NY Times Crossword 25 Apr 21, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 25 Apr 21, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword 25 Apr 21, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
Muhammad Ali’s “Me! Whee!,” e.g. POEM
“S.N.L.” alum Hartman PHIL
Start off on the wrong foot, maybe? TRIP
Contaminate INFECT
What may be in a star’s orbit ENTOURAGE
Throw with power HURL
Alleviate SOOTHE
Sheep’s milk product that’s often grated PECORINO CHEESE
Classic name for the land north of England SCOTIA
Course taken in shorts, often PE CLASS
“Ya don’t say!” HUH!
765-foot-long “water coaster” on Disney cruises AQUADUCK
Countertenor ALTO
SWAT team or Navy SEAL group, e.g. ELITE SQUAD
Name that sounds like two letters of the alphabet ARI
Epitome of smoothness SILK
“Roots” author Haley ALEX
Shocker, at times EEL
With 44-Across, it goes around every hour BIG …
See 41-Across … HAND
Gaming novice, slangily NOOB
Secured skates, with “up” LACED …
Float component SODA
Act as a blueprint for, as DNA for proteins ENCODE
Brawled, in the backwoods RASSLED
“Howdy, everybody!” HI, Y’ALL!
Withstand ABIDE
Fly off the shelves SELL
Like bread made from almond flour GLUTEN FREE
Turn red, say DYE
Certain formal duds TUX
Nice round number? PAR
Bollywood megastar Aishwarya ___ RAI
“My dear man” SIR
Grammy category won multiple times by Kendrick Lamar BEST RAP PERFORMANCE
Racy selfie posted for likes on social media, in modern lingo THIRST TRAP
Not a problem EASY
Kennel club category BREED
Makeup table VANITY
“Dead serious!” I MEAN IT!
“And, uh, that about covers it” SO, YEAH
Supporting role AIDE
New students at Princeton or Yale in 1969 COEDS
There’s a famous “half” one in Yosemite National Park DOME
Vessel protected by Hera ARGO
Uninteresting DRY
Encouraging cry RAH!
Bottom BUTT
Saves, with “away” PUTS …
“Ain’t dead ___!” YET
They often come to professors with excuses LATE PAPERS
Hoodwink SCAM
Get snake eyes, say ROLL A TWO
Lacking experience RAW
Aligns, in a wood shop TRUES UP
Set straight ORIENT
Oscar winner for his role as a Mexican narc in “Traffic” BENICIO DEL TORO
Price to pay, informally DAMAGE
Major piece OPUS
Miniature for a World War II buff MODEL TANK
Were running mates? ELOPED
Quite a jerk YANK
Make an appearance SHOW
Recess for prayer APSE


Clues Answers
Verve PEP
It’s 50/50 ONE
“That kinda stuff”: Abbr. ETC
Buckaroos MOOLA
Fictional pilot with the line “You like me because I’m a scoundrel” HAN SOLO
“Here ___ again” I GO
Milk for un café LECHE
Onetime MTV reality series filmed near Hollywood THE HILLS
Recall regretfully RUE
Auditing org. IRS
Courtroom statements PLEAS
Bone to pick ISSUE
Lighter than lite NO-CAL
Word after soul or solid … FOOD
“You, too?!,” playfully ET TU?!
Smart CHIC
Wood that’s resistant to warping TEAK
Mountain chain that stretches from Kazakhstan to the Arctic URALS
Do a waving motion by the ocean, say HULA
“That proves it” QED!
Shade similar to verdigris TEAL GREEN
Distinguish oneself EXCEL
Positioned to win AHEAD
Shared with for quick feedback RAN BY
Cut into INCISE
Region with a Unification Flag for sporting events KOREA
Pen pa? BOAR
Just hanging out IDLE
It really blows GALE
Knucklehead DODO
Flinch (at) BALK
Ending for a dean’s address EDU
Cable network with movies like “Sharktopus” and “Mansquito” SYFY
Least klutzy DEFTEST
Made a boo-boo SLIPPED UP
“I won’t ___ it!” HEAR
Pending IN LIMBO
Risqué communiqué SEXT
Ancient home to Priam’s Treasure TROY
Out of practice RUSTY
Quick refresher NAP
Visibly scornful SNEERY
Cold that just won’t go away? ICE AGE
Super-popular RED HOT
Gooey spread BRIE
Where gymnast Simone Biles won four golds RIO
One-celled organism AMEBA
Enter unannounced, in a way RAID
Photog’s setting F-STOP
Name of the girl on “Game of Thrones” who said “A girl has no name” ARYA
Spot between programs, e.g. TV AD
Beehive material HAIR
Annual May race, informally INDY
One of three characters in “M*A*S*H” ASTERISK
Ones behind the scenes SET CREW
Consider, with “on” CHEW …
High-priority item MUST-DO
Vocalist’s asset RANGE
Directly criticized on Twitter with an “@” ATTED
Gillette razor name TRAC
Literature Nobelist Bellow SAUL
Bit of faulty logic LEAP
Sandwich supposedly named after low-income New Orleans workers PO’ BOY
Begins a triathlon SWIMS
Like the clue for 103-Down? META
Teased incessantly RODE
Kind of cavity ORAL
Hard vehicle to park LIMO
Telenovela, e.g. SOAP
Some drink dispensers URNS
Extend (out) POKE
Org. with lots of money to waste? EPA
Order member NUN
“Ver-r-ry interesting!” OOH!