NY Times Crossword 31 May 20, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 31 May 20, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
and the rest: Abbr. ETC
Small bit SPECK
Chilled ICED
Feng ___ SHUI
Takes off GOES
Word whose rise in popularity coincided with the spread of the telephone HELLO
It’s shorter on land than at sea MILE
Bit of change CENT
Traditional Hanukkah gift for kids GELT
Computing machine displayed in part at the Smithsonian ENIAC
Beachgoer’s item PAIL
Instrument heard in “Eleanor Rigby” CELLO
Bits of regalia TIARAS
“Git!” SHOO!
Get hammered TIE ONE ON
Providers of books to remote locations MOBILE LIBRARIES
Unlawful activity by a minor JUVENILE DELINQUENCY
Land of the Po (not Poland) ITALY
Special ___ OPS
___-cone SNO
Home of the world’s smallest country: Abbr. EUR
Alias letters AKA
Demurring words NOT I
Member of the genus Helix SNAIL
Marcel Duchamp, e.g. DADAIST
Genre for the Spice Girls or Backstreet Boys TEEN POP
Passion ZEAL
Bug experts, informally IT PEOPLE
Breathtaking sight in the ocean? GILL
This and others CLUES
Downed ATE
GPS’s guesses ETAS
Montezuma, for one AZTEC
Assign new functions to, as keyboard keys REMAP
Some natural remedies MEDICINAL PLANTS
Cabinet position once held by Herbert Hoover COMMERCE SECRETARY
Give one’s take OPINE
Basic knowledge, with “the” ROPES
Went after, in a way SUED
___ admin SYS
Classic brand of candy wafers NECCO
Magical teen of Archie Comics SABRINA
Give kudos to HAIL
Pop a wheelie? GET A FLAT
“I’ve got that covered” ON IT
Paid to play ANTED UP
Work requiring some intelligence? SPY FILM
___ Bahama (clothing label) TOMMY
DNA carrier GENE
Word after “so” or “go” FAR
Middle of many similes AS A
1%-er in D.C.?: Abbr. SEN
’60s war zone NAM
Not reflective MATTE
Myth propagated to promote social harmony, in Plato’s “Republic” NOBLE LIE
Faux cough AHEM
“Aw, hell!” DAMMIT!
Shady outdoor area ARBOR
Collection of stock HERD
4×100, e.g. RELAY
Put down LAID
Opposite of une adversaire AMIE
Selfie taker’s concern ANGLE
Liberal arts college in Portland, Ore. REED
Just makes, with “out” EKES
Recipe amts. TSPS
Serious-minded STAID
Cavity filler’s deg. DDS


Clues Answers
Mayonnaise ingredient EGG
Directly opposed TOE-TO-TOE
Like a virgin CELIBATE
Good thing to have after work PENSION PLAN
QB Manning ELI
Number of concern to a teacher CLASS SIZE
Former New York City mayor with the autobiography “Mayor” KOCH
Tow truck’s destination IMPOUND LOT
Org. in “Argo” CIA
Jet set ELITE
Precisely describe DELINEATE
It’s made up of lines SCENE
State capital in Lewis and Clark County HELENA
2017 hit movie about an Olympic skater I, TONYA
Songbird with dark, iridescent plumage STARLING
What A.P. exams grant incoming freshmen COURSE CREDIT
Unit of hope RAY
IHOP beverages OJS
Supply EQUIP
Make, as money MINT
Water safety org. EPA
U.S. broadcasting service VOA
Conductor Georg SOLTI
Long river of Siberia LENA
Places for hustlers? DISCOS
“Rent me” sign TO LET
What marriage merely is, to some PIECE OF PAPER
Cutting tool ADZ
Catamounts, by another name PUMAS
1960s counterculture figure LEARY
Play awards ESPYS
Remote control button REC
A part of AMONG
Plains structure TEPEE
Order from above EDICT
Low-hanging clouds STRATI
Atahualpa’s subjects INCAS
Bawl SOB
Sports Illustrated named him “Sportsman of the Century” in 1999 MUHAMMAD ALI
Villain MEANY
Places for strollers PROMENADES
German article EIN
Something a crab might be found in SNIT
Coverage in Africa? SAFARI HAT
Shin guards of old LEG ARMOR
Disinfectant brand LYSOL
Like most haikus UNTITLED
Source of zest PEEL
Fighting Tigers’ sch. LSU
Evil: Fr. MAL
Pilot’s opposite FINALE
Heavy winter wear ANORAK
Margot who played the titular role in 16-Down ROBBIE
Utmost degree NTH
Stage ___ MOM
Moves like an elephant PLODS
Bustles (with) TEEMS
Howled like a wolf BAYED
Museum sections, perhaps ERAS
Criticize in no uncertain terms RIP
JFK alternative LGA
Amts. “gained” or “lost” YDS