnemosyne’s daughters THE MUSES
Benefits HELPS
En pointe, in ballet ON TOE
Pizza chain since 1943, familiarly UNO’S
Weapon for Samson against the Philistines JAWBONE
Whatsoever AT ALL
“North” or “South” land KOREA
Undoing END
Faulty AMISS
Subway fare FOOTLONGS
Impact equally in the opposite direction CANCEL OUT
Actor Elgort of “The Fault in Our Stars” ANSEL
Taints SOILS
Sheepish response to “Where did the last cookie go?” I ATE IT
How checks are written IN INK
Hellion IMP
“Boyz N the Hood” protagonist TRE
Run an online scam PHISH
Feel rotten AIL
Bona fide LEGIT
Big brush maker ORAL-B
Starting point on a computer MAIN MENU
See 50-Down … AT STRAWS
Become rigid and inflexible OSSIFY
With 44-Down, making futile attempts … and an extra hint to this puzzle’s theme GRASPING …
Small black-and-white treat MINI OREO
Batman portrayer on ’60s TV ADAM WEST
Google Photos precursor PICASA
Workers in forges SMITHS
Murder weapon in “The Talented Mr. Ripley” OAR
What “/” may mean PER
Key used to get out, but not in ESC
Man’s name that means “king” ROY
Palindromic leaders SHAHS
Doctor’s order SAY “AH”
They may be fixed RATES
Highland beauty BONNY LASS
The titular bad guy in “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” ANGEL EYES
Capital of Saudi Arabia RIYADH
Singer with the 2016 platinum album “This Is Acting” SIA
In good shape SOUND
“Know what I’m talkin’ about?” YA HEAR ME?
Secret rendezvous TRYST
Like child’s play TOO EASY
Block where Sesame Street can be found? PBS KIDS
Notable period ERA
It’s constantly breaking around the world DAY
“The straight path” ISLAM
German steel city ESSEN
Like neon INERT
Bar rooms? CELLS
It never occurs above the Arctic Circle during the summer solstice NIGHT
One may be sworn ENEMY
Seat of Florida’s Marion County OCALA
Eugene O’Neill’s “Desire Under the ___” ELMS
Go after SUE
Word before ride or slide LET …
Which card to pick from a magician? ANY