NY Times Crossword 5 Jan 20, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 5 Jan 20, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword 5 Jan 20, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
Stuffs with bacon, say LARDS
Convention handouts SWAG
Second of the 10 biblical plagues FROGS
Mission-driven org. NASA
Underway AFOOT
Congress person AIDE
Ancient neighbor of Lydia IONIA
Intl. group founded in 1960 with five members OPEC
“We can’t hear you in the back, Johannes!”? PROJECT, GUTENBERG!
Winter leaf covering HOAR
“Oops, my bad!” SO SORRY!
Fixtures at most airport lounges nowadays TVS
Boston ___ (Sam Adams offering) ALE
Place to fill up in Canada ESSO
Not just -er -EST
Canal trouble EARACHE
Triage sites, briefly ERS
Brown in a Food Network kitchen ALTON
Not leave alone DOG
Put on a production of a classic Sondheim musical? PRESENT “COMPANY”
Subjects of “birds and bees” talks URGES
Knowledgeable about UP ON
Pirate’s chant YO-HO-HO
Scottish cap TAM
What composers do when they add the finishing touches? PERFECT SCORES
Lets out UNREELS
Put away, as a sword SHEATHE
“What’s the ___?” DIF
Place to park at the bar STOOL
Police, informally HEAT
Comedian Andre with a self-named Adult Swim show ERIC
Russian assembly DUMA
Super-duper ULTRA
Western Hemisphere grp. OAS
What workers at the sticker factory do? PRODUCE LABELS
___ Royal Highness HER
Words before “Remember” and “Forget” in song titles TRY TO
Shooter of arrows EROS
Code part GENE
Brown in the kitchen SEAR
Scarfs (down) WOLFS
Do some pogoing HOP
French France ANATOLE
Jackson nicknamed the “Queen of Gospel” MAHALIA
Shorten words like “forecastle” and “boatswain”? CONTRACT TERMS
Equal ARE
Stretching muscle TENSOR
Certain yearling COLT
What a private detective might photograph TRYST
Ignore what you have in reserve while taking inventory? DISCOUNT STORES
Morn’s counterpart E’EN
Assignment that might have a page limit ESSAY
#MeToo ___ ERA
Underground places with bats DUGOUTS
Anti-bullying spot, for short PSA
Toiling away AT IT
Computing pioneer Lovelace ADA
Side dish with kalua pig POI
Betrays a sibling, say TATTLES
Statistician’s worry BIAS
Encouragement at an N.B.A. mixer? CONVERSE ALL STARS
Irish novelist O’Brien EDNA
Lake near London ERIE
Country ruled only by kings named Tupou since 1845 TONGA
Obstacle to overcome TEST
Loses sleep (over) STEWS
Hinge (on) RELY
Made a choice OPTED


Clues Answers
Mental slip-up LAPSE
Hairstyles for Pam Grier and Angela Davis AFROS
Take a break from flying, say ROOST
Martial arts center DOJO
Audiophile’s purchase STEREO SET
Nymph pursuer SATYR
Drag wear WIG
Soccer phenom Freddy ADU
Be nominated GET THE NOD
Some scuba gear FINS
Overcharge ridiculously ROB
In the world ON EARTH
Samoa salesperson GIRL SCOUT
Worth heeding SAGE
Utterly useless NO HELP
Nonbeliever, now APOSTATE
Not always available SEASONAL
Nascar and FIFA, e.g. ACRONYMS
Ibex’s perch CRAG
Brinks EVES
Google Play buys APPS
Big snapper, informally CROC
Book of Mormon book ENOS
Ready for romance AMOROUS
Trim, in a way DEFAT
Spectacle EYEFUL
“I totally forgot!” OH NO!
End result UPSHOT
Take up again, as a case REHEAR
Like foods said to be good for hangovers and bad for skin complexion GREASY
In ___ (not yet delivered) UTERO
Singer who was in 2018’s “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” CHER
Has as a mount RIDES ON
Right-angled joint ELL
“Quién ___?” (Spanish “Who knows?”) SABE
Fateful day in 44 B.C. IDES
No purebred CUR
Cosmo, e.g. MAG
What’s the big idea? THEORY
Dimensions REALMS
Something you don’t want to be under ARREST
Noodle, for example POOL TOY
Colleague COHORT
Put on the books ENACT
Giving up time LENT
Carrier until 2001 TWA
Rudder’s place STERN
Place LIEU
Dispersed, as a search party FANNED OUT
Retro Chrysler PT CRUISER
Corroborates ATTESTS TO
Did some gambling MADE A BET
Former Haitian leader Jean-Bertrand ARISTIDE
Defenders in the Battle of Trenton HESSIANS
___ Nostra COSA
Film director Nicolas ROEG
Tangent introducer ALSO,
Watched a kitty CAT-SAT
Target of an air freshener ODOR
Series finale abbr. ET AL
Baseball’s Chase UTLEY
Confederate in an audience PLANT
Ridged fabric SERGE
Syrian strongman ASSAD
Doesn’t just sit ACTS
Writers might click them PENS
Sporty roof feature T-TOP
Solemn statement VOW
Poetic “before” ERE
Feel bad AIL