NY Times Crossword 24 Feb 20, Monday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 24 Feb 20, Monday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword 24 Feb 20, Monday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
Like show horses’ hooves SHOD
Twisted person SICKO
___ constrictor BOA
One of the 12 tribes of Israel LEVI
At full speed, in nautical lingo AMAIN
Back of a horse RUMP
Persia, nowadays IRAN
Jules who wrote “Journey to the Center of the Earth” VERNE
Mars’ counterpart, in Greek myth ARES
Cop’s canine companion POLICE DOG
What a door swings on HINGE
Where many draftees were sent in the ’60s ‘NAM
Workers with a daily grind? BARISTAS
Opposite of a purebred MONGREL
Sets of points, in math LOCI
W.W. II German sub U-BOAT
Failing grades EFFS
Crosby, Stills, ___ & Young NASH
Where roots take hold SOIL
Ancient Greek meeting place AGORA
Arts-and-crafts supply GLUE
Menial worker SERF
Wise one SAGE
Unmitigated UTTER
Make turbulent ROIL
Toss back tequila, perhaps DO SHOTS
Direct clashes FACE-OFFS
Like the hours shortly after midnight WEE
Swimming (in) AWASH
Starts shooting OPENS FIRE
Antidrug agent, informally NARC
What a pet may be transported in CRATE
Weaving machine LOOM
Device for recording shows TIVO
Many a waiter around Hollywood ACTOR
Tiny bit ATOM
Consumed ATE
Ones anxious to take driver’s ed, typically TEENS
Like venison that’s been sitting awhile GAMY


Clues Answers
___ of the tongue SLIP
Odysseus, in the “Odyssey” HERO
Track shape OVAL
Having a meal under the stars, e.g. DINING ALFRESCO
“Hel-l-lp!” SAVE ME!
Chatted on the internet, for short IM’ED
Tree with edible pods CAROB
Ninth-century English monarch known as “the Great” KING ALFRED
Telephone button that doesn’t have letters ONE
Singed BURNT
Letter after phi, chi, psi OMEGA
Church recesses APSES
Activity depicted in a famous 2/23/1945 photograph and in three of this puzzle’s answers RAISING THE FLAG
Supermarket vehicle CART
Juice drink brand with a hyphen in its name HI-C
Civil rights activist Parks ROSA
Dishevel MUSS
Instrument with a brief solo in Beethoven’s Fifth OBOE
Black: Fr. NOIR
What a law that hasn’t been repealed still has LEGAL FORCE
Typical London weather FOG
___ sax ALTO
Tallow source SUET
That woman’s HERS
“Yeah, I’m real sure!” AS IF
Puts to work USES
“Nice one!” OOH!
Ones named in deeds OWNERS
Orange or grape drink brand FANTA
Be in store for AWAIT
Do the honors with the turkey CARVE
Flurry SPATE
Boys’ school near Windsor ETON
Tiny bit IOTA
Place on a Clue board ROOM
Award shaped like a winged woman EMMY
Tabby CAT