NY Times Crossword 25 Jan 21, Monday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 25 Jan 21, Monday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Modern Persia IRAN
Arnaz who loved Lucy DESI
Become acclimated ADAPT
“Finding ___” (2003 Pixar film) NEMO
Alternative to a wood, in golf IRON
Name said twice before “Wherefore art thou” ROMEO
In vogue CHIC
Oscar the Grouch’s home GARBAGE CAN
International Court of Justice location, with “The” … HAGUE
Bulls in a bullfight TOROS
Old weapon in hand-to-hand combat BATTLEAXE
Place for a nest LIMB
Digital picture, maybe SCAN
Less fresh STALER
Emergency call in Morse code SOS
Wild guess STAB
With 60-Across, one of two U.S. vice presidents to resign from office SPIRO …
Result of a football blitz, maybe QUARTERBACK SACK
Completely anesthetized UNDER
Exercise that might be done on a mat YOGA
Cover gray, perhaps DYE
Like vinegar ACIDIC
“Holy moly!” EGAD!
English channel, informally, with “the” … BEEB
Bit of fashionable footwear ANKLE BOOT
Home in the shape of a dome IGLOO
See 39-Across … AGNEW
Dreaded cry from a boss … or a hint to the ends of 18-, 23-, 40- and 53-Across YOU’RE FIRED!
Listing in a travel guide SITE
Texas ___ (school NW of Houston) A AND M
Dealer in futures? SEER
It’s a plot! ACRE
News media PRESS
Rival of Harvard YALE
Wood for boat decks TEAK


Clues Answers
Not give an ___ (be stubborn) INCH
Give a makeover, informally REHAB
Spanish girlfriend AMIGA
“Hey, don’t jump in front of me in the line!” NO CUTS!
Insult DIG
Time span sometimes named after a president ERA
Rather, informally SORTA
Where work may pile up INBOX
Best Picture winner set in 1-Across ARGO
Swims at the Y, say DOES LAPS
“The Walking Dead” network AMC
Cause of a sleepless night for a princess, in a fairy tale PEA
Whole bunch TON
Greek counterpart of Mars ARES
Yadda, yadda, yadda ETC
Zap with a light beam LASE
Contest attempt ENTRY
Classic work that’s the basis for Shakespeare’s “Troilus and Cressida” ILIAD
“Goodness gracious!” MERCY!
Not having two nickels to rub together BROKE
“For shame!” TSK!
Fledgling pigeon SQUAB
Weight whose abbreviation ends in a “z,” oddly OUNCE
“Sexy” lady in a Beatles song SADIE
Blood grouping system ABO
Hole-some breakfast food? BAGEL
Nickname for the Cardinals, with “the” REDBIRDS
Prefix with -pod or -partite TRI-
Zoo enclosure CAGE
Foal mare :: ___ : cow : CALF
Lawyers’ org. ABA
Took care of someone else’s pooch DOGSAT
Land with a demilitarized zone KOREA
Delayed ON ICE
Four: Prefix TETRA-
Insets in a crown GEMS
Line on a calendar WEEK
Talk, talk, talk YAP
Regatta implement OAR
French “a” UNE
Wriggly fish EEL
Dr. of hip-hop DRE