NY Times Crossword 28 Nov 21, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 28 Nov 21, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Evidence of disorderly conduct? MESS
Animated greetings E-CARDS
Threads GARB
Some words of Wordsworth ODES
Mötley ___ CRUE
Instrument with a solo in Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose” OBOE
“There’s no place like ___” (Alaskan’s quip) NOME
TV, volume knob broken, only $10! CAN’T TURN THAT DOWN!
A bit SOME
“Me too” AS DO I
Food Network host Brown ALTON
Sandal variety T-STRAP
Barbecue side dish BEAN SALAD
Tried one’s hand TOOK A STAB
Before, once ERE
In large supply GALORE
What may cover some ground AREA RUG
Baseball mitt, has a small hole, just $1! DROP EVERYTHING!
Casual greeting ‘SUP
Model featured on many romance novel covers FABIO
Split personalities? EXES
Stretch of time EON
Wipe out EAT IT
“Predictably …” AS USUAL …
Much of Italy’s north ALPS
What the universe may or may not be ENDLESS
Huey, Dewey and Louie, e.g. RHYMES
___ colada PINA
She can act as a D.J., nowadays SIRI
Raised BRED
Guitar, never used, $15! NO STRINGS ATTACHED!
Baseball’s Matty or Felipe ALOU
After-tax investment account, informally ROTH
Award achievement for Audrey Hepburn and Andrew Lloyd Webber EGOT
Ones coming on board HIREES
Classic mower brand LAWN-BOY
Loosen EASE
Raiser of team spirit PEP TALK
Ready for a refill, say EMPTY
Sucker SAP
“Voilà!” TA-DA!
Running figure TALLY
Nautilus’s locale SEA
Textbook, a few pages torn out, $2! LIMITED EDITION
Extremely energetic people DYNAMOS
“Ain’t that the truth!” INDEED
Or rather NAY
Least enjoyable parts LOW POINTS
Super wrong identification? IT’S A PLANE!
Words that might elicit the response “Prove it!” I CAN SO!
Goldfinger’s first name AURIC
Blood line AORTA
Final check? MATE
Two fish tanks, accessories included, $5! ROCK BOTTOM PRICES!
Started a turn, perhaps DREW
Like a tautology, by its nature TRUE
Name for zinc sulfide that is one letter short of a kitchen appliance BLENDE
Demolish ROUT
Ingots BARS
Source SEED
Heir to the throne, as a rule ELDEST
Catch a glimpse of ESPY


Clues Answers
Andrew who became the acting F.B.I. director after James Comey was fired MCCABE
It gets the lead out ERASER
A good dessert to split? SUNDAE
Having made up one’s mind about SET ON
Outback sight EMU
Stingray or Barracuda, e.g. CAR
Taylor of fashion ANN
U.S. poet laureate with a 1987 Pulitzer RITA DOVE
“The BFG” author DAHL
Disperse SCATTER
“Heaven forbid!” GOD NO!
Blood-typing letters ABO
Word that can come before or after home ROW
Lloyd ___, Dukakis’s veep pick in 1988 BENTSEN
Amenity in G.M. vehicles ONSTAR
Prop ax used in “The Shining,” a valuable collectors’ item, $200! DOORBUSTER DEAL!
Actress and gender equality activist Watson EMMA
Trickle SEEP
“___ but a scratch”: Monty Python ‘TIS
As well TOO
Back AGO
Pin point? LAPEL
“A Clockwork Orange” narrator ALEX
Actress Madeline of “Blazing Saddles” KAHN
Horror director Aster ARI
Started again, as “99 Bottles of Beer” RESANG
False front GUISE
Get off one’s high horse? DISMOUNT
Libertines ROUES
“Sure is” YEP
Target with a pass TOSS TO
Concern for veterans, for short PTSD
Not even close FAR
Incense residue ASH
Wallet, in good condition, plenty of card slots, $5! BUY NOW, PAY LATER!
Person from Calgary or Edmonton ALBERTAN
Brave’s opponent in the 2021 World Series ASTRO
Removes, as a tattoo LASES
Stretch of time ERA
Special-interest, e.g. NICHE
Fruit detritus PIT
Like a wailing cat IN HEAT
TV’s Cousin ___ ITT
Pam’s former partner on “The Office” ROY
When you’re about as smart as a fifth grader AGE TEN
Aware of HIP TO
Some beers ALES
This Hebrew letter: ל LAMED
90° bend ELL
Kind of blue akin to cerulean SKY
Concerns for a homeowners’ association BYLAWS
Bonobo, e.g. APE
Banh mi toppings PATES
Not a “no no” SI SI
Regular intake DIET
Some beers IMPORTS
Cattle call MOO
Wash. neighbor IDA
It’s good, in a saying NO NEWS
Netflix crime drama starring Pedro Pascal NARCOS
Take a pot shot? ANTE UP
Like the smell of rising dough YEASTY
Ice cream container TUB
Course standard PAR
Tours can be found on it LOIRE
Website with star ratings IMDB
___ mia (Italian term of endearment) CARA
“___ all be fine” IT’LL
Wash. neighbor ORE
Stick on a table? CUE
Only’s partner ONE
Ward workers, for short MDS
Term of endearment PET