NY Times Crossword 5 Apr 20, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 5 Apr 20, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Orchestra heavyweights TUBAS
Mushroom in ramen ENOKI
When tripled, a comment of annoyance NAG
“Oh my!” GOSH!
It has a very big bed OCEAN
One of a pair of explorers on the Missouri state quarter LEWIS
Spring feature COIL
Golden rule word UNTO
Run-on sentence? GO AHEAD WITHOUT ME
___-by date SELL
Common female middle name ANN
Wax theatrical EMOTE
Sharply dressed, shoewise? STILETTOED
Boring events SNOOZERS
Bit of conniving SCHEME
Five-letter world capital that locals spell as two words HANOI
Tempe neighbor MESA
Passing comment? THE AYES HAVE IT
Riding the waves ASEA
Something a bib catches DROOL
Busy Bee, for short SAM
Single quote? I WANT TO BE ALONE
Doesn’t touch LETS BE
Head to bed RETIRE
Surreal finale? -IST
Big name in student grants PELL
Order to attack SIC ON
___ Paradise, “On the Road” protagonist SAL
Weapon associated with the film quote “Here’s Johnny!” AXE
Sack cloth BURLAP
Hats, slangily LIDS
___ Roddenberry, first TV writer on the Hollywood Walk of Fame GENE
Ancient Greek poet sometimes called the “Tenth Muse” SAPPHO
Smear TAR
Preschooler TOT
Nickname for Baseball Hall-of-Famer Ernie Banks MR CUB
When tripled, “etc.” YADA
Educational TV spot, for short PSA
Square dance move DO-SI-DO
Fireplace item ASHPAN
Stock phrase? HOW NOW, BROWN COW
Not commercial: Abbr. RES
Briskly APACE
Bring in EARN
Self expression? COGITO ERGO SUM
Trade jabs SPAR
Sports venue ARENA
“Outta luck!” NO SOAP!
Magical powder STARDUST
Prepped for surgery SCRUBBED UP
Children’s song refrain E-I-E-I-O
Uma Thurman’s role in “Pulp Fiction” MIA
Yonder, in dialect THAR
Anger RILE
Spew anger RANT
___ Mitchell, creator of the Tony-winning musical “Hadestown” ANAIS
Handle SEE TO
“What are the ___?” ODDS
Deli sandwich, hold the vowels BLT
Like stereotypical Seattle weather RAINY
Symbol of the National Audubon Society EGRET


Clues Answers
Coverings on ancient Roman statuary TOGAS
Women’s basketball powerhouse, for short UCONN
Gas-relieving brand BEANO
“What a relief!” AAH!
“4-Down-choo!” SNEEZE
Poe poem about a mythical quest ELDORADO
Scurriers near streams NEWTS
Minor cut, say OWIE
Makeup holder KIT
Suffix with Black or brack -ISH
“Can’t deal with that right now!” NO TIME!
Lacking focus AIMLESS
Unbridled joy GLEE
Composer Mahler GUSTAV
Low tie ONE-ONE
Canonized fifth-century pope called “the Great” ST LEO I
“Stop right there!” HOLD IT!
Adorable one CUTEY
___ Research Center AMES
Org. tracking workplace accidents OSHA
English setting for a series of Impressionist paintings by Monet THAMES
Neighbor of an Emirati OMANI
Young weaned pig SHOAT
Monk’s digs CELL
Word with tippy or twinkle … TOES
“2001: A Space Odyssey” computer HAL
Puts on or things put on AIRS
Ugly ones sometimes come out in December SWEATERS
Nosh at noon, say EAT LUNCH
Diamond stat RBI
Second-most common Vietnamese surname TRAN
Home of Wichita Falls TEXAS
Magnum ___ OPUS
Game ball material NERF
The scat got her tongue, you might say ELLA
Where bills pile up TILL
Lower extremity affliction SCIATICA
Secret target BODY ODOR
Capt.’s assistant, maybe ENS
Milk: Fr. LAIT
Where the meaning of life was sold in 2000 for $3.26 EBAY
Part of a job application BIO
European museum whose name means “meadow” PRADO
Sign on again RE-UP
Another name for the moonfish OPAH
Common wedding hairstyle UPDO
Undergo rapprochement THAW
Stern’s opposite PROW
“Today” rival, for short GMA
“Old ___ Road,” longest-running #1 single in Billboard history (19 weeks) TOWN
You might open one at a pub BAR TAB
Kind of book or ad POP-UP
Didn’t just float SWAM
Home of 72-Down ABC
Mortimer ___, dummy of old radio and TV SNERD
Newcomer, informally NEO
Org. in charge of the 23-Down NASA
Not worry REST EASY
Country whose most widely spoken language is Wolof SENEGAL
Democratic politician Julián CASTRO
Flower for a corsage ORCHID
First name in the 1970s White House GERALD
Gets used (to) INURES
Gopher, e.g. RODENT
Fighter pilot’s wear G-SUIT
[head slap] [OOPS]
Masochist’s pleasure PAIN
Generate, as suspicion AROUSE
Peaceful protest SIT-IN
Brown shade UMBER
Evening hour in Spain SIETE
Cartomancer’s deck TAROT
Pointed remark BARB
Actor Morales ESAI
Rattle JAR
“___ voce poco fa” (Rossini aria) UNA
One of the March sisters MEG