NY Times Crossword 19 Feb 20, Wednesday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 19 Feb 20, Wednesday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword 19 Feb 20, Wednesday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
Drop a line? FISH
Verb conjugated suis, es, est, etc. ETRE
Third-place finisher in 1992 PEROT
Language group of southern Africa BANTU
Neighbor of Cambodia LAOS
Jelly option GRAPE
Reduces to bits RICES
One competing with Uber LYFT DRIVER (LYFT sounds like “LIFT”)
Iron alloy that includes a bit of tungsten and chromium BLUE STEEL (“STEEL” sounds like “STEAL”)
People in go-karts RACERS
Picture from a parlor, informally TAT
When repeated, a hip-hop dance NAE
Add (up) TOT
Volunteer for another tour RE-UP
Not yet out of the running IN IT
Physics 101 subject ATOM
Tchotchkes KNICKKNACKS (“KNICK” sounds like “NICK”)
Fountain choices SODAS
Verbal tussle SPAT
Response to a computer crash GROAN
Incompetent figure of old slapstick KEYSTONE KOP (“KOP” sounds like “COP”)
___ pony POLO
Tennis champ Mandlikova HANA
Just gets (by) EKES
Pony ___ KEG
T.S.A. requests IDS
Grammy category RAP
Something of little interest, a homeowner hopes REFI
Himalayan language NEPALI
Reject romantically or a hint to the starts of the answers to 18- and 35-Across, phonetically SWIPE LEFT
Show interest romantically or a hint to the ends of the answers to 20- and 44-Across, phonetically SWIPE RIGHT
Lollipop-sucking TV detective KOJAK
Wyatt and Warren of the Old West EARPS
Suffix with senior -ITIS
Muse of love poetry ERATO
Something done up in an updo TRESS
Popular game that needs no equipment I SPY
Few and far between RARE


Clues Answers
Not get above 60, say FAIL
Behind bars IN CUSTODY
Like a double black diamond trail STEEP
Hungarian horseman HUSSAR
Fashion magazine with more than 40 international editions ELLE
Actor Diggs TAYE
Not just “ha ha” ROFL
Winter zone in D.C. EST
What a curse might lead to PG RATING
Former attorney general Holder ERIC
Baltimore N.F.L.’er RAVEN
“Don Giovanni,” e.g. OPERA
Lacking in detail TERSE
“Just a sec!,” in a text BRB!
Chugged or sipped DRANK
Go the distance? TREK
Popular video-sharing service TIKTOK
Project manager’s assignment TASK
Onetime buffalo-hunting tribe OTOE
Open, as a purse UNSNAP
Part of a church organ PIPE
Camper’s cover TARP
Wedding reception staple CAKE
Embarrassing thing to have one’s hand caught in COOKIE JAR
Member of the cabbage family KALE
Kiss amorously SNOG
Like an overcast night STARLESS
Studio sign ON AIR
___ walk PERP
Harry Potter’s Quidditch position SEEKER
Alaska or Hawaii, often INSET
___ flask (thermos) DEWAR
Steeple topper SPIRE
Herbivore’s diet FLORA
24-Down and others APPS
Capt.’s inferiors SGTS
Legislature V.I.P. WHIP
Tiny, informally ITSY
It’s unavoidable FATE
Ring result, for short TKO
:15 number III