NY Times Crossword 20 Sep 20, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 20 Sep 20, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Something blurred to avoid trademark infringement LOGO
“Well, that’s ridiculous!” PFFT!
One method of coffee-making DRIP
Fully intends to SHALL
Reason for people to hide SURPRISE PARTY
Bit of ancient text RUNE
Home of Roma ITALIA
Expert on nutrition DIETITIAN
Bantering remark JEST
Feature of Captain Ahab PEG LEG
Many M.I.T. grads: Abbr. EES
End of many a name on the periodic table -IUM
Doctor’s hand covering STERILE GLOVE
Tokyo, before it was Tokyo EDO
Pop star Grande, to fans ARI
French movie theaters CINES
“Ki-i-i-i-nda” ISH
“You’re on!” IT’S A BET!
Black-market, say ILLICIT
Occasion for male bonding, in modern lingo BRODATE
Pressing need when on the go? TRAVEL IRON
Part of a media sales team, informally AD REP
“Agreed” I CONCUR
Philosopher who tutored Nero SENECA
Message made with cut-out letters, stereotypically RANSOM NOTE
Chowder ingredient CLAM
Game in which each player starts with a score of 501 DARTS
West Bank grp. PLO
Social media avatar, for short PROFILE PIC
Thing given as a concession SOP
Castle defense MOAT
Nobel winner Morrison TONI
One who has a lot to offer? REALTOR
Yellow variety of quartz CITRINE
Norse troublemaker LOKI
Spotted SEEN
Fenway team, familiarly SOX
“However hard I try ” FOR THE LIFE OF ME
Child-care expert LeShan EDA
Parts of ziggurats TIERS
Twin of Jacob in the Bible ESAU
Lifetime achievement ceremonies, e.g. AWARD GALAS
Bequeaths ENDOWS
Difference between dark and light, in a way TAN LINE
Bacterium in some raw meat E COLI
Center of a cobbler FRUIT FILLING
Clorox cleanser LESTOIL
Leaves alone LETS LIE
Uses a modern engine GOOGLES
Kenan’s partner on an old sitcom KEL
The “L” of B.L.M. LIVES
“Geaux Tigers!” sch. LSU
Love of money, per I Timothy 6:10 ROOT OF ALL EVIL
Brand of nail polish OPI
School closing? ELL
One of the former Big Three information services, along with CompuServe and Prodigy AOL
Words from a present giver OPEN IT
Sweetheart, in Rome CARA
“That one’s mine!” I CALL DIBS!
Word often confused with “least” FEWEST
Frenzied AGOG
Sweet Mexican dessert VANILLA FLAN
Backsides, to Brits ARSES
Certain sneak NIKE
Caesar’s accusation ET TU?
Like a fox SEXY


Clues Answers
Counterculture drug, for short LSD
Geneva accord? OUI
Bit of butter PAT
Govt. org. with the motto “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity” FBI
Dramatic touches FLAIRS
Comedian Judy TENUTA
Nickname for basketball star Julius Erving DR J
Is sorry about RUES
Photo-sharing app, familiarly INSTA
14th-century king of Aragon PETER IV
Written using an outline STENCILED
Witch HAG
Basketball star nicknamed “The Answer” ALLEN IVERSON
Kind of test with unproven accuracy LIE DETECTOR
Largest city of Nigeria LAGOS
Word ladder, part 1 RISE
Big milestone for a start-up IPO
Slangy “I messed up” MY B
Word ladder, part 2 RILE
Old food label std. US RDA
Where an auto racer retires? PIT
Enjoyed home cooking, say ATE IN
“I Love It” duo ___ Pop ICONA
Letter-shaped beam I-BAR
When repeated, king of Siam’s refrain in “The King and I” ETC
Result of peace talks TRUCE
Some smartphones LGS
Oppressive ruler DESPOT
Lacking + or -, electrically APOLAR
“___ and Janis” (comic) ARLO
Whirlybirds COPTERS
Óscar’s “other” OTRO
Gas that’s lighter than air NEON
Nile danger ASP
Fire in “Jane Eyre,” e.g. MOTIF
Like most lions AFRICAN
Mrs., abroad MME
Word ladder, part 3 FILE
Subsided EASED
*, *** and *****, say MIXED REVIEWS
Where to find some cliffhangers? LEDGES
Unpopular legislation of 1773 TEA ACT
N.F.L. referee, at the start of overtime COIN FLIPPER
___ Valley (San Francisco area) NOE
Gem that’s also a name OPAL
New Zealander KIWI
Start of some Quebec place names: Abbr. STE
French filmmaker Jacques TATI
Celebrity chef Eddie HUANG
Way to go ROUTE
Hot cocoa brand SWISS MISS
Sublease RELET
“Be sharp!” LOOK ALIVE!
Frequent tabloid cover subject ALIEN
Spot for a houseplant SILL
Letters on a Cardinal’s cap STL
Greenpeace or the W.W.F., for short NGO
Word ladder, part 4 FILL
Optimistic assertion YES I CAN
“___ Beso,” Paul Anka hit ESO
Prospector’s find ORE
Start streaming, e.g. GO LIVE
Internet meme with grammatically incorrect captions LOL CAT
Shower scrubber LOOFA
Eel, on a sushi menu UNAGI
Word ladder, part 5 FALL
Prospectors’ finds LODES
Mel of baseball OTT
Understand, informally GROK
Clarifying word on a school reunion nametag NEE
Tinder bio info AGE
Amazon worker ANT
“Kill Bill” co-star Lucy LIU
Jazz composer Beiderbecke BIX
Like a fox SLY