NY Times Crossword 25 Sep 21, Saturday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 25 Sep 21, Saturday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
They come with bouquets WINES
“___ put our heads together …” IF WE
Singer/drummer Collins PHIL
Cell component ANODE
Pal, in Peru AMIGO
Put one’s nose where it doesn’t belong SNOOP
Tilt-a-Whirl, e.g. RIDE
One arm held up with bent elbow and wrist, in a children’s song SPOUT
Move obliquely SIDLE
Phenomenon such as the tendency to see human forms in inanimate objects PAREIDOLIA
Any of the groupings of circled letters in this puzzle PUNCTUATION MARK
Gin product COTTON
Incredible bargains STEALS
“Sorry, Charlie!” NO DICE!
Fits together NESTS
Savory Chinese snacks TEA EGGS
Jump over LEAPFROG
Smoking and swearing, e.g. VICES
They await your return, in brief IRS
Have a good cry SOB
Syracuse Mets and Worcester Red Sox, for two AAA TEAMS
“Music’s most maligned genre,” per critic Tom Connick EMO
Word with level or lion SEA …
“Everything happened so fast!” IT’S A BLUR
Farm female HEN
“___ Gone Wrong” (2021 film) RON’S
Brunch beverage MIMOSA
One of the brothers on “Malcolm in the Middle” REESE
Room in Clue HALL
Cause of undue anxiety BUGABOO
It may be smoked HAM
Hogwash ROT
Munch, in modern slang NOM
“___ 17” (W.W. II film) STALAG
One of two in a jack-o’-lantern? HYPHEN
Where charity begins, in a phrase AT HOME
Table part LEG
Title for Tussaud: Abbr. MME
“Midsommar” director Aster ARI
Carpenter’s wedge SHIM
Does gentle stretching post-exercise, with “down” COOLS …
Amp knob TREBLE
Die like the Wicked Witch of the West MELT
Give zero stars PAN
Ne’er-do-wells LOWLIFES
E.R. inserts IVS
By birth NEE
Plant said to repel bugs FLEABANE
___ Ryerson, insurance salesman in “Groundhog Day” NED
French pronoun MOI
Quarter ___ (when the big hand is at three) AFTER
No-longer-current source for current events NEWSREEL
Hot, mulled punch traditionally drunk around Christmas WASSAIL
Bacteria destroyer PHAGE
French port on the English Channel CALAIS
Like the Minotaur legend CRETAN
University of Oregon site EUGENE
How to see the image formed by this puzzle’s circled letters ROTATE CLOCKWISE
What’s formed by the circled letters in this puzzle SMILEY FACE
“We’re live!” studio sign ON AIR
Ancient land in Asia Minor IONIA
Domino, e.g. TILE
Martinez with a statue outside the Seattle Mariners’ stadium EDGAR
Makes less powerful, in video game slang NERFS
Domino, e.g. SUGAR
“To …” things ODES
Dino’s tail? -SAUR
Muse of love poetry ERATO
Arises (from) STEMS


Clues Answers
Eastern cicada killers, e.g. WASPS
Suggestions INPUT
“… said ___ ever” NO ONE
Resolves out of court SETTLES
Org. that flew a helicopter on Mars in 2021 NASA
Fail to mention OMIT
Information, old-style TIDINGS
Rounded quarters IGLOOS
Without stopping NO END
How Alaska ranks first among the states IN AREA
It’s often left on the table FORK
What “vey” of “Oy, vey!” translates to WOE
___ Games, company behind Fortnite EPIC
Rey, to Luke Skywalker PROTEGE
Sword handles HILTS
“Einstein,” sarcastically IDIOT
Puts pressure (on) LEANS
What can make men swear from menswear? SPACE BAR
“___ pass Go …” DO NOT
Leading medal winner at the Tokyo Olympics USA
Forman who directed “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” MILOS
Farm refrain E-I-E-I-O
Weight of a paper clip, roughly GRAM
Ancient: Prefix PALEO-
Soul-seller of legend FAUST
Half-baked? RARE
Duck and goose, at times VERBS
“See ya” I’M OUT
Group dance popularized in the U.S. by Desi Arnaz CONGA LINE
77-Down is on the most collected one in U.S. history STAMP
Voice actor Blanc MEL
Show with over 1,000 handwritten cue cards each week, for short SNL
City hazard SMOG
“My word!” I SAY!
Pol in the “I am once again asking …” meme BERNIE
City whose police cars are adorned with a witch logo SALEM
Card game with a PG-rated name OH HELL
Boring HO-HUM
Purse BAG
High degree NTH
Not at all popular HATED
Messes up ERRS
x, y and z AXES
Chaotic skirmish MELEE
Fragrant compound ESTER
Saturn has more than 80 of them MOONS
Golf course machine MOWER
He performed 636 consecutive sold-out shows in Vegas from 1969 to ’76 ELVIS
Burn prevention meas. SPF
The future Henry V, to Falstaff HAL
Fight tooth and nail CLAW
One who consumes a ritual meal to absolve the souls of the dead SIN-EATER
Bits on book jackets BIOS
Roc-A-___ Records FELLA
Part of U.C.L.A. ANGELES
Fashion designer Geoffrey BEENE
It may run from an emotional situation MASCARA
[Mwah!] [AIR KISS!]
Departed by plane FLEW OUT
Green vehicle ECOCAR
Duke’s org. ACC
Pasta topper PESTO
Like the dog days of summer HUMID
Acrobatic AGILE
Make restitution ATONE
Faint color TINGE
“Take me ___” AS I AM
Approaches NEARS
Where the lacrimal glands can be found EYES
Pasta topper RAGU
Pump some weights LIFT
Not exactly OR SO
Vaccine-approving agcy. FDA