NY Times Crossword 19 Jun 21, Saturday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 19 Jun 21, Saturday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Earners of credits ACTORS
One selling airtime, informally AD REP
Emulates a chipmunk, say SCAMPERS
Like a beaming smile FROM EAR TO EAR
Go out to get some juice? POWER NAP
Pork-cutting option LINE-ITEM VETO
Ingredient in an Alabama slammer AMARETTO
Revise AMEND
Word with “two” or “three” to describe a sloth -TOED
Small kitchen knife PARER
Abstract artist Mondrian PIET
Thomas Hardy title character TESS
Bottom part BASS
Traveled like Charon FERRIED
Schedule keeper: Abbr. CAL
One for whom underwear is pants BRIT
“Wait … what did you just say?!” HOLD ON!
Three-dimensional SPATIAL
“Have You Never Been ___,” #1 album for Olivia Newton-John MELLOW
Origami designs thought to bring good fortune CRANES
One receiving a congratulatory email from eBay HIGHEST BIDDER
Helps secure a loan CO-SIGNS
Recovery center REHAB
Refused to share HOGGED
Scratch MOOLA
Tablet taken before going to bed, maybe IPAD
Portrayer of Marvel’s Hawkeye RENNER
Left the harbor SAILED OFF
Rapper who co-founded Mass Appeal Records NAS
Green liqueur PERNOD
Dinosaur of kids’ TV BARNEY
It’s nothing NIL
Signaled slyly WINKED
___ Top (low-cal ice cream brand) HALO
Camaro, for one COUPE
Birth day presence? DOULA
“All in the Family” subject BIGOTRY
“Don’t dwell on the past” FORGET ABOUT IT
Families-and-friends support group AL-ANON
Negotiate BROKER
Some diners … and donors PATRONS
Provide a password LOGON
Was rife (with) TEEMED
Matthew of “The Americans” RHYS
Save for later, in a way DVR
Skewered SPEARED
Like Queen Anne’s lace? HERS
Traditional accounts LORE
Onetime hair removal brand NEET
Let out or take in ALTER
Stage name for hip-hop’s Sandra Denton PEPA
It’s all the rage MANIA
“What-EVER” reactions EYE ROLLS
Post-distraction segue AS I WAS SAYING …
Light-filled room SOLARIUM
Way, way off NOT EVEN CLOSE
Hitchcock’s forte SUSPENSE
Clearing GLADE
Like bison vis-à-vis beef LEANER


Clues Answers
Key for Chopin’s “Heroic” Polonaise A-FLAT
It might be organized CRIME
Foundation options TONES
Eclipses and comets, perhaps OMENS
Parked it, so to speak SAT
Maximally AT MOST
Pacific birds? DOVES
Bit of thatching REED
Take sides? EAT
Catapulted, say PROPELLED
Bird much seen in cities SPARROW
Reply to a ring COME IN
Not in the dark AWARE
Adriatique, e.g. MER
Task for a sous-chef PREP
Like sirens ENTICING
Be considered perfect RATE A TEN
More than just clean SPOTLESS
Shopping in order to improve one’s mood RETAIL THERAPY
They might be wireless BRAS
Desktop icon FOLDER
Surname of Harry Potter’s adoptive family DURSLEY
Pop star nickname, with “the” … BIEB
Bet strategically HEDGED
Mythical nymph NAIAD
Reliquary SHRINE
Inspiration for the Frisbee PIE PAN
Floored AGHAST
Longtime Ohio State basketball coach Matta THAD
Filet ___ MIGNON
Stopped smoking? COOLED
Half of a notorious outlaw duo BONNIE
Added to the language COINED A PHRASE
First little piggy’s destination MARKET
Key hit with a pinkie RETURN
It helps take the edge off SANDER
Just going through the motions ON AUTO
Complete, as a crossword FILL IN
Creations for Mardi Gras FLOATS
Particles composed of two up quarks and one down quark PROTONS
Did a TV marathon, say BINGED
Start of some no-frills brand names ECONO-
In a lather, with “up” WORKED …
Happy ___ HOUR
Come back around BOOMERANG
Bits of hijinks? DOTS
What Mr. Clean, Captain Picard and Michael Jordan have in common BALDNESS
Thought expressed in American Sign Language by extending the pinkie, thumb and index finger I LOVE YOU
Compilations of funny film faux pas GAG REELS
Soeur’s sibling FRERE
Warehouse loading areas BAYS
*shrug* BEATS ME
“We want all the juicy details!” TELL US!
Maintain, in a way, as a highway REPAVE
Michael whose initials match those of his famous comedy troupe PALIN
Cut through HEWED
“___ and Majnun” (Arabic story that inspired a Clapton hit) LAYLA
One of the “holy trinity” ingredients in Cajun cuisine ONION
Advice to one in a lather? RINSE
Very inclined (to) EAGER
Sting, perhaps TRAP
Taverna staple PITA
Spice related to nutmeg MACE
Argentite, e.g. ORE
Fifth of eight SOL
Show filmed at Rockefeller Ctr. SNL