NY Times Crossword 23 Sep 20, Wednesday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 23 Sep 20, Wednesday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword 23 Sep 20, Wednesday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
Kitchen item on a roll (PAPER) TOWEL
Serum vessel VIAL
End of a “happy” simile CLAM
The Pequod and others WHALEBOATS
University of New Mexico mascot LOBO
Like an illustrator’s fingertips, maybe INK-STAINED
Milk sources for feta cheese EWES
One of 10 when one “hangs ten” TOE
Philosopher who posited that the simplest explanation is the most likely one OCCAM
Tongue ties? LACES
Microwave NUKE
Classroom missile that might be grounds for detention (PAPER) PLANE
Minor injury for an office clerk (PAPER) CUT
Major attack BROADSIDE
Musical riffing from Ella Fitzgerald SCAT
“Kitchy-kitchy-___!” KOO
Number on a yarn skein DYE LOT
Mtn. measure ALT
Some Japanese luxury cars LEXUSES
They: Fr. ILS
Need for a sobfest TISSUE
Whole load TON
Start for the Top 40 song titles “Sixteen,” “Time” and “You” ONLY
Focal point of an earthquake EPICENTER
Lunch carrier, often (PAPER) BAG
One making empty threats (PAPER) TIGER
Furry Endor resident EWOK
Primer libro del Nuevo Testamento MATEO
“___ a doctor, but ” I’M NOT
Audio brand Beats by ___ DRE
Environmental activist Brockovich ERIN
Series of documents that trace a path, as suggested by this puzzle PAPER TRAIL
Immunity-boosting element ZINC
Bouncy strips that test one’s balance SLACKLINES
Fringe EDGE
“Out of Africa” writer Dinesen ISAK
Bird on the Mexican flag EAGLE


Clues Answers
Ninny TWIT
“Ai-yi-yi!” OH NO!
What’s aft a ship’s aft WAKE
Chicago trains ELS
Make less tight, as a waistband LET OUT
Ending with Louis -IANA
At the previous speed, in scores A TEMPO
It’s dropped before a trip LSD
Feature of a crawl space LOW CEILING
Have ___ in one’s bonnet A BEE
Something soft to sit on MOSS
Lower-priced edition of a book (PAPER)BACK
___-slipper LADY’S
Granola bit NUT
Full of cargo LADEN
Activity that might involve setting out saucers of milk CAT-SITTING
Old-fashioned newsboy’s assignment (PAPER) ROUTE
Toy with tabs and interchangeable outfits (PAPER) DOLL
Handicraft e-tail site ETSY
Fulfill SATE
Alternative to a staple (PAPER) CLIP
Writer Carolyn, the pen name of more than 10 authors of the Nancy Drew series KEENE
“Hasta ___!” LUEGO
Result of whiplash, maybe SORE NECK
Something that’s “true whether or not you believe in it,” per Neil deGrasse Tyson SCIENCE
Flavor imparter to chardonnay OAK
Hide, with “up” BOTTLE
Forms to process (PAPER)WORK
Mediterranean appetizer MEZE
Desertlike ARID
Longtime film rating org. MPAA
“Oh, fudge!” DANG!
Cambodian currency RIEL
Otherwise ELSE
Letters on a tire PSI
Coastal inlet RIA