NY Times Crossword 23 Feb 20, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 23 Feb 20, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Feeling of hopelessness DESPAIR
Julius Erving, to fans DR J
Calendar abbr. that’s also a French number SEPT
“Your choice – him ___” OR ME
Early online encyclopedia ENCARTA
“___-hoo!” YOO
The Powerpuff Girls, e.g. TRIO
Fantasy author Gaiman NEIL
Going MY way? EGO TRIP
What’s up? SKY
Wagner opus RING CYCLE
“Stop rolling sevens!”? REPRESS YOUR LUCK
Southeast Asian ethnic group HMONG
Princess in a galaxy far, far away LEIA
Lady bird HEN
Org. in charge of Tokyo 2020 IOC
Suffix with expert -ISE
“Oy ___!” VEY
Bay window ORIEL
Home of Mount Rushmore: Abbr. SDAK
Bobby of the Black Panthers SEALE
Spew out EMIT
Build rapport like a presidential candidate? RELATE TO THE PARTY
“Livin’ la ___ Loca” VIDA
Celery unit STALK
“Hmm, that’s odd!” HUH!
Dance craze of the early 2010s DOUGIE
Right on EXACT
Spot for a laundromat? STAIN
Color akin to cyan TEAL
Anger RILE
Word with pop or crop TOP
Subject of gossip ITEM
Dance class garments UNITARDS
Matter of survival AIR
Hate getting ready to move? RESENT PACKING
___-di-dah LAH
Children’s book made into a 2012 3-D animated film THE LORAX
Singer Bareilles SARA
Grunts GIS
Tempo PACE
Fancy rides LIMOS
Cy Young Award winner Hernandez FELIX
Requite AVENGE
Board pick CEO
Kind of scholarship MERIT
Dunce cap, basically CONE
Makes friends while working retail? RESTOCKS AND BONDS
Accepts responsibility for OWNS
“More or less” SORTA
Model and TV host Banks TYRA
Billionaire Carl ICAHN
Trickster IMP
Understood GOT
Today, to José HOY
Train schedule abbr. STA
Dutch cheese town EDAM
This may be at the end of one’s rope NOOSE
Event planner’s post-banquet task? RETURN THE TABLES
Winter athlete, not a summer one SNOW SKIER
Turnabout UIE
Where first tracks are found SIDE ONE
Wrinkled fruit UGLI
“To Live and Die ___” IN LA
Wichita-to-Omaha dir. NNE
Christie’s event ART SALE
Start of a Guinness record MOST
Rough talk? RASP
Our sun SOL
Cheer on ROOT FOR


Clues Answers
Pullers of Artemis’s chariot DEER
Georgia of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” ENGEL
Extent SCOPE
Antiterrorism law PATRIOT ACT
Unpaid debt ARREAR
“Indeed” IT IS
Bad records to have RAP SHEETS
Company that makes products that suck DYSON
Streaming media device ROKU
Thrill-seeker’s action JOYRIDE
Utterly failed STRUCK OUT
Prince in “The Little Mermaid” ERIC
Like medium-rare steak PINKISH
Dress (up) TOG
Ending with pseud- or syn- -ONYM
Young woman to call when your data gets deleted? RECOVER GIRL
Pooh creator MILNE
Formal lament ELEGY
Miser, colloquially CHEAPO
Berate YELL AT
Reluctant (to) LOATH
Baby plant SEEDLING
Letters before “.gov” IRS
Island neighbor of Guadeloupe ST KITTS
___ Ingalls Wilder, author of “Little House on the Prairie” LAURA
Second person? EVE
Be sociable MIX
State in both the Mountain and Pacific time zones: Abbr. IDA
Locke who was called “The Father of the Harlem Renaissance” ALAIN
Brexit exiter THE UK
Actress Swinton TILDA
“Ooh, that’s bad!” YEESH!
Runner in Pamplona TORO
One side of Mount Everest NEPAL
What many Latin plurals end in -ANI
“Bull’s-eye!” PERFECTO!
Relative of a xylophone MARIMBA
End-of-the-week expression TGIF
For face value AT PAR
Whitney Houston hit “___ Nothing” I HAVE
Places to swim during school? RECESS POOLS
___ soda SAL
Brief glimpse of a star CAMEO
Slow, musically LENTO
Car with faulty brakes, e.g. DEATH TRAP
Study of birds: Abbr. ORNITH
Star of “Your Show of Shows” of 1950s TV SID CAESAR
Way down LOW
Travel stop INN
Deletes, with “out” XES
Canyons GORGES
“The joke’s ___!” ON YOU
Screening org. TSA
Subject of the 2006 documentary “When the Levees Broke” KATRINA
Rehearsals DRY RUNS
Move in the direction of HEAD TO
“Overall ” IN SUM
Home planet of Ming the Merciless MONGO
Gird (oneself) STEEL
“Half ___ is better ” A LOAF
___ Park, home of Facebook MENLO
“M*A*S*H” actress Loretta SWIT
Wrigglers EELS
Spanish youngster NINO
Neophyte: Var. TIRO
Visionary SEER
Cassis cocktail KIR