NY Times Crossword 4 Apr 21, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 4 Apr 21, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword 4 Apr 21, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
Chow down on SNARF
“Exactly like this” JUST SO
Word with mild or well -MANNERED
Character often found in children’s books WALDO
Emotionally process, in modern lingo UNPACK
Repeated cry in 1931’s “Frankenstein” IT’S ALIVE!
*Perfect curveball? IDEAL BREAKER (I in “deal breaker”)
Ivy League city NEW HAVEN
Crucial KEY
White coat? ENAMEL
Course standards PARS
Emergency room concern TRAUMA
*Batting coach’s instruction to a lackadaisical hitter? BUNT SERIOUSLY (N in “but, seriously”)
Habitual drinkers LUSHES
Opposed (to) AVERSE
*Apprentice groundskeepers? LAWN STUDENTS (N in “law students”)
Singer/songwriter Parks with the 2021 album “Collapsed in Sunbeams” ARLO
It might get pulled in both directions SAW
New York’s Mount ___ Hospital SINAI
Dark wine grape MERLOT
Part of a heartbeat SYSTOLE
Diplomatic official: Abbr. AMB
Corn core COB
Cancels SCRUBS
Alacrity HASTE
Afternoon socials TEAS
Where dreams are made BED
*Overenthusiastic description of a routine base hit? SO FAIR, SO GOOD (I in “so far, so good”)
Stand-in for Middle America PEORIA
Pair of socks? ONE-TWO
*Umpire’s aid in judging foul balls? LINE DETECTOR (N in “lie detector”)
GPS approximation ETA
Sgt. and cpl., e.g. NCOS
Airer of “Nancy Drew” THE CW
Old salt SEA DOG
Fury IRE
State where M.L.K. marched: Abbr. ALA
Some fins DORSALS
King James on a court LEBRON
Do as Henry VI did GO MAD
Letters on some foundations SPF
Jumpy sorts, in brief ROOS
*Long hours of fielding practice? LABOR OF GLOVE (G in “labor of love”)
___ only ADULTS
Tilting ASLOPE
*Imperceptible fastball movement? INVISIBLE SINK (S in “invisible ink”)
All over the place GLOBAL
Jimmy ___ (luxury shoe brand) CHOO
Scientist buried in Westminster Abbey DARWIN
Pop artist who sings “Satisfied” on “The Hamilton Mixtape” SIA
New ___ (cap brand) ERA
Trouble, metaphorically HOT WATER
Ballgame extenders … and what can literally be found in the answers to the asterisked clues EXTRA INNINGS
Beekeeper APIARIST
___ to go RARING
Run-D.M.C. and the Jonas Brothers, for example TRIOS
Bands’ performance sheets SET LISTS
Unruffled SMOOTH
___ Domingo SANTO


Clues Answers
Bird that can spend up to 10 months in the air without landing SWIFT
Absolute bottom NADIR
Digital assistant ALEXA
Food packaging abbr., once RDA
What’s heard at many a coffeehouse FOLK MUSIC
Group sometimes said to be “out” JURY
French article UNE
Pampering place SPA
In use TAKEN
Candle choice SCENT
Gumbo pods OKRAS
Goddess with a sacred owl MINERVA
Designers’ studios ATELIERS
Its capital is Sydney: Abbr. NSW
“Uh-uh” NAH
Compete with RIVAL
Places to play cards, often DENS
The Daily ___ (online news site) BEAST
___ culpa MEA
It plays a role in arm-twisting ULNA
“Venerable” saint BEDE
Manual readers USERS
Air France hub ORLY
It brought Hope to the world USO SHOW
When doubled, a Nabokov protagonist HUMBERT
Pre-bar challenge, briefly LSAT
“Je t’___” AIME
Org. with Fire and Sparks WNBA
It was first won by the N.Y. Mets in 1969 NLCS
Snow blower brand TORO
Word on some Oreo packages STUF
Nothing special SO-SO
Tina Turner, voicewise ALTO
Goldenrod, e.g. WEED
Append TAG ON
Instrument with a flared end OBOE
Chinese steamed bun BAO
Ratio of an angle’s opposite side to the hypotenuse SINE
Blueprint details SPECS
Runs out of juice DIES
Eye cream ingredient RETINOL
Symbol on Captain America’s shield STAR
Villainous English king in “Braveheart” EDWARD I
Outstanding pitcher ACE
Former Ford models LTDS
Seller of Belgian waffles and French toast (fittingly, considering the “I” in its name) IHOP
Super Soaker Soakzooka brand NERF
Like some orders TALL
Ancient halls ODEA
Eldest Stark son on “Game of Thrones” ROBB
G.I.’s garb, at times CAMO
Speed skater Johann ___ Koss, winner of four Olympic golds OLAV
One-named Nigerian Grammy winner SADE
Pained sound GROAN
In the Renaissance, they were known as “mala insana” (“mad apples”) EGGPLANTS
Baseball’s Gehrig and Piniella LOUS
Most reliable SOLIDEST
Russian city on the Ural River ORSK
Butterlike spread OLEO
French West Indies resort island, familiarly ST BARTS
Keep from flying, maybe FOG IN
Profession AVOWAL
Camera inits. SLR
“With any luck …” I HOPE …
Tag line? NOT IT!
Fancy pourers EWERS
Paper route hour, maybe SIX AM
Headliner’s cue INTRO
Land between Togo and Nigeria BENIN
Insider’s vocabulary ARGOT
Catch with a throw LASSO
Alternative to Chuck CHAS
Wistful sound SIGH
Man’s name that’s 123-Down reversed ARI
Stanza contraction ‘TIS
Home of the world’s largest carnival RIO
Word with red or army … ANT
Man’s name that’s 118-Down reversed IRA