NY Times Crossword 6 Dec 20, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 6 Dec 20, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Impromptu musical get-together, informally JAM SESH
Counting tools ABACI
Most up to the task ABLEST
Not much A LITTLE
Oddball WEIRDO
Commotion CLAMOR
Archaeologist’s assertion about a finding? BONE CONTENTION (from “bone of contention”)
Jackson not in the Jackson 5 LATOYA
Benchmark: Abbr. STD
Members of the genus Lepus HARES
Some overseas seasons ETES
Common vinaigrette ingredient DIJON
Russian pancakes BLINIS
Swim team guru? STROKE GENIUS (from “stroke of genius”)
Geri ___, late jazz pianist ALLEN
Authority SAY-SO
Used to be WAS
Hire Phil Collins’s longtime band for a gig? BOOK GENESIS (from “Book of Genesis”)
Brand that comes out a head? PEZ!
Explosive sound BLAM
Curtain call actions BOWS
One of 32 in the Thai alphabet VOWEL
The Serengeti, e.g.? PRIDE PLACE (from “pride of place”)
TV journalist Curry ANN
Press IRON
Covers with goo SLIMES
Speck IOTA
Shadow during an eclipse UMBRA
Knowing everything that’s available to view on Netflix? STREAM CONSCIOUSNESS (from “stream of consciousness”)
Look forward to AWAIT
Clay-based EARTHEN
Unpleasant ICKY
Clishmaclaver or bavardage, to use some fancy language GOSSIP
A/C measures BTUS
Hwy. offense DUI
Amenity offered at an internet cafe? FREE CHARGE (from “free of charge”)
Nickname for baseball great Ernie Banks MR CUB
Gets out in dodgeball, say PEGS
Sticks in ADDS
Yes, in Brest OUI
Bit of reading at a bar mitzvah? RITE PASSAGE (from “rite of passage”)
Director Lee ANG
Entertain AMUSE
Deconstruct for analysis PARSE
Stand-up’s bombs? COMEDY ERRORS (from “Comedy of Errors”)
Keys near G’s A-FLATS
Actor Rutger of “Blind Fury” HAUER
Keister REAR
Less friendly ICIER
Assistance AID
Peninsula shared by Italy, Slovenia and Croatia ISTRIA
Art shop worker’s manual? FRAME REFERENCE (from “frame of reference”)
Urbanize CITIFY
Spit it out! SALIVA
Part of a canopy TREETOP
The plus side ASSETS
Cuisine that specializes in beef barbecue TEXAN
No-parking-zone fixture HYDRANT


Clues Answers
Pokes JABS
Bushels A LOT
Geneviève, for one: Abbr. STE
Imprinting indelibly ETCHING
M.I.T.’s business school SLOAN
Mathematician Poincaré with a famous conjecture HENRI
Flabbergasts AWES
___ E. King, singer and co-composer of “Stand by Me” BEN
River islet AIT
Ye olde news announcers CRIERS
“Same here!” I DO TOO!
Knee part, for short ACL
Fan group? BLADES
Like “alter ego” and “alma mater” LATIN
Prayer hands, for one EMOJI
“… or ___ think!” SO YOU
Part of L.G.B.T.Q. TRANS
Short race, for short ONE-K
Your: Fr. TES
“When the country was fallin’ apart, Betsy Ross got it all ___ up” (“Maude” theme lyric) SEWED
Albanian coins LEKS
Something that’s often rigged SAIL
TV’s Burrell and baseball’s Cobb TYS
Looks longingly GAZES
Band that won the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest ABBA
Minnesota’s state bird LOON
Orlando-to-Miami dir. SSE
Role for Patti LuPone and Madonna EVITA
Flock member EWE
Spotted bean PINTO
“Well, I’ll be,” to a Brit BLIMEY
Offspring of a 43-Down LAMBS
Taiwanese PCs ACERS
Big butte MESA
A dime a dozen, say? PRICE
It can help you get a grip ROSIN
Drops (down) heavily PLUNKS
Beautifully worded POETIC
Joe Jackson’s “___ Really Going Out With Him?” IS SHE
Van Gogh painting that once fetched a record amount at auction ($53.9 million) IRISES
Hair pattern protector DO-RAG
___ nous ENTRE
Get in gear? SUIT UP
Dubbing need SWORD
Used a stun gun on TASED
___ pants CAPRI
Take a dive, maybe SCUBA
Digital imaging company that used to make film AGFA
Apt rhyme for “baloney” PHONY
Dating notation: Abbr. BCE
Start of a seasonal request DEAR SANTA …
“Fluff Yeah” slipper sandals, e.g. UGGS
“Gotcha” I SEE
Helical bit AUGER
Be off the mark MISS
GPS calculation: Abbr. RTE
Exam for H.S. jrs. PSAT
Original tale of robot rebellion RUR
Boxed a bit SPARRED
Untethered ADRIFT
Biblical mount ARARAT
Team spirit MORALE
Spanish term of affection between young women CHICA
Spring in northern Africa OASIS
Many rescues MUTTS
Gooseflesh-inducing, maybe EERIE
Some coin tossers REFS
Serve well? ACE
Liquor store purchase FIFTH
Suspicious LEERY
Where Shiraz is located IRAN
Pic to click ICON
Corp. division DEPT
Exclamations of regret AYS
Combine MIX
Green of “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” EVA
Always, in verse E’ER