NY Times Crossword 26 Sep 21, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 26 Sep 21, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Molten rock in a volcano MAGMA
Opposite of tight-fitting, as jeans BAGGY
Does needlework SEWS
Native Americans originally of the Plains OTOES
State one’s views OPINE
Welsh “John” EVAN
“Siskel & Ebert & the Movies” catchphrase TWO THUMBS UP
Designer Wang VERA
“There! I did it!” TA-DA!
Grp. with a Most Wanted list FBI
Typographical flourish SERIF
Alternative to .com and .edu ORG
“Seinfeld” catchphrase NO SOUP FOR YOU!
Manipulates USES
Break down grammatically PARSE
Lofty ambition DREAM
Headdress for the archbishop of Canterbury MITRE
Relatives, informally FAM
“Columbo” catchphrase JUST ONE MORE THING …
Ave. crossers STS
The fact that the Bible is the most shoplifted book in America, e.g. IRONY
Brings in, as a salary EARNS
Vowel sound heard twice in “true blue” LONG U
What aspirin helps alleviate ACHE
“The Jackie Gleason Show” catchphrase HOW SWEET IT IS!
West Coast winter hrs. PST
Battery terminal ANODE
Scoundrel CAD
Tiny bit IOTA
Pond amphibian NEWT
“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” catchphrase FINAL ANSWER
Largest city in the Palestinian state GAZA
Aged Grimm character CRONE
Opposite of drowsy ALERT
Thick slice SLAB
The “99” in $2.99, e.g. CENTS
Shore birds TERNS


Clues Answers
“Be Prepared,” for Boy Scouts MOTTO
Battling AT WAR
“You were close with that response” GOOD GUESS
Self-referential, in modern lingo META
Campfire waste ASH
Gets an F on a test, say BOMBS
Tough H.S. science course AP BIO
Ones with A.P.O. addresses GIS
Wildebeest GNU
Slangy affirmative YEP
Harsh, as a storm or criticism SEVERE
Each and ___ EVERY
Nintendo antagonist with a “W” on his cap WARIO
Mess of a mistake SNAFU
Interplanetary craft, for short UFOS
“Help!” SOS!
Verne captain NEMO
Model Kate UPTON
Ward off, as a sword PARRY
Gratis FREE
Took a chair SAT
Record spinners, in brief DJS
Groove it’s hard to get out of RUT
Sign at the end of an entrance ramp MERGE
“See ya!” I’M OUT!
Military muscle FIREPOWER
___ Arbor, Mich. ANN
Classic British sports cars MGS
The sum of the digits of any multiple of ___ is a multiple of ___ (arithmetic curiosity) NINE
Sleuths, in old slang TECS
“Fat chance!” HAH!
’60s drug dose LSD TAB
Have debts OWE
Verdi opera AIDA
Is suspended HANGS
Shaquille of the N.B.A. O’NEAL
“Surprisingly impressive!” WOWZA!
Words from one who’s defeated I CAN’T
Many works of Edgar Allan Poe TALES
Back of a ship STERN
Fruit desserts TARTS
Castaway’s site ISLE
TV-monitoring agcy. FCC
Ill temper IRE
Parisian denial NON
___ King Cole NAT