NY Times Crossword 31 Jul 19, Wednesday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 31 Jul 19, Wednesday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword 31 Jul 19, Wednesday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
1/16 of a cup: Abbr. TBSP
Something to drool over? BIB
Mr. of detective fiction MOTO
Ghostly, say EERIE
Suffix with acetyl -ENE
“Scrubs” nurse married to Dr. Turk CARLA
“Arr, matey! So ye seek buried treasure to fill yer ship’s hull? Well, the first clue is easy. Just ___” START AT THE SKULL
Muscleman with a mohawk MR T
Wintry chill NIP
“At yer next clue already? Then off to the races! Now turn toward the dawn and go ___” EAST TWELVE PACES
Portfolio options, for short IRAS
Venmo transfer, e.g. E-CASH
Member of a raiding party COMMANDO
Like universal recipients TYPE AB
“Dies ___” (hymn) IRAE
Marauder’s tool AXE
Vagabond HOBO
Like an American in Paris ABROAD
Companywide info-sharing system INTRANET
Dennis of “The Alamo” QUAID
Pond swimmer TEAL
“Aye, the treasure be heavy, so flex yer biceps! With this third clue, turn right and go ___” SOUTH SEVEN STEPS
Folk rocker DiFranco ANI
Singer Black CLINT
1930s Depression-fighting org. NRA
“‘X’ marks the spot! Grab a spade! Dance a jig! Here’s the very last clue. Proceed ___” WEST FIVE THEN DIG
___ York (biggest city in los Estados Unidos) NUEVA
Farm female EWE
Grab, as booty SEIZE
H.S. exam PSAT
Sound from a punctured tire SSS!
Schlep TOTE


Clues Answers
Colorful aquarium swimmer TETRA
Babysitters’ banes BRATS
Francis Drake, for one SIR
Pirate’s parrot, e.g. PET
Where the National Institutes of Health is headquartered BETHESDA
It’s gathered during recon INTEL
“Act your age!” BEHAVE!
Roast V.I.P.s MCS
___ Island (storied site of buried treasure) OAK
Officer’s baton TRUNCHEON
Skateboarding maneuver OLLIE
Salinger heroine ESME
Swiss range ALPS
City on the Nile ASWAN
Preschool punishment TIME OUT
Refrain syllable TRA
Settle up PAY
It covers a lot of ground ASPHALT
Surveillance org. CIA
Magic 8 Ball, e.g. ORB
French noblemen or noblewomen MARQUISES
Commercial lead-in to Clean OXI-
Honest ___ ABE
Spam generator BOT
Diplomatic arrangements ENTENTES
“That’s the spot!” AAH!
Things hurled at the Olympics DISCI
Like John Tyler, among all U.S. presidents TENTH
Univ. dorm supervisors RAS
Looks closely (into) DELVES
Cut into planks, say SAWN
Metric that determines YouTube success VIEWS
Stop seeing each other END IT
Pirate’s booty, say PRIZE
Fed. electricity provider since 1933 TVA
“___ chance!” FAT
D.C. winter hrs. EST
Prefix with Latin or Luddite NEO-