NY Times Crossword 6 Nov 22, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 6 Nov 22, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Opportunities for singles AT BATS
Marbled savory snack from China TEA EGG
A boatload LOTS
“Keep Ya Head Up” rapper, informally PAC
Home of the W.N.B.A.’s Wings DALLAS
Talk and talk and talk and talk YAMMER
On the deep ASEA
Poorly ILL
Why the party’s about to get less hip? SQUARE EN ROUTE (from “square root”)
Maker of the Switch console NINTENDO
Cremation receptacles URNS
Service that’s not good? LET
“The ___ Company” (Frans Hals portrait) MEAGRE
Pie crust ingredient LARD
Army award attribute HEROISM
Realtor’s exclamation about a primary bathroom? HOW EN SUITE IT IS! (from “How sweet it is!”)
Actress Moriarty of “The Boys” ERIN
“My package arrived!” IT CAME!
Landing info, in brief ETAS
Sorrowful sound MOAN
“Not gonna ___ …” LIE
Other: Sp. OTRO
Structure on the continental shelf OIL RIG
Take (down) JOT
How Shamu acknowledged the crowd’s appreciation? MARINE ENCORE (from “Marine Corps”)
Go from 60 to 0, say RESET
Grp. regulating global commerce WTO
Got by just fine MADE DO
Some N.F.L. linemen, in brief DTS
Where someone might fiddle with your dance moves? HOEDOWN
Flat-topped military hat KEPI
Ocean State sch. URI
Takes the stage GOES ON
Man’s name that spells a fruit backward EMIL
“Prepare for a sword fight, McKellen, Fleming and all other namesakes out there!”? EN GARDE, IANS OF THE GALAXY! (from “Guardians of the Galaxy”)
Uncurbed enthusiasm ZEAL
Injury from a fistfight FAT LIP
Byproduct of burning tobacco TAR
Bread maker? MINT
Casino do-overs REDEALS
Like many lifeguards TAN
Neurodegenerative disease, for short ALS
1990s fitness fad TAE BO
Dish cooked to smooth things over after a fight? MAKEUP ENTREE (from “makeup tray”)
Cable channel with the comedy/drama “Sistas” BET
TV that’s trash, e.g. E-WASTE
High point of a trip to Europe? ALP
The old you? THOU
It’s full of hot air KILN
One small bite A TASTE
Word with bus or whistle -STOP
What students in a karate class are often doing? CHOPPING EN BLOC (from “chopping block”)
Spiny sea creatures URCHINS
Flatbread made with atta ROTI
Charge for a tutor MENTEE
Business card abbr. TEL
Hang ominously LOOM
Place for a lamp END TABLE
Challenge for a court jester? THE ROYAL ENNUI (from “the royal ‘we’”)
“That’s ___” (“You may proceed”) A GO
___ film CULT
North African stew, or the dish it’s cooked in TAGINE
Intimidating in a cool way BADASS
Flavor enhancer, for short MSG
Counterpart of -ful -LESS
Wears down ERODES
Contents of a corn maze STALKS


Clues Answers
Freeware annoyances ADS
Where you might order nopales or esquites TAQUERIA
Less clear, as a memory BLURRIER
Support group with a hyphen in its name AL-ANON
Ankle bones TARSI
About five o’clock, compass-wise SSE
Daly of “Cagney & Lacey” TYNE
Singer/actress Kitt EARTHA
“Yo te ___” AMO
The Tasmanian one has been extinct since the 19th century EMU
“Capisce?” GET ME?
Like wind power vis-à-vis natural gas GREENER
Something a parent might tell you to watch LANGUAGE
God who was said to be in love with his sister while still in the womb(!) OSIRIS
Core position TENET
Took a load off SAT
Thing to bash at a bash PINATA
Buzz about space? ALDRIN
Thickheads CLODS
State symbol of Massachusetts ELM TREE
“Middlemarch” novelist, 1871 ELIOT
Showing signs of life ASTIR
Commanding position HELM
Located, to a builder SITED
Herman Melville’s second novel OMOO
“That’s odd” WEIRD
Act unprofessionally? EMOTE
How you might walk after getting great news ON AIR
“Hey, I had it first!” LET GO!
Comedian/actor Ken of “The Hangover” films JEONG
Pinkish-red shade CORAL
It moves one step at a time SHOE
“Ain’t I a ___?” (Sojourner Truth speech) WOMAN
Between, poetically TWIXT
Lead-in to a sale price ONLY …
Lacking emotional toughness SOFT
Remove from Zillow, say DELIST
Show submission, in a way KNEEL
“Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat!” EGADS!
Still competing IN IT
Tour de France stage ETAPE
Envelops SHROUDS
Pound who wrote “In a Station of the Metro” EZRA
C sharp equivalent D-FLAT
Slowly move (in) EASE
Sends unwanted texts to, maybe SPAMS
Utterances of agreement AMENS
Totally loved ATE UP
Present at birth NATAL
What’s so flippin’ easy to cook with? SPATULA
Dinner at which “Dayenu” is sung SEDER
Fried pastries popular in New Orleans BEIGNETS
Baby that rarely sleeps at night OWLET
Kind of high-fat, low-carb diet KETO
Business magnate who is a Stanford University dropout ELON MUSK
Actor Omar EPPS
Electronic toy with a blue “pull” handle BOP IT
“On Juneteenth” author ___ Gordon-Reed ANNETTE
Some beachwear THONGS
Show-off HOTDOG
Mournful peals KNELLS
Play opener ACT ONE
Rhimes with an eponymous production company SHONDA
Pummel CREAM
Infuse (with) IMBUE
Sole connector? CLEAT
Potato peeler targets EYES
Patella neighbor, in brief ACL
One may get in the way of a collaboration EGO
Purge (of) RID
Abbr. in a birth announcement LBS
Site used by NASA, in brief ISS