NY Times Crossword 2 Aug 20, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 2 Aug 20, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
What can fall off a shelf ICEBERG
Host of MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation” beginning in 2011 SHARPTON
Be profane CUSS
Something never seen at night MATINEE
Beckoning words COME HERE
For ___ amount of time A SET
Nobody but the guy gettin’ married on his feet? STANDIN’ GROOM ONLY (from “standing room only”)
Put up with BEAR
Captures ENTRAPS
House vote NAY
Gettysburg general George MEADE
Like screwball comedies ZANY
Pig food SLOP
Gish ___, novelist of “The Resisters” and “Typical American” JEN
Sickly-looking SALLOW
Olympic equipment weighing less than 770 grams each EPEES
Winter item you’ll be wearin’ for years? EVERLASTIN’ GLOVE (from “everlasting love”)
Statistic tracked at census.gov/popclock BIRTHS
“Mixed Marriage” playwright St. John Greer ___ ERVINE
Reduced in rank DEMOTED
Receiver of an all-points bulletin RADIO CAR
Longtime Yankees first baseman Mark TEIXEIRA
Simile’s center … AS A
God who becomes a goddess when an “r” is removed EROS
Spam sender BOT
James of “The Godfather” CAAN
Danger when walkin’ in a silo? FALLIN’ GRAIN (from “falling rain”)
One who delivers MOM
Mansfield of old Hollywood JAYNE
“Er, uh, that is ” I MEANT
Dada pioneer ARP
___ Paulo SAO
Rock singers? SIRENS
Hedge fund titan nicknamed “The Palindrome” SOROS
“Sorry, am ___ your way?” I IN
Drivin’ around the lot with pop-pop? PARKIN’ GRAMP (from “parking ramp”)
Overhead expenses? HATS
Private Twitter transmissions, for short DMS
“Absofruitalicious” cereal, in ads TRIX
Sponge alternative RAG
Slangy possessive YER
What a pro bono lawyer provides LEGAL AID
Very observant person EAGLE EYE
Shoulder blade SCAPULA
Pickup truck capacity, maybe ONE TON
Detects SENSES
Sayin’ “Look, here’s the thing about dry land ”? QUALIFYIN’ GROUND (from “qualifying round”)
To-dos STIRS
Batting ninth UP LAST
The Children’s Defense Fund, e.g., in brief NGO
Medical breakthrough CURE
“Ish” OR SO
Boiling mad IRATE
West Bank grp. PLO
What was causin’ the doctor to check for joint pain? FEAR OF MISSIN’ GOUT (from “fear of missing out”)
Very consequential HUGE
The North Pole vis-à-vis the South Pole, e.g. ANTIPODE
Go as low as STOOP TO
French/Belgian river YSER
Apollo and others THEATERS
“Understood” YES, I SEE


Clues Answers
Online exchange, in brief IMS
Animal feared by an ailurophobe CAT
“What’s your ___?” (question to a guest en route) ETA
Recycling container BIN
Michael who wrote “The Neverending Story” ENDE
Restricts, with “in” REINS
Washing machine setting GENTLE
Windshield clearer SCRAPER
Certain earring HOOP
Singer Tori AMOS
“What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” band REM
Call of the wild? PHONE SEX
One trading dollars for quarters TENANT
Paris suburb ORLY
French marshal in the Napoleonic Wars NEY
Camila with the 2018 #1 hit “Havana” CABELLO
Employ with regularity USE A LOT
Bird also known as a little auk SEA DOVE
Scattered (about) STREWED
Blue Muppet with a pink nose GROVER
Obsidian, once MAGMA
Aquarium creature with black-and-white stripes ZEBRAFISH
Capital in the South Pacific APIA, SAMOA
Teasing words when someone starts listing the digits of pi, say NERD ALERT!
Mythical creature seen on old Bhutanese stamps YETI
Rock’s Joplin JANIS
Hägar the Horrible’s dog SNERT
Sure winners SHOO-INS
Cross-country camping expedition, maybe RV TRIP
Treat as a bed LIE ON
Hit the nail on the head, e.g. IDIOM
Meager SCANT
Pope Francis’ homeland: Abbr. ARG
Modern library borrowing E-BOOK
Bring in EARN
Longtime media columnist David CARR
Mate’s reply AYE AYE, SIR
Basketball Hall-of-Famer who was the first woman to sign an N.B.A. contract ANN MEYERS
Single-serving coffee brand NESPRESSO
Landlocked Asian country LAOS
___ Gorbachev, former first lady of the Soviet Union RAISA
His tombstone reads “Workers of all lands unite” MARX
Moves like Jell-O JIGGLES
Hiccups SNAGS
Coming-out announcement I’M GAY
Buttinsky PRIER
Certain nest egg, for short IRA
Blue-and-white earthenware pottery DELFT
Dramatic ballroom dance TANGO
Two-time Best Actress winner Rainer LUISE
Eva of “Desperate Housewives” LONGORIA
Ho-hum feelings ENNUIS
Opposite of exo- ENTO-
Soft and wet SQUISHY
___ oxide (red compound) CUPROUS
Egg carton spec AA LARGE
Special dinner order PLATTER
Boo-boos OUCHIES
Home past curfew IN LATE
Like the Met Gala DRESSY
Online notice for a party E-VITE
Phnom ___, Cambodia PENH
“___ to tyrants, and my country’s friend” (words of Cato in “Julius Caesar”) A FOE
Naval officer: Abbr. CMDR
Grandson of Eve ENOS
Budgetary excess FAT
Make a decision OPT
“There but for the grace of God ___” GO I
Intel missions OPS
Western native UTE
About one inch of a foot TOE