NY Times Crossword 21 Nov 21, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 21 Nov 21, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Lets extra light in, in a way DILATES
Get on the stick? POGO
Music genre prefix ALT-
Arm of the Dept. of Homeland Security FEMA
Deforestation, for example ECOCIDE
Not home AWAY
Pool tester TOE
Line through two poles AXIS
Salma Hayek: 1996, 2002 FROM DUSK TILL DAWN (hiding “FRIDA”)
Bop on the head BONK
Driven, say TYPE-A
“___ Flux” (onetime sci-fi series) AEON
Yellow belly? ELLS
Pair in gossip ITEM
Dev Patel: 2008, 2016 SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE (hiding “LION”)
Jerkwad ASS
What remains, with “the” … REST
Quail bevy :: ___ : parliament : OWL
Liechtensteiner’s currency FRANC
Amount of tips earned by a street performer, maybe HATFUL
Equipment used to play the oldest organized sport in North America CROSSE
Choose GO FOR
Brad Pitt: 2001, 1995 OCEAN’S ELEVEN (hiding “SEVEN”)
Accompanier of smoke ASH
Texter’s “I think …” IMO …
Catherine of “Schitt’s Creek” O’HARA
Outstanding finds GEMS
Broadband inits. DSL
“You mean I’m wrong?!” IT ISN’T?!
Utilize a company policy for new parents, say TAKE LEAVE
When tripled, playful onomatopoeia for shooting laser beams PEW
“Here, have a taste” TRY THIS
Owen Wilson: 2005, 2006 WEDDING CRASHERS (hiding “CARS”)
Baseless rumors CANARDS
The lowest número primo DOS
Pickup line? NEED A LIFT
It’s at the beginning of this clue SHORT I
Noted fashion monogram YSL
Equal PEER
“Sunrise” singer Jones NORAH
Focus of some smartphone updates IOS
Before, in poetry ERE
Joaquin Phoenix: 2014, 2013 INHERENT VICE (hiding “HER”)
Problems with phonograph records SKIPS
Contents of college blue books ESSAYS
Early online forum that popularized terms like “FAQ” and “spam” USENET
Put on again RERAN
Some dolls sold in a Universal Studios gift shop ETS
When “Alexander Hamilton” is sung in “Hamilton” ACT I
Mathematician Lovelace ADA
Al Pacino and Robert De Niro: 1974, 1995 (twice!) THE GODFATHER PART II (hiding “HEAT”, twice!)
Brother of 99-Down ABEL
Ramirez of “Grey’s Anatomy” SARA
Historic trade ally of the Monacan people ERIE
Dark yellow shade TOPAZ
-elect -TO BE
Modern tech feature for watching two programs on one screen … or an alternative title for this puzzle PICTURE-IN-PICTURE
Bug-eyed AGOG
High-value deposit ORE
Shore soarer GULL
Absolutely devoured INHALED
Takes from ROBS
TV’s “___ Lasso” TED
Name on a toy truck HESS
Places for rubs and scrubs DAY SPAS


Clues Answers
Expert DEFT
Song title shared by hit singles for Ja Rule and Flo Rida I CRY
In the ___ LOOP
High points ACMES
Kind of force created by the moon TIDAL
Ending with “brown.” or “auburn.” EDU
What tahini is made from SESAME
Thanks (to) OWING
Actress Gadot GAL
Olive ___ OYL
In any way AT ALL
Sleazeballs LOWLIFES
Kind of muscle TENSOR
Chess’s ___ Caruana, onetime youngest grandmaster in U.S. history (14 years, 11 months) FABIANO
Flowerhorn cichlids and vampire tetras, for example EXOTIC FISH
Worker who wants to strike? MINER
“Go on, shoot” ASK ME
Sister brand of Saucony and Stride Rite KEDS
Small valleys DELLS
Cybersquatters make fake ones URLS
What 2 is vis-à-vis 1 MORE
“Hmm …” I WONDER …
Badger NAG
Barrels of fun A HOOT
Satirist ___ Baron Cohen SACHA
Entree served with a knife STEAK
Price jockeying of competing airlines FARE WAR
Not paying attention UNALERT
Walgreens competitor CVS
___ Khan of Khan Academy fame SAL
Prefix with present OMNI-
Goes to hell ROTS
“Golly gee!” EGADS!
Stock ticker symbol for a longtime clothing brand LEVI
Corrects in text EMENDS
Brought on HIRED
River of old song SWANEE
“Clever ___ are never punished”: Voltaire TYRANTS
[swoon] [IT’S LOVE]
Meat Loaf’s “Rocky Horror” role EDDIE
Surfaces, e.g. PCS
Start of many a limerick THERE …
Massive adversary GOLIATH
Whom you might ask “Where will I be in 10 years?” SEER
Forensic pros, in brief CSIS
Words of eventual understanding AH, OK
“‘Fraid not” NO SIREE, BOB!
Supermodel Shayk IRINA
Went up against FACED
Sorority letter THETA
Shortest answer from a Magic 8 Ball YES
Measures of acidity PHS
Modern joust venue, informally REN FAIRE
Org. with a noted bell NYSE
Van Gogh’s “La ___ Étoilée” NUIT
Walking sticks? PEG LEGS
Packed house inits. SRO
Went after SET AT
Expensive Super Bowl purchase AD SPOT
Shower times APRILS
Brother of 108-Across CAIN
Timorous TREPID
Member of a Turkic group TATAR
Onetime streaming platform of the 2010s HBO GO
Took a bow? ARCED
Submissions to a casting director REELS
Like wool sweaters, often ITCHY
Teensy bits IOTAS
Thick component of orange juice PULP
Broca’s ___, segment of the brain linked to speech AREA
Snoring symbols in Surrey ZEDS
[That smells terrible!] [UGH!]
Regret RUE
___ sense IN A