NY Times Crossword 30 Jun 19, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 30 Jun 19, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Crawling marine mollusk SEA SLUG
Victorious cry I DID IT!
At first, say ON BASE
So-called “Crossroads of America” INDIANA
Wife in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Tender Is the Night” NICOLE
Uprights, e.g. PIANOS
What sunblock blocks, briefly UV RAYS
Rushes HIES
Hangout on “The Simpsons” MOE’S
One of two for a buck? ANTLER
Somewhat, slangily SORTA
Go astray ERR
Part of town that may be dangerous BAD AREA
Tater ___ TOT
Extraterrestrial from the planet Melmac ALF
Emphatic ending with yes or no … SIREE
Bulging bicep, in slang GUN
Raise REAR
Agreement for exporting essential oils? TEA TREE TREATY
Raggedy ___ ANN
Around an hour after noon ONEISH
Spend all weekend solving crosswords, say, with “out” NERD
Dummkopfs ASSES
Movie-rating org. MPAA
Semi-essential part? CAB
Driver of “BlacKkKlansman” ADAM
Most pallid ASHIEST
Exercise program done in formal attire? BOW-TIE TAE BO
Horse operas OATERS
Top squads A-TEAMS
Sports page listings RESULTS
Avoid cooked foods EAT RAW
Beyond prim and proper PRISSY
Sturdily built friend on “Friends”? BEEFY PHOEBE
Relative of a flute OCARINA
Statement often starting “I …” OATH
Egg head? OVI-
Train transportation RAIL
“Baby Blues” or “Rhymes With Orange” COMIC
Rita who played Anita in “West Side Story” MORENO
Setting for many Twins games: Abbr. CDT
Spotted animal with a lot of sore spots? TOUCHY CHEETAH
Squirrels away STASHES
“What ___?” ELSE
Maestro’s gift EAR
___ Rousey, first female fighter inducted into the U.F.C. Hall of Fame RONDA
Animal in un zoológico OSO
First letter of “tsar” in Russian TSE
Father of the Constitution MADISON
PC key ESC
Extended family TRIBE
Utterly useless NO HELP
Totally abandon one’s plan BAIL
Letter-shaped fastener T-NUT
Laugh riot SCREAM
Cause of a work stoppage at a shoe factory? LOAFER FURLOUGH
Tropical scurrier IGUANA
Put on a pedestal ESTEEM
A cobbler might use one PIE PAN
Expunge DELETE
Word before shot or plot SCATTER …


Clues Answers
Some turban wearers SIKHS
Film composer Morricone ENNIO
Doe follower, in song … A DEER
Breaks along the Panama Canal? SIESTAS
“Well, ___-di-dah!” LAH
Commercial prefix with lever UNI-
“That’s so-o-o gross!” GAG ME!
Is a willing participant? INHERITS
Runs out of gas DIES
Here, to Henri ICI
Underworld boss DON
Troy story ILIAD
Joan of Arc, at the time of her death TEENAGER
Fit for a king OPULENT
Skin care brand NIVEA
Attorney general under both Bush 41 and Trump BARR
Santa ___ winds ANA
___ sauce SOY
Symbol on a Mariners cap ESS
___ d’oeuvre HORS
Slangy affirmation TRUE DAT
Rare solo voice in opera ALTO
Arthur with a Tony BEA
UnitedHealthcare competitor AETNA
Back-comb TEASE
Multi-time Pulitzer finalist, including for the volume “Lovely, Dark, Deep: Stories” (2014) OATES
Meet on the down-low TRYST
Confines FENCES IN
Fixes up, in a way REHABS
Circuit board component RESISTOR
Fearsome snake MAMBA
Stoned ON POT
Dumbstruck IN AWE
Undiluted NEAT
Like Easter Island REMOTE
Full of enthusiasm RAH-RAH
Construction girders I-BARS
Not without sacrifice AT A PRICE
Call into question DOUBT
Permeate SEEP INTO
Shout from a lottery winner I’M RICH!
Kid-lit character with the catchphrase “Thanks for noticing me” EEYORE
In regard to AS FOR
Big name in 2008 financial news LEHMAN
Jurisdiction REACH
Stomach ABIDE
Painful paintball mementos WELTS
Rapid movement of the eye from one point to another SACCADE
Surrealist Tanguy YVES
Groups in the quarterfinals, e.g. OCTET
Loses enthusiasm COOLS
Elicit a smile from AMUSE
Last Oldsmobile ever produced ALERO
Pearl clutcher’s cry OH, DEAR ME!
Bit of brewing equipment OAST
“Sure thing, dude!” YEAH, MAN!
Boatload TON
Untangle SORT OUT
“In your dreams!” AS IF!
2016 film set in Polynesia MOANA
Reckon, informally ‘SPOSE
Section of a high school yearbook CLUBS
Native Alaskan INUIT
Popular corn chip BUGLE
What radio signals travel through, with “the” ETHER
Spring’s opposite NEAP
Nongreen salad ingredient BEET
Merest taste SIP
Part of a sci-fi film’s budget CGI
French way RUE
The Braves, on scoreboards ATL
One of many extras in air travel nowadays FEE
A little fun? REC
Letters on some luggage to New York LGA