NY Times Crossword 5 Jun 22, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 5 Jun 22, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Precursor to a circuit breaker FUSE
____ bar SPACE
Pointed remark BARB
Common spa descriptor OASIS
“Hello there, sailor!” AHOY!
Gourmet mushroom with poisonous lookalikes MOREL
Somewhat A BIT
Core workout challenge PLANK
Looks up from reading “Frankenstein”? COMES OUT OF ONE’S SHELLEY
Moody North Yorkshire setting THE MOORS
Restless UNEASY
Split hairs? PART
Words exchanged during an “altar”-cation I DOS
Revise AMEND
Reads “Catch-22,” “Closing Time” and “Something Happened” — and doesn’t stop there? GOES THROUGH HELLER
Atmospheric driving hazard FOG
Came to AWOKE
Assistant AIDE
The joy of text? LOL
Expression of a grump SCOWL
Cheeky remarks … or something near the cheek LIP
Kendrick Lamar’s 2017 Best Rap Album Grammy winner DAMN
“Aquaman” actor Jason MOMOA
English indie pop singer Parks ARLO
Sleek reef swimmers EELS
Borrows “The Color Purple” from the library instead of “The Flowers”? TAKES A LONG WALKER
1960s activist Bobby SEALE
Word with play or fight SWORD-
Belgrade resident SERB
See 36-Down STY
First in a line of 13 popes LEO I
Strands WISPS
Lifewater and Elixir brand SOBE
“Wow!” OOH!
Fashion guru Tim GUNN
“____ the spirit!” THAT’S
D.E.A. target NARCO
Listens to “Tom Jones” on audiobook? PLAYS THE FIELDING
Matterhorn range ALPS
Wheely good invention? TIRE
____ tube BOOB
Conclude by END AT
Dawson in the Pro Football Hall of Fame LEN
“Chat another time!” in an I.M. TTYL
Bolt in a sprint USAIN
Director Guillermo ____ Toro DEL
Reads “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” so many times its spine splits? BREAKS THE LAWRENCE
Cryptids on snowy mountains YETIS
Mars bar with shortbread and chocolate TWIX
[sigh] [ALAS]
Pilot green-lighter, in brief TV EXEC
“Ask away!” SHOOT!
Iconic scarecrow topper STRAW HAT
Donates some copies of “King Lear” to the Renaissance Festival? GIVES A FAIR SHAKESPEARE
Curling locale RINK
Musical with the song “Another Suitcase in Another Hall” EVITA
____ Rachel Wood of “Westworld” EVAN
Castles, essentially FORTS
Chances ODDS
Not let lapse RENEW
It can be outstanding DEBT


Clues Answers
“Octopuses can use tools,” e.g. FACT
“This is not good!” UH-OH!
Words said while shaking one’s head in disgust SOME PEOPLE
One might be found next to a neck pillow in an airport shop EYE MASK
Decant POUR
Painting and filmmaking ARTS
Person in a head set? CEO
Keebler cookie with shortbread and chocolate E.L. FUDGE
Send away BANISH
Biblical analogue of Aron in “East of Eden” ABEL
High-____ (kind of jeans or apartment building) RISE
South Korean “Princes of Pop” BTS
Jimmies and corkscrews OPENERS
Debbie of “Fame” and “Grey’s Anatomy” ALLEN
Things often next to napkins in place settings SALAD FORKS
Spanish Agnes INES
Absolut alternative SKYY
Put in order SORTED
Text-writer’s segue OTOH
Philosopher David HUME
Alternative to a diaphragm IUD
Like games marked 1➔99 ALL AGES
Strong wind GALE
Pains for preschoolers OWIES
Chivalrous avatar of Vishnu RAMA
Sounds from a 64-Across OINKS
Saint associated with a “fire” ELMO
Birds on Canadian dollars LOONS
Big-eyed hatchling OWLET
1989 film for which Denzel Washington won Best Supporting Actor GLORY
Follower of “So” or “lo” … CAL
Patronized a restaurant ATE OUT
Homes for cattails and bulrushes MARSHES
Childhood friend OLD PAL
Blueberry-picking girl of children’s literature SAL
“Yuck!” EWW!
“You’re right about that!” SO IT IS!
“You’re not right about that!” WRONGO!
“Chiquitita” singing group ABBA
Endurance, so to speak LEGS
Scarfs down INHALES
Norm: Abbr. STD
Geological span ERA
QB’s protection O-LINE
Very rarely HARDLY EVER
Ancient home of a mythical lion NEMEA
Delphic prophet SIBYL
Barbershop specialty CLEAN SHAVE
Fiber-____ OPTIC
“I’m in favor” YEA
The Big Easy NOLA
Sound SANE
Fabric made from jute BURLAP
Med. exams with intradermal injections TB TESTS
O’er yon THITHER
“The Muppets” villain Richman TEX
Macroalgae SEAWEED
Costa ____ RICA
Baby birds? STORKS
Deuces TWOS
Cold War pact city WARSAW
Use, as influence EXERT
“Here I come, weekend!” TGIF!
In ____ veritas VINO
Reported SAID
Abrade, in a way SKIN
Head: Fr. TETE
Horse with endurance ARAB
Billowy dress style TENT
To’s counterpart FRO
Broadway, for one: Abbr. AVE