NY Times Crossword 23 Mar 23, Thursday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 23 Mar 23, Thursday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard sometimes, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Parts of a horse’s bloodline SIRES
Lavender, for instance HERB
Gave birth to HAD
One of the main roles on “30 Rock” TRACY
Vacation rental craft CANOE
Name in “one liners” ELI
Officer in charge of a military unit COMPANY COMMANDER
Maker of Colortrak TVs, once RCA
H.S.T.’s successor DDE
The First Lady of Civil Rights PARKS
TV’s Don Draper, for one AD MAN
Bibliographical abbr. ET AL
Line at a pool hall STRIPE
Collective opinion WISDOM OF THE CROWD
Crack squad A-TEAM
Speak highly of LAUD
Grow (from) STEM
One of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy GROOT
“Later!” TA-TA!
End of a movement CODA
Most Yemenis ARABS
British Empire trade entity founded in 1600 THE EAST INDIA COMPANY
Crow known to sing SHERYL
___-chic (fashion style) BOHO
Step on it PEDAL
Weeper of Greek myth NIOBE
Actress ___ Dawn Chong of “The Color Purple” RAE
High school subj. ENG
Mass method for seeking input CROWDSOURCING
Whose sculpture faces a 2,000-foot-long reflecting pool, familiarly ABE
Eavesdropping sort, maybe SNEAK
G.P.A. booster EASY A
“Far out!” RAD!
It keeps going in circles EDDY
Apprehension DREAD


Clues Answers
Very high STONED
Pressed, as clothes IRONED
What hearts and horses might do RACE
“Green” starter ECO-
Sign that you have something SYMPTOM
Hair piece HANK
Word with split or loose … ENDS
Sturgeon product ROE
Really let have it BERATED
Student at Hogwarts HERMIONE
Noted criminal whose name starts with the same first four letters as where he was imprisoned AL CAPONE
Fashion designer von Fürstenberg DIANE
___ Rossi (wine brand) CARLO
Palindromic term of address MA’AM
One serving a queen DRONE
Wax-wrapped wheel EDAM
Close SHUT
Portrayed WAS
Hairy member of the Addams family ITT
“Can’t you ___?” SEE
Gently suggest, as an idea FLOAT
Path to enlightenment TAO
Number prominently featured on a GoFundMe page GOAL
Ramps might connect them: Abbr. RDS
Many a jazz ensemble TRIO
Driver’s org. AAA
Steak option T-BONE
Unified AS ONE
Like some black tea CEYLONESE
Stuck (to) ADHERED
Rockets frequently travel in this THE NBA
Played it safe, in a way HEDGED
Romantic ___ ERA
Former Apple laptop IBOOK
Celebrity chef Matsuhisa, or his restaurant chain NOBU
Bit of gear in Dungeons & Dragons SPEAR
“Seriously, don’t bother” NO NEED
Brit’s “My word!” I SAY!
“All ___” RISE
“The Queen’s Gambit” actress ___ Taylor-Joy ANYA
“Holy Toledo!” EGAD!
Without a break ON END
Tesla, for one CAR