NY Times Crossword 29 Nov 20, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 29 Nov 20, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Its logo has a blue, red, orange, yellow and green “M” GMAIL
Win every game SWEEP
Blitzed STINKO
Beethoven’s Third EROICA
Snoopy sort? BEAGLE
You can scratch with it CUE BALL
Materials from mollusk shells NACRES
Tried to respond, as a “Jeopardy!” contestant RANG IN
Gave the latest news UPDATED
Very short-lived gemstones? EPHEMERALDS (EPHEMERA & EMERALDS)
Nicolas ___, standout player in soccer’s Premier League PEPE
Drake’s output RAPS
Thinly veiled criticism, in modern slang SHADE
Blow off steam, say HISS
Possible fallout of a controversy, informally BAD PR
RR stop STA
Name shouted in “The Chipmunk Song” ALVIN
TV quiz program about an epic poem? GILGAMESHOW (GILGAMESH & GAME SHOW)
Handed a hand DEALT IN
Bully’s threat OR ELSE!
World view you might open up to? ATLAS
Suffix with towel -ETTE
NoDoz, for one PEP PILL
Help with the dishes RINSE
Fragment SHARD
Look back fondly REMINISCE
Disney-owned cable channel ESPN
Ask to be handed a hand? ANTE
Vereen who won a 1973 Tony for “Pippin” BEN
Prefix akin to mal- DYS-
Haphazardly organized IN A PILE
Having four sharps, musically IN E
___ Regal, big name in Scotch CHIVAS
“And so on and so forth” ETC ETC
Expected DUE
General Motors division until 2010 PONTIAC
Resident: Suffix -ITE
One-named singer with the 2019 Song of the Year nominee “Hard Place” HER
Some “Babe” characters EWES
Designer Gucci ALDO
A brother of 32-Across SIMON
“Concentration” puzzles REBUSES
Reasonable SANE
“The Divine Comedy” poet DANTE
Brand of cologne with a literary name ARAMIS
Jazzed (up) LIVENED
Magnificent plan of action? FIRSTRATEGY (FIRST-RATE & STRATEGY)
Bone in the leg TIBIA
Key to get out ESC
Maya Angelou’s “And Still ___” I RISE
Nev. neighbor ARIZ
Cloth used in theater backdrops SCRIM
___ Defense (classic chess opening) SLAV
Cozy home NEST
Dance celebrating 2010 legislation? OBAMACARENA (OBAMACARE & MACARENA)
Glad ___ (good news) TIDINGS
Turn up ARRIVE
One of 17 in Monopoly AVENUE
Manages, barely EKES OUT
Bibliophile READER
Tightfisted sorts MISERS
Back up again RESAVE
Hip-hop’s ___, the Creator TYLER
First name in cosmetics ESTEE


Clues Answers
Plot lines? GRAPH
Coffee variety named for a Mideast city MOCHA
Emergency situation caused by a terrier? AIREDALERT (AIREDALE & RED ALERT)
Pre-snowstorm purchase ICE MELT
Hit with a beam, maybe LASE
Makes watertight SEALS
Mascara applicators WANDS
Dozens of them are sold EGGS
Actor Wallach ELI
Friends you may never have met PEN PALS
Salon job named after a comic book hero? SUPERMANENT (SUPERMAN & PERMANENT)
Danson of “The Good Place” TED
Building girder I-BAR
Actress Lyonne NATASHA
Compulsive thieves, informally KLEPTOS
“An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” for one OLD SAW
Hydrocarbon suffixes -ENES
The thought is there BRAIN
Serving of tea, to Brits CUPPA
River near Rotterdam RHINE
Some lawn maintenance tools EDGERS
Who wrote “Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation” BILL NYE
Recipient of special treatment, in brief VIP
Very cold GELID
Klingons, e.g., for short ETS
What Hypnos is the Greek god of SLEEP
___ Plaines, Ill. DES
Liquor component ETHANOL
Outdoor OPEN-AIR
Part of a glass … or glasses RIM
Before: Abbr. PREV
More dangerous to drive on, in a way ICIER
Metric prefix DECI-
Natural bridge ISTHMUS
Supporting musician in a jazz band SIDEMAN
Guest’s guest PLUS ONE
Family tree word NEE
Chin-up target, informally BICEP
Leaders of the pack? ACES
Bitter brew, for short IPA
Pounding on a pie topping? HAMMERINGUE (HAMMERING & MERINGUE)
Cloud ___ STORAGE
Followers of bees CEES
SpongeBob SquarePants and others TOONS
Opposition ENEMY
Entertainment host Ryan, that smart aleck!? WISEACREST (WISEACRE & SEACREST)
To wit THAT IS
Belt in judo OBI
Mustachioed Springfield resident NED
Baseball’s Mel OTT
One of the Schuyler sisters in “Hamilton” ELIZA
One sharing a bunk bed, briefly SIB
Animosity DISLIKE
Places to play Skee-Ball ARCADES
Turn off and on again, say RESTART
With regard to VIS-A-VIS
Get worse through neglect FESTER
“Give it ___!” A REST
Need in Boggle TIMER
Withstand ABIDE
Dancer with glowsticks, often RAVER
Actress Zellweger RENEE
Get accustomed (to) INURE
Fannie ___ (some securities) MAES
Charging option VISA
Said aloud ORAL
Showed up CAME
Cyber Monday mo., usually NOV
Daisy Ridley’s “Star Wars” role REY