NY Times Crossword 30 Jan 20, Thursday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 30 Jan 20, Thursday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
High-profile pair IT COUPLE
Means of access GATEWAY
Not so obvious SUBTLER
Classic Bob Marley song ONE LOVE
Site of Saguaro National Park ARIZONA
It may bring one back to reality COLD SHOWER
Shoot the breeze JAW
Insult, slangily DISS
Dark period for poets E’EN
Not written ORAL
Stinging plant NETTLE
It’s often the fish in fish and chips COD
Country bordering Togo BENIN
“Seize the ___!” DAY
Chimney output SMOKE
“Don’t freak out” BE COOL
Uno tripled TRE
Dollar alternative AVIS
Participate in a common children’s game, as illustrated in this puzzle PLAY HIDE-AND-SEEK
Home of the oldest university in the Americas (founded 1551) LIMA
Buffoon OAF
One of a Disney septet DOC
Eclipses, to some OMENS
Like much stand-up comedy NON-PC
Lira Turkey :: ___ : Korea : WON
Have high hopes ASPIRE
Starchy tuber TARO
Practice before a game WARM UP
Crazy popular, as a product RED-HOT
Ending to a White House address GOV
Root that’s roasted and eaten PARSNIP
Test the strength of, chemically TITRATE
Rabble-rouse AGITATE
Noted Roosevelt ELEANOR
Gift that comes in pieces LEGO SET
Classic Bill Withers song LEAN ON ME


Clues Answers
“Whatever pays the bills” IT’S A JOB
Arrow poison CURARE
“Star Wars” Jedi, familiarly OBI-WAN
Competitor of Ruffles UTZ
Tread slowly PLOD
St. Petersburg was once named after him LENIN
Disappear, as a trail GO COLD
Adams with a camera ANSEL
Snickers TE-HEES
Entrepreneur Musk ELON
Bowl over WOW
Michigan, in Chicago: Abbr. AVE
“Get ___ Ya-Ya’s Out!” YER
Place to find corn dogs and funnel cakes STATE FAIR
Tripoli native LIBYAN
Banks of “America’s Next Top Model” TYRA
Quiet fishing spot COVE
“The Grapes of Wrath” figure OKIE
Work station DESK
Book after Ezra: Abbr. NEH
Mr. Met, for one MASCOT
“Gangsta’s Paradise” rapper COOLIO
Call off END
Post-blizzard need PLOW
A long way to go? LIMO
Part of a church chorus AMEN!
Like some cellars DAMP
Mob man DON
Spa amenities SAUNAS
Sister in a Brothers Grimm tale GRETEL
1998 Olympics host city NAGANO
Positive particle PROTON
Shout before entering a gunfight COVER ME!
Ill will SPITE
Official of ancient Rome EDILE
Grows fond of WARMS TO
Traditional remedy for a sore throat HOT TEA
Chum PAL
One may be bronze or golden AGE
Oil worker’s locale RIG
Term of endearment PET
Campaigned RAN