NY Times Crossword 26 Jul 20, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 26 Jul 20, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
More than excited MANIC
Grub for a grub LEAF
Elliptical OVAL
Where a phone might be tapped ICON
Last Oldsmobile model ALERO
Site of the Bocca Nuova crater ETNA
Regional flora and fauna BIOTA
Facial feature of a Lego man? SQUARE CHIN (from “square inch”)
Sparkling Italian wine ASTI
With 81-Across, flashy basketball play ALLEY-
Completely remove PURGE
Blew off steam? HISSED
“Hold your horses” ONE SEC
Word before job or joke INSIDE
Emcee during a power outage? HOST IN THE DARK (from “shot in the dark”)
Regulus is its brightest star LEO
Small change? DIME
Most eccentric LOOPIEST
Formerly NEE
What means most in the end? -EST
Some somber music DIRGE
“So what?” AND?
Tailor’s measurement WAIST
“The elite fighter pilots may skip the rest of the lecture”? ACES DISMISSED (from “case dismissed”)
New Cub Scout BOBCAT
Hairy hunter of Genesis ESAU
Looney Tunes devil, for short TAZ
Hostile declaration IT’S WAR!
Decision CALL
Expense for a political campaign ADS
List of available courses MENU
What the abscissa and ordinate are measured from AXIS
Take in SEE
Drive a getaway car through Australia’s outback? ABET AROUND THE BUSH (from “beat around the bush”)
Cousin ___ (“Jimmy Kimmel Live” regular) SAL
Major account SAGA
Nickname of a 2010s pop idol, with “the” BIEB
Bird in Liberty Mutual commercials EMU
Workmates CREW
See 25-Across … OOP
When Caesar is told to “Beware the ides of March” ACT I
Give in ACCEDE
What you might do after the movie previews are finally over? BEGIN WATCHING (from “binge watching”)
Yeshiva instructor RABBI
Civil War side: Abbr. CSA
Group who ought to know better? MENSA
Rx prescribers MDS
Pioneering programmer Lovelace ADA
Fish whose name means “very strong” in Hawaiian MAHI MAHI
Put away STOW
“The devil’s lettuce” POT
Where spaghetti and orzo rank in terms of their suitability for making necklaces? BELOW MACARONI (from “elbow macaroni”)
Resident of Japan’s “second city” OSAKAN
___ Mendeleev, creator of the periodic table DMITRI
Martin ___, star of 1960s TV’s “Route 66” MILNER
Opera singer Fleming RENEE
Play with, as a toy mouse PAW AT
To boot ALSO
One who believes exclusively in a sea god? OCEAN DEIST (from “ocean tides”)
Political columnist Molly IVINS
Noted Christian DIOR
Role in the 2005 hit musical “Jersey Boys” VALLI
Electric flux symbols PSIS
“Pretty please?” CAN I?
Like child’s play EASY
County on the Thames ESSEX
Legal postponement STAY


Clues Answers
What Winthrop speaks with in “The Music Man” LISP
Musicians’ slip-ups SOUR NOTES
Hang-ups SNAGS
Fannie ___ MAE
Isaac Newton, by hobby ALCHEMIST
Classic soda brand NEHI
Source of the word “galore” IRISH
Xbox and GameCube CONSOLES
Long-distance travelers, informally ETS
Composer Dvorak ANTONIN
Passed out FAINTED
De-squeaked OILED
Thick cloud above a peak VOLCANIC ASH
Took in ATE
___ of the land LAY
System used in computer code BASE TWO
Frist’s successor as Senate majority leader REID
That, in Spanish ESO
Quizzical utterances EHS
Actress Conn of “Grease” DIDI
Popular tablets IPADS
Antique shop deal RESALE
Stove-top item KETTLE
Where a herd might be heard LEA
Aretha Franklin’s Grammy-nominated sister ERMA
Thingamajig GIZMO
Kind of order for the circled letters in this puzzle ABC
Swedish Air Force supplier SAAB
Making a clerical error? SINNING
Exercise in dexterity ETUDE
Grease BRIBE
Cry from a nursery WAH!
The king of diamonds carries one AXE
It might be glassy or icy STARE
Ragtime great Blake EUBIE
Shrub that produces a crimson-colored spice SUMAC
Two-time Emmy winner for “30 Rock” ALEC BALDWIN
Common thing to lie about AGE
Rule that ended in 1947 RAJ
Prime cut T-BONE
“___ is life” SUCH
Carving in a cartouche SCARAB
Business whose patrons are often fighting ARCADE
Entanglement WEB
Completely embarrasses, slangily OWNS
Piece of music that evokes the countryside PASTORALE
Certain percussion player TIMPANIST
Home of the Komodo dragon INDONESIA
Knuckleheads DIMWITS
*Swoon* I’M IN LOVE
Southwestern ski resort TAOS
Prime meridian std. GST
Absurd pretense CHARADE
20-Across’s island, to locals SICILIA
Sum total: Abbr. AMT
Storehouse ARMORY
___ polloi HOI
Voting district WARD
Like the newspaper Al-Shabiba OMANI
Ancient empire builders INCAS
Something to play for KEEPS
Some are shockers EELS
Online handicrafts marketplace ETSY
Part of many a postcard, briefly PIC
Gardner of old Hollywood AVA
Nine-symbol message SOS
Word often spoken in pig Latin NIX