NY Times Crossword 19 Oct 20, Monday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 19 Oct 20, Monday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
President George or George W. BUSH
Egypt’s capital CAIRO
“Casablanca” pianist SAM
Start the poker pot ANTE
Catkin-producing tree ALDER
What an oenologist is an expert on WINE
Anger, in the comics STORM CLOUD
___ and crafts ARTS
Broadcast time AIR DATE
Ill-tempered PEEVISH
Harper who wrote “To Kill a Mockingbird” LEE
Scores in baseball RUNS
Bit of sunshine RAY
Refrain syllables in “Deck the Halls” LAS
Burden too heavily OVERLOAD
Honda model with a palindromic name CIVIC
Uttered SAID
Just sitting around IDLE
Letter after phi, chi and psi OMEGA
Channel for Erin Burnett and Don Lemon CNN
Make catty remarks from the side SNIPE
Trig, calc, etc. MATH
Lose color FADE
Voice above baritone TENOR
Love, jealousy and anger EMOTIONS
Classic distress call SOS
Setting for TV’s “Cheers” BAR
German car once owned by General Motors OPEL
Intervening space GAP
Peas and peanuts, for two LEGUMES
Perfect example EPITOME
Presidential office shape OVAL
Nervousness, in the comics SWEAT DROPS
Arm or leg LIMB
Country singer Steve EARLE
Norway’s capital OSLO
Ginger ___ ALE
White-plumed wader EGRET
Many souvenir shirts TEES


Clues Answers
___ metabolism (energy expended at rest) BASAL
Remove a knot from UNTIE
Mall unit STORE
Group of buffalo HERD
Prickly plant CACTUS
Basketball great Iverson ALLEN
Wedding words I DO
Extend one’s tour of duty RE-UP
Arranged alphabetically, e.g. ORDERED
In answer to the request “Talk dirty to me,” she sometimes says “The carpet needs vacuuming” SIRI
Pantry-raiding bugs ANTS
See-through material MESH
Odor, in the comics WAVY LINES
Percussion instrument made from a gourd MARACA
Droopy part of a basset hound EAR
No-goodnik SO-AND-SO
Idea, in the comics LIGHT BULB
Trellis-climbing plant VINE
Chief Norse god ODIN
Big name in dog food ALPO
Cousin of an elk DEER
Easy ___, easy go COME
Mosque leader IMAM
Presidential bill-killer VETO
Read the U.P.C. of SCAN
Calm and impassive STOLID
Observe through a crystal ball, say FORESEE
“Take me as ___” I AM
Group of seven SEPTET
Portrait painter Rembrandt ___ PEALE
Bird in a gaggle GOOSE
Enough AMPLE
Money in Mexico PESOS
Name spelled out in a Kinks hit LOLA
Like Satan EVIL
Minecraft or Fortnite GAME
Pirate’s plunder SWAG
Gait slower than a gallop TROT
Blunder ERR