NY Times Crossword 26 Jan 20, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 26 Jan 20, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
It got some “Xtra” flavor in 2001 MR PIBB
San Antonio pro SPUR
Atkins diet no-no CARB
What’s called a cashpoint by Brits ATM
Wage ___ EARNER
Add to the team HIRE
___ squash ACORN
One-named singer with the 2014 hit “Chandelier” SIA
*Looks that can be difficult to pull off SKINNY JEANS
*”It’s 2 a.m. already?!” TIME FLIES!
Half up-front? SEMI-
Tikka masala go-with NAAN
Gravitate (toward) TEND
Singer Morissette ALANIS
Actress de Armas of “Knives Out” ANA
“How was ___ know?” I TO
Place for speakers DAIS
Trig function SINE
*Data visuals similar to histograms BAR GRAPHS
*Swimming hazards in the ocean RIP CURRENTS
Crossword-loving detective on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” AMY
___ Dhabi ABU
Celebrations of lives, for short OBITS
Dance arrangements, familiarly CHOREO
One making frequent pitching changes? YODELER
Back of the neck NAPE
It’s spoken in Aberdeen SCOTS
“Who ___ knows?” ELSE
Elderly AGED
“I call dibs!” MINE!
[I’m mad!] [GRR!]
Honor for a play OBIE
Place in the earth INTER
South African currency RAND
Operatic showpiece ARIA
*”Man, that was cheap!” WHAT A STEAL!
*Holder of the single-game W.N.B.A. scoring record (53 points) LIZ CAMBAGE
Something to do before a deal ANTE
Super, in slang ACES
Lisa who “ate no basil,” in a palindrome BONET
Missiles and such ARMS
Animal in a “Sound of Music” song DOE
Big Super Bowl purchase TV AD
Easy as falling off ___ A LOG
Nickname for a really thin guy SLIM
What Mercury and Venus lack MOONS
Religious observance that’s also a past-tense verb LENT
“That ship has sailed” TOO LATE
Small-time TWO-BIT
Cause of red-eye FLASH
Regret RUE
*Diner choice CORNER BOOTH
*Something visually arresting EYE POPPER
Chief HEAD
Coin with 12 stars on one side EURO
Ancient greeting AVE
El Misisipi, e.g. RIO
Source of some South American wool ALPACA
Get groceries, say SHOP
Film excerpt CLIP
*Duplicate, in word processing COPY-PASTE
*Disappear suddenly UP AND VANISH
Long-handled tool HOE
One with a track record RACER
Spore producer FERN
Keys of some songs ALICIA
Loan fig. APR
Political worker AIDE
“A fickle food,” per Emily Dickinson FAME
Superlatively pleasant NICEST


Clues Answers
Children’s playroom, often MESS
Zen garden accessory RAKE
Running argument? PRIMARY DEBATE
Frame in a box score INNING
Hebrew for “son” BEN
___ Mawr College BRYN
Sword’s place SHEATH
Almost a score of Mozart compositions PIANO SONATAS
Receptacle for ancient Greek votes URN
11-Down and such REST
Small siestas CATNAPS
Follower of CD ROM
La ___ Tar Pits BREA
Donkeyish ASININE
Have a connection with TIE INTO
Org. behind 14 of the 15 most-watched TV broadcasts in U.S. history NFL
Capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan JAIPUR
They help with printing and pointing LASERS
Made line changes EDITED
Body of water greatly shrunk by 1960s Soviet irrigation ARAL SEA
To the point SUCCINCT
Howl BAY
Opposite of the Latin “odi” AMO
Busy as ___ A BEE
Less green, say RIPER
Title woman in a #1 Beach Boys hit RHONDA
Learn by ___ ROTE
Score of zero, in slang BAGEL
Pollution portmanteau SMAZE
People who would object to this clue because of it’s punctuation GRAMMAR POLICE
Fixes RIGS
Issa of “Insecure” RAE
“How disastrous!” OH NO!
“No way!” IT CAN’T BE!
Nonnegotiable things NEEDS
Sound a warning RING THE ALARM
Spanish month that anagrams to a zodiac sign ABRIL
Bit of gum WAD
___-faire SAVOIR
Birds on Minnesota state quarters LOONS
Bad smell MALODOR
“Ugh!” BLEAH!
-elect -TO-BE
Alarmingly ALL TOO
Daytime TV fare SOAP
Back-to-school time MONDAY
“Well, that’s that!” THE END!
Follower of 76-Down: Abbr. TUE
Suffix with election -EER
Skater’s leap TOE LOOP
Candy discard WRAPPER
Not to go FOR HERE
Ballroom dance from Cuba CHA-CHA
Sent packing OUSTED
Actress De Carlo of “The Munsters” YVONNE
Out-eat? PICNIC
E.M.T.’s procedure CPR
Tiny battery AAAA
Smoke PUFF
Welsh form of “John” EVAN
Goddess pictured with a solar disk above her ISIS
Excellent, in dated slang PHAT
Grade school subj. SCI
Shade of green PEA
Muslim-American icon ALI